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1 Record Transport [Konoha D] on Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:06 am

Riku Aburame


Riku stood outside the Hokage Building stretching slightly to make sure he was limbered up. Today he had the task of transporting records to the construction area for new storage. It was a tedious task but so long as he took his time and did it right he would be done faster than he knew it. Walking inside the building Riku began walking down the long curved hallway finding the record box outside of the Hokage's Office with a Jounin watching over them. Riku approached the man. " Hello sir I'm Riku Aburame here to transport records to the construction zone." The Jounin nodded and handed him the box and checked something off on the clipboard. " We appreciate the help it has been pretty hectic around here of late." Riku nodded and turned walking out of the building setting it on the ground he carefully checked in which direction he would be going. Perhaps int he future he should figure out a different way to carry them.

Picking up the box again Riku began walking ahead. He was in no rush to get the job done but there was training that needed to be done at some point today and Riku would prefer not training in the dark. As he walked down the long street Riku smiled and waved to passerby's that he knew who would usually wave back or offer greeting which he returned. Riku kept a lookout for anything out of the ordinary although this was an easy mission nothing much would be able to stop someone if they tried to steal the records from Riku he wasn't trained well enough to fight off a thief unless that thief was maybe a child. Walking into the construction zone still lost in thought Riku made his way to the new storage facility and took it inside stopping before another Jounin of the Leaf and after Riku placed down the box with the others the man checked off something on his clipboard. Riku assumed that he was keeping tabs on the records they received to make sure nothing was lost. The Jounin bid Riku farewell and Riku waved slightly before he began walking back to the Hokage Building. On his way back though he stopped at the edge of the construction area looking around he jumped up onto the top of a building and then began to walk again.

He kept everything to a steady pace having nothing to carry he was exceptionally bored on his walk back but rushing back was no form of entertainment so walking would have to do. Riku began to ponder what he would train today. Perhaps he would learn a new jutsu something to give him an edge with training or perhaps even with just transporting things. Riku thought what techniques would help him with such tasks. Turning away from his clan's techniques since none of them would probably help him with that. As Riku though he stretched his arms up and rested them behind his head. He was getting fairly close to the Hokage building so he jumped down off the rooftops and continued on the road again. Walking back into the building and down the long hallway Riku sighed as he approached the Jounin from before.

" I don't suppose the Hokage is in at the moment is he? I completed the mission but I wanted to talk to the Hokage." The Jounin looked up from his work and shook his head. " Sorry kid the Hokage left for the Land of Iron to attend and emergency Summit meeting." Riku frowned slightly at this news he had hoped to talk to the Hokage but he figured he would have to come back sometime so he would just have to wait until them to see him. Stretching again Riku turned and gave a short farewell to the Jounin as he left heading down the stairs and out the door jogging towards the shop to purchase something for training to come.

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