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1 Curse of the Yukimura (Solo/Sharigan Event) on Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:03 am

Etsuo Yukimura


Special Jounin
Etsuo enjoyed being a genin, the days went by even if there was some sad parts in it as well. But, nothing was perfect or forever in this world, and he understood this very well. He still had some of his family to be around including his father. The more he thought about it though, what was his mother's family like since she definitely was not a Yukimura. She also gave him and his brother, these amazing eyes called the Sharigan. Now that he thought about it more, he remember hearing about them before in the academy, but he couldn't remember quite what they were from. It was still quite, a mystery to him and he didn't ask his father, since mother wasn't a good subject for him even now.

Etsuo did notice though that his father has spent less and less time with him though, now that he has the Sharigan eyes. At first, he thought that it was a different issue, it fit the period though of when he first showed his father, the Sharigan. He was not surprised to see it, rather it didn't look too happy for a while after seeing it. So the reaction, avoiding, and mystery only grew his curiosity on the subject of his mother. Who could he ask though, since he never met anyone from his mom's side, the Yukimura clan probably won't know, and the Raikage was currently at the summit of kages. He would have to leave it up to fate or he was just going to have to work with it and wait for the Raikage to get back to the village.

He was now a chuunin after all of the missions and training that he did. Everyday after graduating, he took another step forward to where he was now. In the start, he trained with his father in arts of the Yukimura clan, puppetry. But he had an amazing skill in ninjutsu, especially with Keaton type jutsu. He still studied under his father, to better hone his puppetry skills for the time being. Then came one of his first missions, it was a simple one but, he found that even the simplest tasks had to be taken seriously. It was only finding a lost shoe for some that didn't have the time and had the money to pay for a low ranking shinobi. For some reason he decided to accept it back then. He also failed it and gave up, then when he was looking at the sunset, he found the shoe. Or more like he tripped on the shoe and noticed it then, but the mission was still a success, none the less.

Then came his second mission which was very different, but didn't go as planned. He accepted a mission to help with the local library and get it cleaned up a bit. But he didn't know that the librarian had gone home due to the current storm at the time.It wouldn't be the last time that storm effected his missions either. But, Etsuo cleaned up counters, moved books around, and dusted shelves for the mission. He eventually fell asleep in the library instead of st him because of the storm still raging on. The librarian, Ms. Aoi came in the next day to find a sleeping Etsuo and a somewhat cleaned up library, so he was rewarded for the mission and his dedication. Although, he still wondered how the library got dirty in middle of the night, during his sleep.

He had received word on that day of the library mission, that his older brother is on his way home, to the village for a short notice stay. This made Etsuo very happy and he awaited his brother's arrival at the village boarder with their father. They eventually meet his older brother, who was smiling and waiting for them to arrive. They spoke for a long time about various things like how it was in the different villages and the Yukimura clan. As they were going to be returning to the village, Etsuo's brother asked if they could talk and walk around the village for a bit, father allowed it.

This was when he learned of the Sharigan eyes and more about the other villages and brother's missions. But, it quickly ended as someone attacked them and killed his brother. With getting his own Sharigan, he was able to deal with the enemy and chase him off to have one last conversation with his brother. His brother told him not to worry about him and made a final request to Etsuo. This was behind him now and he needed to move forward with his life and the sharigan eyes of his own.

Word Count: 802/3,000

Etsuo Yukimura


Special Jounin
Things were going rather well after his brother died and he obtained the Sharigan eyes. Becoming a chuunin was a kicker, in a few ways to Etsuo and it made his father proud instead of his mysterious sad or angered mood lately. It may of reminded him of his older brother in some ways even though they didn't do as much together as Etsuo. No matter the reason, he was still satisfied that his father was happy for him. The days came with more surprises as a monument for my brother was made by the Yukimura clan and the village. It wasn't something big, but it was a stone that was like a tombstone and it had his name on it. Written with the normal stuff was a single quote, "A shinobi that put his life on the line for his village, family, and friends." Either the missions that he did outside of the village were pretty important to them, or the Yukimura clan spent some money on that because it was very nice. But something on it, confused him to no end.

On his brother's monument was the Yukimura's clan sign but beside it was also another sign. One that he had seen before but couldn't recall where at the moment. Then the realization hit him that this might be his mother's clan sign that the village or Yukimura knew of. But the name of either clan was not written under or around the signs. So, Etsuo still had some research to complete if he wanted to answer his big question and figure out the mystery around the Sharigan eyes and mother's clan. That would happen sooner or later though because it was becoming more and more evident around the village and his life. It was indeed, only a matter of time from now and onward.

Thinking back he needed to meet his mother's clan to learn more about the Sharigan eyes and how they could be used better in combat situations and missions. He understood that the eyes could be used to speed him up, but was their more to it. Etsuo remember his first mission after his brother's death, it was to help a farm that go it's fence wrecked by the storm from before. It was giving the farmer a hard time since he needed to lead the reconstruction with the assistants, but keep the animals from escaping. Etsuo accepted the mission and arrived at the farm just in time to lend a hand with his skills,jutsu, and Sharigan eyes. At first it was simple with using his cloning jutsu but then, the animals got braver and began taking chances on escape from the clones. This caused him to activate his Sharigan eyes to keep on their attempts until the end of the mission.

Then Etsuo had that mission with a fellow squad mate, Tatsuya. They had not really meet in person until the mission but they knew each other's faces and names from the start. Tatsuya was definitely an interesting person because he would be constantly speaking in rhyme like a rap of sorts. He was also skilled in ninjutsu like him and in the element of Keaton. Maybe, he was even better than him at using Katon based jutsu, because he was almost certain, Tatsuya's jutsu was better. Instead of using puppets like him though, he believed that he was skilled in taijutsu. He tried to use hand to hand combat against them before he revealed his katon jutsu. It ended with all of the bandits defeated and them training with each other when they were special jounin, which Etsuo was one step closer to reaching.

It was probably that mission, which helped him reach the rank of chuunin instead of staying a gen in a bit longer. But he was alright, we being where he was as his father was proud of him, and he himself was proud. So he was going to begin training around his brother monument, in honor of him, he activated his one tomoe Sharigan eyes. As he turned around though, he saw the stranger that killed his brother and the mood had changed. Etsuo gained an intent to kill this person, no matter who they were or what they did. The stranger could only smile at him, he was hiding most of his face under cloth and a mask, but he could see that dam smile.

The show was about to begin.

Word count: 1,559/3,000

Etsuo Yukimura


Special Jounin
"I'll kill you!" I yelled out at the stranger.

"Not if, I finish it first." He responded and then snicker.

I ran at him but forgot that he was dealing with a puppetry user. So instead of a collision of both people, the stranger revealed three puppets to Etsuo, still giving his smile, that made him wonder if he was mad. Being a mad person gave this man a great advantage over him because of a fear within him. But this person didn't know that yet so he went along as if he was unfazed by the smile. Etsuo proceeded to stop and perform the hand signs for his Katon fire ball jutsu. At first, he didn't he would get it in time, but with the Sharigan eyes active, he pulled it off in the nick of time.

He breathed and summoned a fireball from his breath. At first, he thought that he had succeeded like last time. But the puppets survived and two of them latched on to his arms bringing him to the ground fast without warning.

"This is the end for you." The stranger would say as his third puppet was preparing to unleash a fatal blow to him.

Etsuo could watch very much longer and puppeteer was still laughing along like everything was a blast. But eventually, he heard a clash of metal and the laughter had been put to a end. He opened his eyes to find his father's puppet controlled by invisible strings. Then, came his father's voice booming loudly at the stranger.

"I won't allow one person to kill my family before I am dead myself!" He shouted out.

I was saved and my father had two of his puppets with him at the time, the two holding me down released themselves and raced at his father with great speed. What the the if didn't know was the puppet still beside him was his greatest one. But the stranger still smiled as they got closer, even though my father's puppets could block them off. But then he showed what he really sad doing as he broken his other puppet free and rushed them all at him. Moving his puppet took more time because it was heavier equipment. It got there in time though but now my father was on defensive and that was when we all heard a large click. All three of us knew what it meant and my father cursed as the puppet that came last exploded and blew him away. All of the puppets though were destroyed.

"Father!" Etsuo had yelled out.

With his puppets destroyed, the stranger had taken off again. Etsuo rushed to his father, he was unconscious and bleeding from the head. He had to save him so, he picked him up and took him back into the village.

Etsuo knew that his father would not be OK, but once more, his Sharigan eyes changed as he looked in a mirror eventually and noticed the second tomoe. Unknown to him, it meant his Sharigan was much more powerful.

Word count: 2,078

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