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1 In need of a friend(Open,No killing) on Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:04 pm



While some were out training, a certain someone had been in his room doing much of nothing. This ones name was Accelerator of the Sarutobi clan and for about a week now, had been in his apartment simply relaxing. No missions, no visits to or from anyone. He had been having some difficulty reaching anyone from above to help him get his rank up in order. It seemed like he was giving up hope as he lazied about. He sighed out and remembered how long it took him to rank up from Genin. It appeared that at every phase, he encountered a problem. He forgot that he had also overcome it the first time.

That thought was what motivated him to get up. He wasn't getting anywhere sitting at home and doing nothing. He needed to get out and do something or even chat with someone. Heading outside, the sun bothered him a little until he got used to it some minutes later. He walked down the street and watched as people walked by him, every so often saying hello.

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