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Have you ever thought to yourself, what techniques do my clan know and master? We all know about our clan's name, we all know about our clan's history, but we know only little of what our families are capable of. Binsu woke up that day, with a start. He got ready for the day; putting on his usual clothes and taking his two katana with him, before making his way towards the Akako Dojo. Today, Binsu was finally going to train and master the few jutsus his brother Shibirin explained to him how he could do them, hoping they may become useful to him later on in the future. The truth was that Binsu needed the aid of these techniques now more than ever, as he was aiming for a rank higher than his own. His destination in life had just been delayed, his overall goal stretched further than before. He had now set smaller goals in between his longer goals, and in order to just get one of those smaller goals, he was going to need more jutsus and techniques: this is where Shibirin’s scroll comes in.

Binsu took out the scroll now and examined it. Shibirin had written the instructions on how to do each of the jutsus, though they weren’t simple instructions. They just explained about the different stages of the jutsu one needed to practise and grasp first, before they could even attempt the full jutsu or technique. The second technique was probably the next easiest: a kenjutsu move called ‘Figures of Eight!’. Shibirin wrote, ‘The user twirls his/her sword from the left side to the right side of their shoulders, in the form of figures of eight, crossing the sword/s in front of their body and over when switching sides. Typically, this kenjutsu move is used to protect the user from fast, incoming attacks such as multiple kunai/shuriken/senbon being thrown at, or for attacking the opponent with fast-spinning blades. For every post, the user can switch from the left to right 3 times. This multiplies by 3 for every second post used in.’. Binsu drew out his Hakujona blade: he couldn’t wait to start practising the kenjutsu move.

Firstly, Binsu had to practise the twirling motion of his blade, from left to right. For that, he needed to practice spinning his wrists in a 360 degrees motion, without difficulties, whilst holding his sword. He held Hakujona with a reverse grip, before attempting to do the first of the twirling motions. He swung the sword to the left, making a left swing with the blade before twisting it around so it is facing the opposite direction to where it is about to go. He then swung the blade to the right, making its hilt face inwards to his body and the actual blade held out for a right swing attack, before he twisted the blade again, this time facing back towards the direction it had started on. Binsu had mastered the first part of the jutsu: now onto doing it with enough force to actually inflict damage. Binsu repeated this same motion over and over again for about 12 times, until he thought he had put enough power into each swing to inflict damage on anyone if he was to use it to attack someone. After mastering the swing and making sure it had enough power to deal damage, Binsu needed to practice doing it fast enough so that this kenjutsu move could be used to dodge small weapons such as kunai and shuriken.

He started doing the twirling motion again, this time he tried to do it in the fastest time possible. He got up to 3 seconds per switch, but decided to practice on doing it even faster. He got up to 2 seconds per switch, but practiced it for a bit longer and got it to almost less than a second. The kenjutsu move was ready as it was, but now needed to be practiced using more than one sword. Binsu drew out his Genko clan blade and held it also with the reverse grip in his left hand. Both of his hands were now occupied with the two blades. Binsu practiced twirling one sword with his left hand and then one sword with the right. He then practiced doing them both, before he decided to speed it up a bit. He practiced this motion for about another 25 minutes, before he could do one complete figure of eight with the blades in under a second; the jutsu was complete.

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