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This was it; today was the day Binsu was heading back to his home village in order to take on a few more responsibility around the village and basically actually contribute to its future success. He had visited Iwagakure to attend the so-called tournament of shinobi, he had heard about, but it didn't seem like it was happening any time soon. Binsu had agreed with his mate Nudeln, whom he had taken the trip to the village with as he couldn't travel alone as a genin, that he was going to return to Kumogakure alone, now being able to travel on his own at the rank of chuunin. Earlier that day, he had packed up all his bags and all his clothing, as he had done before when he prepared himself for the trip to Iwagakure, before heading out of his rented appartment and made his way towards the village gates.

Binsu couldn't say he had accomplished nothing during his time in Iwagakure, because it had given him a chance to finally meet one of his brothers after what seemed like forever and reclaimed the Genko blade he was rightfully intitled to. He was sad that he had only talked to Shibirin for a few hours, but those few hours felt like years. He was at first confused, as to why his brother had become an Iwa nin, but ended up overlooking that small detail over the fact that he was alive. He continued making his way towards the Iwagakure village gates, looking past all the strange, Iwa buildings and land sites that occupied the streets. He was amazed at how a different architectual design of a building in a different village, could make any visitors feel lost and at times homesick, but Binsu's stomach wasn't the kind to ache over something as little as missing his home.

After a few minutes of walking, Binsu finally reached the Iwagakure village gates, casually greeting a few of the nin guarding the gates as he walked past the large, stone structure. He had his two swords: Hakujona and the Genko blade with him, both in their sheaths and hung over and around his neck, resting on his back and ever so slightly tapping his spine at every step. He didn't feel like a chuunin, the rank seemed too high for his current level of skill. A few weeks ago, a simple genin could prove a worthy opponent to him, and now he was a chuunin? It seemed as if somehow, his skills had increased, though he suspected that his age came with great wisdom, far more than that of a genin, which proved usefull in combat situations. He was proud to have made it so far in such a little time, but this was only the begining. He believed that he could get stronger, he could reach higher levels, a lot higher than his level right now. He saw himself as still a student, who's path towards successfullness had only just begun.

It didn't take Binsu no longer than 15 minutes, to arrive at the Iwagakure border. He didn't stop here, he had a long way to go back to Kumogakure, but where there's a wind, there's a way. It wasn't an impossible distant to tackle on alone, though it did make one think three times about his or her own safety whilst walking alone in the wild for literally ANYTHING could happen. Binsu, for the next three days, spent time walking, jogging and even running, towards Kumogakure. He'd of course, stop once a day stop to rest high up in a large oak tree for the night, but the next morning, he'd wake up extra early to make up for the time lost whilst sleeping. He had to constantly watch his back, but a small voice in his mind kept him calm throught the journey. It assured him that everything was going to be alright and that he had nothing to worry about, but he knew better than to let down his guard over a simple estimate...

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