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1 Stop the Uprising(Mission/Private) on Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:23 pm



Sanosuke walked through the streets of Kumogakure and began stretching his back with each step he took. As he walked he noticed that the many different villagers he was passing. There was a man near the food stand that was selling beverages, and another woman who was selling novels; there were also other merchants selling their own vendors for activities and what not. Sanosuke knew every single one of the merchants because he passes through this part of town every time he makes his way to the administration building. It's been a while since Sanosuke and Skye went to the land of snow for a missioj to escort a painter so she can paint the beautiful look of the sea of light of Yukigakure. The sea was beautiful and it was the first time Sanosuke had actually seen the sea, Lisa did a wonderful job at capturing the land's beauty. When Sanosuke reached the shining sea, it really did gleam off the surfaces of the water as though it was made of a sea of light itself.

But that mission was over and Sanosuke had a taste for some adventure this time. He really wanted to do some fighting that didn't remind him of beating up some stupid thugs. Those thugs could barely fight him or keep up with his speed in fighting so they were hardly a challenge. Ever since Sanosuke went on his special chakra flow training, Sanosuke's strength rose to significant heights in his abilities that made Sanosuke a very dangerous adversary to thugs, low ranked shinobi and others.

After walking in the building, he met with the woman that was the secretary of the Raikage of the village hidden in the clouds. The assistant went by the name of Amy and had to irritation of always trying to flirt with Sanosuke whenever he popped in on the administration building for missions. Sanosuke was someone who was always hungry for more and more missions to do it. These missions were like drugs to Sanosuke, because then he could test out his skills against villains alike that the Raikage deemed to be evil and had to be put down immediately. So Sanosuke always popped in on the administration building in hopes for a new mission for him to take part on. And Amy was always there to greet him with perverted things to tempt him like a cat. There were days where if Sanosuke kept on doing missions with Amy there to greet him like that, he would turn into a lecher which Sanosuke had no problem with. The girl had some great hooters.

"His Sano-kunnn!" Amy waved hello putting down her pencil from writing something down which was probably work that the Raikage left for her to do while she was out to the summit meeting. And because she was in the summit meeting at the land of iron, Amy was to be able to issue out all the missions that were to be given to other ninja still in Kumo. "Care to have a drink with me dear?" she asked moving her blouse so that a bit more cleavage was showing from her outfit for just Sanosuke to look at. Yup there was the fabulous boobs that belonged only to the female head receptionist of the Raikage.

Sanosuke rolled his eyes and sat down on teh leather couch of the conference room that was in grabbing distance of the receptionist's arms. Smiling at her, Sanosuke relaxed in the seat he was in and nested his body in a comfortable position. "Amy-chan you know I would always welcome the chance of doing a mission with you but I'm craving excitement of action and-" Sanosuke sighed out in boredom picking his shoes.

"Well if you want excitement then you can possibly try and calm down the uprising going on around the Akako Dojo" Amy intervened with a sly smirk. This got Sanosuke off the task of picking the bottom of his shoes to actually paying attention to what Amy was saying. Normally whatever Amy said were about the same topics of flirting with Sanosuke, but this was different. Thinking about it, this mission sounds more like something that the Raikage should handle herself due to the likely significant political shockwaves that can likely occur because of this.

"Okay Amy you got my attention, fill me in" Sanosuke exclaimed which made Amy giggle liked a little girl getting asked out. When Sanosuke just realized how loud he was, he quickly blushed and scratched at his face gingerly and looked away. "Just tell me what the damn mission is about woman!"

"Well the mission is about there being revolts of the Akako clan. As you have been informed, ever since the Daisuke Akako incident, our relationship with the remaining members of the Akako clan have been dicey at best. The public believe that the members of the Akako clan will wreak havoc among other people of the village, and the clan members are getting pissed off that they're taking so much heat. Before the former Raikage, Midnight, resigned he raised taxes on the Akako clan as a way to compensate to the formalities of the people killed by Daisuke Akako." Amy was reciting from memory from the likely papers she was to give out to the new Raikage. "Of course the members of the Akako clan were furious of these developments and so they are in a fury. Now the Raikage has the duty of stopping the uprising before it spreads to the rest of the village."

This was just great. First he had to visit the land of snow just to escort a painter, and although the sea of light was breath taking there wasn't anything else to do. But now he had to diplomatic work. This was just too unfair. "And you couldn't find anything better for me to do?" Sanosuke mumbled underneath his breath irritated at the development of his newest mission. Getting up from the sofa, Sanosuke cracked his back and yawned. "Fine whatever, be back in a jiff. And maybe we'll get that drink when I get back, okay?"

At that note, Sanosuke decided it was then for him to begin walking towards the door of the administration building. Before Sanosuke could actually touch the handle Amy spoke up "Oh Sanosuke one last thing, you have to calm down the rebellion without referencing that you've been sent by the Raikage. That'll just make things more complicated" Amy added as she walked over to Sanosuke to give him a kiss on the cheek for good luck. "And you better be willing to pay for that drink Sano-kun ;)" she winked and walked back to the desk as Sanosuke opened the door of the administration and into the streets while muttering something about troublesome receptionist and how they maybe stupid but they always have the nicest boobs.

So trying to figure out how to specifically do that without having to mention he's sent from the Raikage as a mission would be tricky indeed. As he walked through the streets and towards the Akako dojo, Sanosuke pondered how he would do that exactly. The idea he had was rather sneaky but it should get the job done. As he thought harder and harder about what he could he just kept on believing that his plan wouldn't work at all. But he already made his plan so there really wasn't any going back from his plan.

Once he got the all clear from the peoples eyes and he was in the forest that would lead to the stone steps of the Akako Dojo, Sanosuke made a hand sign and transformed into Daisuke Akako using the transformation jutsu. Looking his reflection from the river's reflection, Sanosuke had to admit this jutsu made him really look like his kenjutsu idol. Sanosuke already knew what Daisuke looked like because Sanosuke was a pretty big admirer of his kenjutsu record until he went insane and killed a clan before running away. Sanosuke knew that he had to make this convincing.

Running at quick speeds, Sanosuke took his sword out and ran at the massive crowd that was rallying in the Dojo's main square. The town square was rallying with angry members of the Akako clan who were in a fit. There were angry speakers who were speaking about causing a riot. Now was the time to move.

Getting his sword out, Sanosuke brought it down on one Akako member with a sword, The man didn't even see it coming and thus his sword went from his arm to his hip bone so the man fell down hard. Sanosuke was sure that his cut didn't kill him, but it would take a while for the man to get up. Sanosuke just needed for the hit cuts to look realistic. The crowds turned their attention towards Sanosuke and all hell broke loose.

"IT'S DAISUKE! GET HIM!" someone called out and the crowd was in a frenzy. Then other well armed members came at him, looks like Sanosuke will get the chance to actually fight some people. One man went for a cut downwards toward his body which Sanosuke slashed his arms so that it looked even more gruesome to the onlooker but to the cutter of the sign, it was obvious that he didn't cut anything too deep with his sword. When the man came down, Sanosuke stabbed down on the man's hands gruesomely and laughed trying to act more of a psychopath than usual.

Another guard came at him with something that resembled a scythe and a hammer with a wooden polearm shaft. Swerving to the left, Sanosuke spun around in a tight and compact circular motion to accurately slash at the guard's legs before stabbing at the man's arms to pin him down and have the man pass out in pain. Of course that wound he did was more gruesome and cruel than the other slashes he did, but Sanosuke knew that he didn't kill the man with the slash he did. Sanosuke was positive he avoided major organs, muscle strings, etc; so all it was was a fleshw wound.

When he looked around, Sanosuke could see that everyone who was at the rally, which Sanosuke didn't incapacitated yet, was already armed. The men who could fight were armed with a range of weapons and others while the children and women in the crowd were given kunai. All of them looked furious at Sanosuke. If he didn't move now, then it would be hard for Sanosuke to get him into a rather sticky bind.

Running away, Sanosuke knew that the members were coming for him specifically. They were pissed, that was all according to plan. True he did damage the reputation of his idol, it had to be done. When he had outran the members of the Akako clan, Sanosuke turned a sharp corner and changed back into his normal appearance.

"A job well done indeed. Now they'll be too busy on the wild goose chase to find Daisuke that they'll ignore the tax increases so they can search more" Sanosuke chuckled as he wiped the blood that was on his sword so that nobody would know that he had used his sword on the members of the Akako clan. Sanosuke used a leaf that was rather large that he found near the mountain so he could wipe the blood. Sanosuke tossed the leaf down the mountain and sheathed his blade before getting back up. Sanosuke continued to walk back to the administration building to collect money for the mission he was on and also to find a bottle of sake for both him and a certain busty receptionist to share. He chuckled, damn it's cool being a shinobi getting the ladies while kicking ass as though he was all that.


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