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It was around that time again. Although Sanosuke had acquired enough money in his wallet for him to be paid like a king, he felt as though he should be doing something instead of being cooped up in Kumo. Sanosuke couldn't help but remember the days where he was a genin in Kumo with nothing much for him to do at all but train by himself without any other genin to help him train or just clean out a library. The reason he had nothing to do was because most of his senior shinobi were away in Konoha for the Chuunin Exams; and since Sanosuke was too inexperience he couldn't really go so he was stuck in Kumo with nothing much to do until the Raikage and the other shinobi came back home.

But now so much has happened. Sanosuke was now a jounin, one of the elite of Kumo's forces and to a certain extent the greatest kenjutsu specialist in the village hidden in the clouds. That was an honor that Sanosuke was particularly proud of because he was so vert close to surpassing his former idol, Daisuke Akako. And then Midnight, his former teacher, resigned and let a new Raikage take the position of kage he used to hold. Although Sanosuke has never met her personally, he had to conclude that she was a remarkable shinobi to be easily sworn in as kage of the village hidden in the clouds. And this new Raikage left for the land of iron for a meetings between all of the kages from each of their own hidden villages. Sanosuke couldn't help but worry about his new kage, and hoped she was okay because nothing can be guaranteed that the meeting will be peaceful. One wrong move and Kumo's appearance of neutrality can be shattered in an instant; making Sanosuke's village he loved so much a target.

But while the Raikage was gone, Sanosuke being the only available elite shinobi available was called to help out with the work load of the Raikage with issues in the village along with her secretaries including one secretary of which Sanosuke was rather familiar with. Ever since then, Sanosuke was confined to the village and as such can't leave until either the work load decreases of the Raikage returns from her meeting; neither seemed to be coming true very soon. Sanosuke did however get to do some fun missions that had him fighting powerful enemies, like the funeral he had to stop. But now Sanosuke was craving the days where he used to spend days training to sharpen his kenjutsu skills. Maybe he might do just that.

Letting out a sigh, Sanosuke got out to stretch his legs and his back. He was in the shinobi council of Kumo that was assembled of representatives of multiple clans of the village. Sanosuke was representing the Akumareiysa clan and as an elite shinobi as well. And he had spent hours filling out papers after papers that the Raikage was suppose to fill out and it was getting worse in his opinion. He had to escape or something. Some of the other clan representatives looked at Sanosuke with curiosity as he rose. "I'm getting a bit tired. Running the missions and being a part of this council has me unsteady, I'm done for the day. Same time as tomorrow folks, good work!" Sanosuke announced when he finished his last form.

Filling out these forms were beginning to feel more and more like a job, no Sanosuke wanted to train in kenjutsu some more to sharpen his skills even more. So as Sanosuke walked through the hallways of the administration building, he began to wonder what jutsu he should create. It's been a while since Sanosuke created a jutsu and he was actually very excited in creating one in so long. But as he tried to think, his mind went blank multiple times on ideas of what he could create. Ideas bounced around his head and was always out of his reach whenever he thought of ideas. It was agonizing, i guess this was what some people called writer's block; or in this case jutsu block. That thought made Sanosuke laugh, it was a stupid joke but enough to cheer him up.

Eventually he found himself outside walking and noticed some kids playing some sort of game. It was then that Sanosuke had just noticed that he was in the Rice paddy fields, this place was alarmingly close to his home. Sanosuke was raising enough money for him to buy his own apartment soon so there might not be a need for him to be sleeping in a cave anymore. He'll miss that cave though.

"Ha! I'm higher than you!" A voice of a child was heard and that got Sanosuke's attention rather quickly. When he turned around, Sanosuke saw some kids playing around near the mountains of the village. The kids looked around 10 years old and were as carefree as possible. They were probably students from the kumo ninja academy because those kids, which when Sanosuke counted was about 4 of them, were more agile and quicker than normal kids their age; this was most likely done because of the training they did at the ninja academy.

The boy who said that has tatty brown hair and wore a green shirt, and was on the plateau of the mountain looming rather proud of himself. "You guys are so slow!" The boy called out to his friends who were on the ground still. "Looks like I win!"

There was a girl among the group who had blond hair tied in pig tails and wearing a purple dress holding hands with a boy who looked like her twin but instead he wore a white shirt with black polka dots. The boy looked shy and was squirming a bit as he looked at the boy who was so high up on the mountain, while the girl looked to be pouting a bit. "No fair Leon! You cheated!" The girl retorted and was seconds away from throwing a fit.

"Oh shut up May" Leon barked as he crosses his arms across his chest to make himself feel more important and bigger than he actually looked still proud at what he did. "And let go of Max you flat chested bimbo! He's your brother not your pet!"

"You're such a meanie!" May screeched back and threw a a pebble he found on the ground at Leon who dodged the rock just narrowly. The boy on the mountain flat responded by sticking his tongue out at May which got her even more seething with anger.

The other boy had red hair and a matching red scarf around him and wore glasses. But instead he looked rather worried about the boy on the mountain face. "Leon you should get down, I don't think it's safe up there" the boy said and pushed his glasses back up on his face

Leon snickered and stretched his back on the mountain flat and rolled his eyes. "Oh don't be such a pansy Peter, I'm just f-" Leon said to his friend Peter before the landing he was standing on collapsed under his body. Leon began falling down from the mountain. The kids were in disarray as Sanosuke observed Leon falling. This can't be good, somehow that kid climbed about 10 meters, which would be quite the fall and can result to a rather nasty splatter on the ground.

Running out, Sanosuke dashed quickly and leaped over the kids as he ran and continued his trek. Using chakra, Sanosuke put the chakra into his feet so that he had better traction on the mountain and dashed up the mountain. He was running and putting more and more chakra into his feet to increase his running speed. Eventually he caught up to the kid's falling and screaming body. Sanosuke caught Leon in both arms and back flipped off the mountain. Sanosuke focused chakra onto his fingertips of the hand that was open and not holding onto the boy who he had caught and put it on the mountain that he was falling down upon. The chakra was making his fingers sticky and as thus making his descent slowly get less and less severe and the velocity of his fall came to a screeching halt and by the time it came to a fall, his body wasn’t even a foot away from the ground. So as such Sanosuke hopped down from the mountain and landed.

Putting down the boy, Sanosuke let out a sigh and began scratching his head ”Hey kid, be more careful next time okay? Sanosuke smirked at the child. The child looked at Sanosuke in awe and admiration. This was just great looks like he gained a fan while he was saving this kid’s life. That would have been messy. Then Sanosuke heard more about the kids as they argued more and more. It seemed as though Leon was the head aruger and May was the only person who argued against Leon, while Peter and Max watched them. Their arguing was getting on Sanosuke’s nerves and they seemed to be getting louder and louder. How could they be so childish? Oh that’s right because they were children.

Then an idea came to his mind. The idea of a kenjutsu technique popped into his mind. When Sanosuke thought more and more about the technique, Sanosuke was beginning to think as though he was mentally insane. When Sanosuke unconsciously pieced together the final bits of how the jutsu would work, Sanosuke knew it would work but it was just so unconventional that it would be odd to use in combat. But maybe a technique that reminded him of children might be something that he needed. The jutsu would stand for the children he was protecting in Kumogakure as a jounin. Every time he would use this kenjutsu technique, he would be using the playfulness of the village children to protect them with his might. But also the jutsu would make him know that deep inside he was still a kid on the inside just like the kids he was protecting.

Making a hand seal, Sanosuke focused chakra into the seal and suddenly he was enveloped into a poof of smoke. When the smoke cleared there was the child version of Sanosuke who had the kumogakure flak jack over top a black t shirt and white baggy pants. Also he had on a scarf of white yarn around his neck. Sanosuke was around the same height of the kids now, and the kids around Sanosuke looked at him in curiosity trying to figure out why he had transformed into the child version of himself. “Hey mister, why did you use the transformation jutsu to make yourself look younger?” May asked.

Sanosuke looked at himself and stretched his body out. He would make a jutsu based on the games of the children and as such he would need to learn how to play these games in the first place. Sanosuke couldn’t make it out of the games he learned about when he was a kid considering that he didn’t have that many friends when he was a kid. No he would make them based of the games these kids play. ”I did this because I have a proposition for you guys” Sansouke said and was thankful that when he was in the academy that he was so great at the transformation jutsu so his voice changed as a child. The kids looked at Sanosuke with even more interest as though they were trying to pick out what they could do for a jounin of the village hidden in the clouds. ”I’m doing some research on a jutsu I’m creating based off children’s games, and as such I wanna play with some kids with these games so I can learn about the games. Care to help me out?”

There was a long silence before the kids cheered happily agreeing and dragging Sanosuke in child form to play some more children’s games.


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