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Kaguza woke up to the heavy sound of the rain outside, it was going to be a wet day. Training on a day like this would be nothing but miserable, and would likely just make someone sick. Today however he would not be training, but a simpler task. He was to go to the hospital and simply talk. The idea was to try and lift the spirits of a patient who has spent a significant amount of time stuck in the hospital. After getting dressed, Kaguza looked over his arsenal of weapons. He had to lift the spirits of someone at the hospital, he didn't know if he'd be in the company of a child, elder, or someone more his own age. It wouldn't be fitting to wear the majority of his weapons, unless he was visiting a child, purely for entertainment purposes. Choosing to carry only a few weapons, he donned his meteor hammer and set of war fans.

Stepping outside into the rain, Kaguza made a sprint to the hospital. Appearing through the main doors of the building, he had made a fairly speedy trip, though the rain had made him damp. A lady at the front desk inquired over his reason for visiting, "Can I help you with something, or are you the genin I've been told about." Responding to her question, "I'm Kaguza Myugan, yes I'm here to talk to a patient." The woman flipped through a small folder looking for who it was he would be talking to. "Ah here we go. You will be talking to a young boy in room 305. Up the stairs to the third floor, fifth room down the hallway." With his directions, Kaguza made his way up the stairs and down the hallway. Peeking inside the room a small boy lay in the bed, he was simply poking at a plate of food. A knock at the door grabbed the boys attention as Kaguza came inside the room. "You know you should eat your food, it'll give ya strength. I assume you've heard that quite a lot however." Pulling up a chair next to the bed, he took a seat. Staring at the boy for a moment, he expected some kind of response yet didn't get one. "Well my name is Kaguza of the Myugan clan, I am a genin and a weapon master." The boy seemed to perk up slightly at the mention of him being a ninja. "You ever thought of being a ninja?" The boy just shook his head, "I've spent 7 years training myself in both Taijutsu and Chakra Flow." The boy seemed to gather a thought as he actually spoke. "Have you ever killed someone?" A common question to get from children, "I have. I killed a few when we took control of the village back from the pirates." "You fought to take back the village!" The boy gained a bit of color in his face at the thought of meeting a ninja who helped reclaim the village. "The first man I fought upon returning to the village, he carried an enormous axe." The eyes of the boy widened as Kaguza began telling his story. "Naturally the ninja of Kiri move as a group, however I was sent as part of a scouting party, or I should call it an assault squad. We came across a patrol group when we reached Kiri, there numbers matched ours. We each fought our own opponent, mine carried a large axe as I said. This man towered over me, he swung the axe with such strength. As a weapon user myself, I saw the disadvantages of such a weapon." Kaguza continued on with his story which had been just that, in reality he did kill a man with a large axe though the man was asleep. After a couple hours of story telling, visiting hours had ended. The hospital staff came to retrieve those who weren't either a patient or staff member. Kaguza said his farewells and went on his way. A few days later, Kaguza returned to check on the boy. He was finally showing signs of improvement, with the good news Kaguza began paying periodic visits to see the child during his stay in the hospital.

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