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1Working off the Pain (Farm, D rank mission) Empty Working off the Pain (Farm, D rank mission) on Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:46 pm

Today was not looking very good as Etsuo looked back only a day ago. It didn't feel much better either, once he left his home for a mission that needed to be done in the village. Even he could tell you, he would probably even say that it did not taste very good either. But he continued anyway because he was doing this for his lost brother, that died after visiting home after one of his missions. He still had no idea who tried to kill them, but after speaking with father he felt that he did though. But, they spoke as if neither of us had a single clue to go off of. I decided for now, I wouldn't pursue it until I was stronger as a shinobi. So, Etsuo was going to put his all into every mission for his brother and to avenge his death.

He went on along a path that lead outside the area of the village, in which most lived and instead reached the areas meant mostly for farming. His mission today was an alright one. It seemed the storm that passed by when helped the library did some same to the farms. Actually enough damage that even one farm was asking for shinobi assistance. This was where one, Etsuo Yukimura came into play.He couldn't tell at first what was such a big problem until he noticed something was finally off about the picture in front of him. The farmer was attempting to keep his animals from running off because there was a huge chuck of his fence completely destroyed. This just wasn't the farmer's day either apparently.

He rushed in closer and started using hand signs. By the end of it, he utilized his cloning technique and used the clones to herd the animals. The farmer eventually noticed that the shinobi had arrived and gave a smile. He turned to walk towards Etsuo as he was going towards the farmer. As they were only a few feet from each other, they began to have a conversation.

"That was a great herding technique, you used there boy." He said keeping his smile.

"Thanks." Etsuo replied trying not to say too much.

"Would you mind keeping that up while I fix this fence up?" He asked.

"Sure, that's what I came here for." He answered.

This made the farmer gain a bigger smile as he walked away, just keep them in the general area of the rest of the fence and you should be fine." The farmer yelled as he walked away and noticed that he had a few assistants to speed it up.

So Etsuo watched his clones move around and keep the herd together, even though they couldn't touch the animals, it kept them at bay for now. It stayed simple for a bit like a game for the most part, but the animals were getting braver and weren't getting intimidated that much by the clones. Taking the changes and opening more often now. Etsuo closed his eyes and reopened them with the sharigans. He started doing his own clones work, as he showed the animals that this wasn't a joke of any kind. He was able to pick out with the sharigan, when some of the animals were going to make a move out and acted on the signs. It was actually turning out to be a pretty useful technique. He imagined now, how his brother would of used the eyes to react faster to his foes. It was probably also he was at least able to save his life from the attacker.

His brother....

As he was lost in a bit of thought, a cow got by the clones across from him and making a break for the opening. But then he noticed something was off once again. The fence was completed and there was nothing to worry about. So, why was he still doing this? Eventually all his clones were removed from the area and the sharingan was deactivated. He looked around the area and eventually found the farmer approaching him from behind.

"Sorry for not telling you but, we complete the fence half a hour ago but you were moving so fast and I couldn't tell you from those clones to get the message across." He explained to Etsuo with a worried look.

"It's alright, I understand." Etsuo said, but actually he was too tired to say anything back to the farmer.

The mission was a success with the fence rebuilt. Etsuo decided to return home for today and rest up for dinner with his father once more. As he departed the farmer had one last thing to say.

"Feel free to come by and help any time, mission or no mission, I'll pay."

Etsuo kept note of this and waved goodbye.

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