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1 Just a regular old day(Open,no killing) on Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:37 pm



Accelerator walked calmly through the streets of Konoha just watching the nice people. He saw a group of children playing hide and go seek in a nearby empty lot. It reminds him of the good times when He was their age, playing with his friends from the village. It makes him feel lonely, because most of his old friends had already left the village on adventures that he didn't feel like going on at the moment, the other had just drift apart. He continued to walk down the street looking for a bench to stop and rest on. He has been walking for a good while looking for someone to stop and talk too.

He saw a nearby bench, so Accelerator decided to stop and take a breather. Sitting alone, He starts playing with His hair. The breeze in the air sends a chill down His spine. He shivered and thought to himself, "What unusual weather today. It's spring, so why is it so cold?"

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