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1 The Time Has Come! En Garde! [OOC Spar] on Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:47 pm


OOC: This is an OOC spar with Uchiha Xiahou and Senju Takumi. To be fair to them, they both rise to Jounin rank for this battle. They are allowed to use canon jutsu that would be appropriate for their rank and elements/specs.

Reika sat. That's it. Sat. She loved looking at the sky... the beautiful sky.

At present, she had gone to a secluded area in Kaminari no Kuni: that is, not many people cared to visit here, due to the rather treacherous journey. Reika had little trouble with it...and it was worth whatever hardship that had to be gone through.

A large plateau. It was littered with trees and had a thin covering of mountain grass...but otherwise was quite barren.

Reika heard a rustling, and looked around for the source. Rustlers...

2 Re: The Time Has Come! En Garde! [OOC Spar] on Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:01 pm

Takumi Senju

Takumi Senju

Takumi had just entered Kaminari no Kuni on his first jounin mission he started walking around looking for the raikage. He walked out and saw her standing out in an open area Takumi walked up and said "Hello Raikage i am here as a shinobi of Tsuchi no Kuni please forgive me if i startled you". Takumi walked up and bowed to the Kage.


Mission Tracker:

||D Ranks=1||C Ranks=3||B Ranks=1||A Ranks=0||S Ranks=0||

Ninjutsu: S || Summoning: C || Bukijutsu (Kenjutsu): D || Doton: S|| Suiton: A || Mokuton: S

Battle Theme

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