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1 Training the water clone technique on Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:46 pm



Hira arrived at the pool already knowing exactly what he wanted to train. "Alright, time to begin training my water clone jutsu." he said looking down at the water. He formed the Tiger seal and began to concentrate. As he concentrated the water in front of him began to raise a little but then collapsed before rising too high. He tried again, doing the same steps as before; he formed the Tiger handseal then concentrated again. The water rose a bit higher this time but not high enough you would actually notice the difference. "This is harder than he thought." he said breathing a little bit harder than normal.

He tried a few more times and then he took a break for just a few minutes so he could recharge, after about ten minutes he stood back up and walked over to the water. He did the same steps as before except for one difference. This time he held the tiger handseal while concentrating. As he was doing this he looked down at the water pool and the water rose notably higher this time, but as before it fell back down. "Well at least it got higher than the last few times. Guess that means Im improving at least. I just have to kept trying." he said before forming the tiger seal and trying again. The clone rose the same height as before and then collapsed again.

Hira sat down on the pools edge and dipped his feet in the water. He removed the water bottle he carried with him and drank half of its contents. I think Im getting the hang of it. At least I hope I am Im focusing as hard as I can but they just seem to keep falling. Maybe I have to focus even harder. He said standing back up. He formed the handseal and focused even harder than he did the other times, when he did the clone rose as tall as he was this time and then fell. Well at least I know they are beginning to become my height. Now all Ive got to do is shape them into human form. He said a little excited. He tried a couple of times each time he formed the tiger seal and focused hard enough to get them to reach his height, however he could not get them to become human like. They just looked like blobs of water before collapsing.

Hira sat down again, removed the water bottle from his waist and drank the rest of the water in it. He opened up the cap and drank what little drops had been trapped in the bottom. That didnt seem like a lot of water, but it was half a bottle. If I get thirst I can drink from the pool I guess. He said returning the bottle to his waist. He then stood back up and continued his training; he decided to do it a little differently this time. This time he sat down and put his feet in the water. He thought if he was in contact with the water that he could focus harder and it would be easier to form the water into human shape.

While he was sitting in the water he formed the tiger seal, after forming the handseal he closed his eyes and began to focus. As he focused he opened his eyes and noticed the blob of water in front of him. Dont let it fall, dont let it fall, come on Hira dont let it fall! he said to himself. As he focused harder the blood in front of him formed arms and what appear to be legs. After that it collapsed back into the water.

Hira stood up and raised one fist in excitement smiling and saying Im so close, Ive almost got it. All Ive got to do is focus just a little bit harder and it will fully look like a person. First I better fill up my water bottle. As he said that he opened up the bottle and dipped it into the pool in front of him. He let it fill up with water then lifted it carefully, attempting not to spill any. He then put the cap back on and placed the straw between his lips. He drank only a couple of sips before returning the water bottle to his waist. He then took a few deep breathes and returned to his position sitting on the edge dangling his feet in the water.
He continued with his normal routine, forming the tiger seal and concentrating hard. The figure rose slowly this time. It rose slowly and then stopped when it was the same height as Hira, it then slowly grew its arms and legs. It then grew Hiras hair. At that point Hira lost focus and the water blob collapsed. Darn it! I was so close that time, all I had left was his features and he would have been complete. He said clenching his fist in frustration. He dived in the water and swam around under the water for a few minutes, after he had calmed down he returned to the surface and placed his feet in the water wading them back and forth.
After a few moments of just wading his feet back and forth he looked up at the sky for a few seconds then back at the water. He then closed his eyes again and formed the tiger seal and concentrated, focusing as hard as he could. A blob of water rose in front of him, slowly taking a few minutes to reach full height. When it reached full height, it slowly sprouted its limbs, arms first then the legs. After that the head became regularly shaped and grew Hiras hair. The clone formed Hiras clothes and accessories at that point. Hira then stood up and looked at his clone in surprise. His clone smiled at him and Hira smiled back. He high-fived his clone which caused it to collapse, Hira, very excited tried it again. He formed the tiger seal and focused. This time the clone formed in a fraction of the time the other took. Hira and the clone both raised one fist and Hira howled I did it, I finally did it!(1051 words)


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