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1 Training Genjutsu C-B (invite only no kill) on Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:35 am



Synn had never really had the urge to improve his ability to manipulate the mind and bend reality from the senses. It was a unique ability some shinobi where incredibly skilled at. The bounty on a woman named utau still intrigued him. But it would be some considerable amount of time and effort before he could reach her level. Not that anyone truly knew his capabilities. After all he had been pitted against someone who had the irritating ability to see through his jutsu during the exams. Still his new book had its interesting theories on illusion. The art of deception was a tool never to be underestimated. He reached out to grab his coat as moving around at night meant it would inevitably be cold. He was already wear a dark ninja outfit. His hair tied into a bandana and lower half of his face hidden by a dark rag tied back around his neck. He pocketed a Konoha head band just in case he was caught slipping out side the walls but he doubted it would happen. But there was a first for everything.

Synn dimmed his lights till it was dark in his room and made sure the door was locked. Slipping a Kunai target dummy under his covers to fake him remaining there. It was doubtful any one would bother him but they needed to think he was asleep if they did. He waited about an hour before he slowly pulled his window open careful not to make a noise. There was no real need for these extremes but he took precautions to keep in practice any way. He slipped out of the window holding the ledge with a steady hand and he used his free hand to close it again. Once everything looked normal he dropped down to a tree slowly. Slow and steady meant less likely to be spotted. Fools snuck around with speed. Once he had climbed down he seemed to mold into the shadows of the buildings. Moving alley by alley avoiding any main streets. This was after all what he did as his specialty.

Soon he was near the outer wall Just west of the Northern gate by about 200 meters. It was there that he had knocked out a tiny crawl space and planted a bush on either side. The bush itself was a type of weed commonly grown in shade. It was something only some one looking for something that out of place would of noticed. Though with the security up after the Kage's death he wondered how he was still managing to get through under the patrols. Still it was true he had studied the patterns for days now in order to avoid them. So it wasn't entirely impossible for him to slip out. He smirked at his own natural stealth prowess. Still when he emerged out the other side of the wall he wasted no time moving into the tree line of the forest. His Genjutsu training needed to be done in private. No one needed to know his true abilities.

Still he managed to move into the forest and up into the tree's with out ever sensing a tail. He had put on a scent that bothered the local night time predators so where he moved through the tree's only silence reigned.This was in all honesty one of his anti intelligence gathering methods. The art of Genjutsu was a mind game only the twisted played on a regular basis. It was a game of cunning and losing often meant being utterly destroyed. The thing was with his gifts if he was caught then his games would become that much harder. Still he moved to the darker part of the forest where the deadlier things then just wild dogs and snakes made they're nest. he knew how to avoid them though so evading them was just a common practice to him. After all he took notes on the way the predators changed location to better stalk the prey.

One of these predators was a carnivorous insect he refered to as the stalker Beetle had a unique ability to spew out a gas on to a much larger animal while remaining concealed. The animal would then slowly drift to sleep at which point the beetle would burrow in consuming meat and live within the creature until it had eaten so much the animal died. A truly terrifying creature to behold. But he had managed with some luck to capture one. And now as he entered his tree house and closed the door behind him he was going to continue his research on its Gas.

Flicking on the lights he removed his mask and moved over to the table He hung his coat and slipped into his lab coat. He looked odd standing there in his hidden laboratory but still he was curious to analyze the beetle. On a counter in a countainer he had placed a cat inside of a container The container was meant to restrain the cat while collecting the beetles gases. Which had worked well enough. The pouches water now had a tinted color to it. He smiled a little before noticing the cat twitching. Odd that it made no noise but still twitched. He turned and began to watch the cat for a reaction. looking into its dead eyes he smiled a little to himself as the beetle suddenly ate its way through the eye.

"hungry where you?"

He says with some laughter in his voice. before making sure the lid was secure and took the pouch over to his desk. he emptied the water into three different tubes. Adding in human blood of his own to the first sample. He then set into into the spinner. Then he added Dog blood to the second. Something to throw off an Inuzuka would be useful eventually. The last one he began to mix with an adrenaline drug. He wanted to see how to counter act the effects as well. If he could study this and replicate not only a genjutsu type weapon that made a gas to knock out his opponents but an immunity to it for himself then he would be able to be that much better at infiltration.




Still he had to wait a while so he began taking notes as the liquids began to spin mixing together to his right. The concept of Genjutsu was Jutsu that could either effect perception or cause doubt of reality. While smoke and mirrors was one part of it effecting the body and the mind would be his next step. The chemical composition of the gas would merely be his muse to creating the genjutsu. In truth It would still be inhaled but its effects would not actually effect the body but the mind. He had selected this beetle because he had suspicions that it was not necessarily knocking out its prey but causing the mind to tell the body it was tired. If his theory proved correct then it would tell him what chemical it had the mind produce in order to simulate exhaustion. If he could learn that then he might be able to attempt to do the same thing with chakra influenced genjutsu. A tired mind made the body feel sluggish and weak. He finished writing his notes around the same time as the spinner finishing. The chemicals where now fully mixed. While it was slightly diluted he could certainly Study it safely and extensively.

First he collected the human infused blood sample. It was the basis of his hypothesis for developing Genjutsu to a greater level. He takes a dropper and uses it to collect some of the blood and place it on a pallet. Before placing the glass over it and placing Sample A under the microscope. He then took up his note pad and began to jot notes down on the sample. It was then that he made the discovery of what the toxin was doing. According to his observation the toxin was removing oxygen from the blood. With less oxygen in the blood it made perfect sense that the subject would begin to feel tired and the body would slumber In order to begin its recovery. The idea was simple. And yet if he could create a Genjutsu that subconsciously tricked the mind into thinking it had less oxygen in the blood then the mind would tell the body it was tired. There would be no real way to know if you where caught in a Genjutsu. It was truly a brilliant idea. The fact was creating the illusion of an effect that is commonly felt or misleading to believe that it is not an illusion is a perspective on Genjutsu that was slightly terrifying. His understanding of it was becoming a little terrifying but exciting at the same time.

Next he slid over and collect the dog blood sample. It only took moments for him to discover that the effects where remarkably similar in a dogs blood when compared to the human sample. Which brought him to testing a theory with the last sample. He had been interested in if adrenal increases could be influenced by tricking the mind into believing that the body was doing something to increase large amounts of adrenaline. The third sample under the microscope began to show that the adrenaline had not only reversed the effects but had also increased exponentially. However it had to be controlled because the amount of adrenaline was destroying the blood cells when over used.

Slowly he rose from his chair moving back to the tank where the beetle was now trying to hibernate into the Cats brain matter that it had pulled out of the cats now empty eye socket. In a way it was much like collecting a food supply while remaining inactive. and apparently the brain tissue was its preferred food. he smiled and watched as it nested there. he realized that within the habitat it was probably eating so much because it intended to lay its eggs. it would be wonderful to have more test subjects but he was going to need a bigger tank and a larger food supply. It was then that another idea for genjutsu struck him. Something that would inevitably drive some one mad is the feeling of insects crawling on the brain. This little bug was a wonderful muse for his thoughts. It would be terrifying to feel pain occurring in a place you can not reach. He would have to create this jutsu some time just to watch some one claw at they're own skull. An innocent thought mad by his peers. yes indeed that would be amusing. and who can concentrate with something biting your brain? Either way for now he had his notes and his samples.

His muse had provided him with plenty of idea's that could certainly lead to interesting ways to manipulate the small minded idiots that thought themselves bigger then the less fortunate. But lets face it Synn had a problem with a world where the poor where nothing and the rich had all the power. He would be called a communist by others if they knew but he felt that a wealth system of equality was needed for man kind to survive. He turned to his clothing and wrapped himself up in the dark clothing once more before flicking off the lights. It was shortly before the sky began to brighten now so he needed to get moving. If he wanted to blend in with the night he had very little pitch black of night left.

Moving outside of the tree lab he closed the door behind him. The entrance itself just looked like a heavy pine branch. he smiles wickedly to himself before turning and heading back to the village tree by tree. Genjutsu was underestimated these days because even in the academy a defense was taught. But who would know to use such a defense if they did not know they where caught in a genjutsu? Slipping through the hole in the fence he moves back between the buildings through the dark avoiding any major streets or living quarters until he had to and finally he was back to his room. And people wondered why he slept all day.

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