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Sōdaina Borudā

Sōdaina Borudā

A bald man stood upon the bottom step to the Kirigakure hospital with pounding head and aching back thinking to himself, 'God, I need to stop drinking myself to death...Or at least stop the night before helping with surgery.' as his thoughts lingered he took the last drag on his cigarette before tossing it beneath his feet and stomping it out of existence. Quickly the moved up the stairs unto one of the side-entrances to the hospital stopping but to turn and stare out into the bleak and rainy existance that was living in Kirigakure.

Facing the door he pushed into the hospital to be greeted by the smell of antiseptic and several nurses rushing some poor sod on a gurney into a room where he, presumably, was going to be operated on.
'Home again, home again' Boruda thought to himself as he sauntered toward the nurses station for the area he had come to, as he approached Bodaru was greeted by a young nurse's assitant, she of course immediately asked, "Can I help you sir?" to which he replied placing his hands down upon the station "Yes, I'm looking for a Mrs. Michiko Hamasaki. She's briefing me about a job." the woman simply nodded pressing down a bright red button upon the desk, speaking into some sort of PA system "Nurse Hamasaki please report to nurses' station 12" before letting go of the button to look back up at Bodaru with a faint smile "She will be with you momentarily Sir." Bodaru quickly thanked her waiting for the nurse.
Moments passed as Bodaru stood at the station in awkward silence with the younger nurse's assitant, it had become quite clear that she didn't get many people by her station as no one had passed through the area.

Finally she spoke up looking at Bodaru asking him "So, what's it like to be a Shinobi?" to which he shrugged and stated "Not really sure yet, I just started. So far I'm -- " he was cut off as a fairly attractive middle-aged nurse began to bellow at Boruda "Come now Mr. Sodaina, we must be going." as she made her way closer she extended a free hand, the other clasping a clip board with something or other sprawled on it, to grasp a handshake the bald fellow quickly obliged clasping his other hand over hers "I take it you're Mrs. Hamasaki?" to which she nodded stating "That I am, now we must be going, the doctor is waiting." breaking the handshake the woman turned to a brisk pace, Boruda following closely behind her.

As he followed Nurse Hamasaki stated what he would actually be helping with today, "You will be helping with a routine procedure today an appendectomy, you have been in tasked with this for two reasons," all the while she was talking Boruda was keeping enough space behind her to indiscriminately stare at her more, supple, features yet keeping up with what she was stating "Apologize for interrupting, but is it going to be performed laparoscopically, or openly?" the woman evidently surprised that he knew his medical terminology just to catch the poor sod ogling at her bottom yelling at the man in annoyance "I swear to God, if you don't keep your eyes to yourself I will take them away from you." she of course added a great emphasis on the 'will'. Boruda immediately looked away with a look of utter defeat across his face speaking quietly "Yes ma'am, sorry ma'am." Nurse Hamasaki, still agitated, sighed and continued speaking "Now as I was saying, there are two reasons you are helping use here. The first being we are understaffed and overcrowded, the second being that you may have to perform this upon one of your fellow Shinobi if you were to ever leave on a long-term mission." by the time she had finished speaking the two were at a large white door which appeared to be the end of the line for her as she spoke once more, "Ah yes, there is one more thing. Doctor Kyuseishu specifically requested you, apparently the two of you've met?"

Wracking his mind to think of the doctor was he thought back to the day he had brought in the stab wound and the ex-Shinobi turned full time doctor had reccomended him for the academy, a light smile crossed his face as he described the doctor, who was hopefully named 'Kyuseishu' "Almond eyes, brown in color. Slightly tanned, with short brown hair, standing in about Five foot? Nurse Hamasaki nodded quickly "Ah, so you remember her, good. Now go sterilize and scrub up, through that door.", she paused pointing at the door before continuing "Now if you'll excuse me I have a few other things to attend to, I will be helping the procedure in a few moments, you'll have to ask the doctor if the procedure is open or not. I'm sure the two of you will have some catching up to do." afterward she rushed off into a far hall, of course not before Boruda ogled just a bit more.

Minutes passed and he was outside of his normal clothes and into a set of salmon-colored scrubs, decked out with the full medical mask and a scrub cap, now what was left to do was vehemently wash his hands, which he of course made quick work leaving him to simply stand in the room waiting for further instruction.

Just as he was beginning to get bored his surgeon friend entered the doorway looking at him "Ah Boruda! I see you took my advice, smart lad." smiling as she said it, Boruda lowered his mask to reply "Yes ma'am, it's good money." she nodded the smile fading slightly as an heir of seriousness fell over her "Bet you can buy a lot of liqour with that much money." Boradu rubbed his neck looking away embarrassed she had brought up his alcohol abuse. Of course Madame Kyuseishu quickly stated she didn't mean to offend through joke, "Me personally, I was never a big fan. Always preferred the Laudanum!" the two shared a brief and awkward laugh, a little too much information, Boruda thought to himself.
"Anyway kid, best be getting to it. Nurse explained the procedure?" she asked squinting at the man as to grasp if he knew what an appendectomy was "Yeah for the most part I know what we're doing, basically we're going to go in and remove the veriform appendix which has burst. This going to be done laparoscopically, or openly?" he stated casually. Evidently impressed, the smile had returned to her face, Kyuseishu replied "We might make a medic out of you yet kid. It's going to be an open procedure. You can't exactly do one laparoscopically in the field." she had a point. Clearing her throat the Surgeon continued "We've been giving the patient Anti-biotics so Sepsis hasn't begun it's course yet, but it seems the patient has had an allergic reaction on top of a burst appendix making our job a little more difficult." she paused for a moment gauging the bald Shinobi's reaction which was more or less apathetic to the news , "Anyway, looks like you're going to help the best at their best." she stated referring to herself, obviously not the humble sort.

Before Boruda could reply an announcement came over the loudspeakers in the area 'Doctor Kyuseishu please report for surgery, Doctor Kyuseishu please report for surgery.' with that the two gazed at each other Kyuseishu quickly stated "Let's get this show on the road kid." the two then placed the masks back over their mouths and exited the room, heading to surgery.
After re-sanitizing and putting on gloves the two had entered surgery to find their patient prepped with anesthesia administered and Nurse Hamasaki waiting in full scrubs as well, though hers were of a floral nature, unlike the Doctor's and his own solidly salmon-colored scrubs. "I see we are all ready to go." Madame Kyuseishu stated, the nurse simply nodded as they all took their respective places, Boruda and the Nurse on one side and Kyuseishu on the other of their patient. Toward the left of the Surgeon was a steel tray with assorted medical accouterments, to her right another steel tray though this one was empty aside from two cups of blue liquid, these would of course be for the used utensils.

Quickly the woman went to work, picking up a scalpel and cutting into the abdomen which was incredibly swollen, seconds later she was through to the appendix which she then cut the tethering which held it together, Boruda stood in silent awe of the woman's technique only reawakened as she called him to the other side of the table speaking to him, though her eyes never left the patient "Watch what I do very carefully now, we are going to divide the appendix at the base, I am going to begin and you are going to finish. Understand?" her voice holding an underlying tone of authority that Boruda was mesmerized by as he replied "Yes ma'am" immediately she did as she said cutting the organ at the base before removing the scalpel and handing it to Boruda. Nerves instantaneously jolted him, this was a medical procedure not some stitch work, he thought beginning to panic breathing at an elevated pace, Oh God, what if I mess up? he thought to himself only for all of his thoughts to dissipate as a friendly hand grasped the shoulder opposite the arm holding the scalpel. A warm voice echoed in the background as if it were miles away "Come on kid you got this, it's easy as pie." from his Surgeon friend, along with a quick "Yeah" from the nurse.

After a few deep breaths Boruda's nerves had steadied and he began to do as he was told, and succeeding. It was indeed 'as easy as pie', afterward Doctor Kyuseishu took the scalpel back and tossed it into the empty tray, grabbing a utensil that Boruda had never seen before, as he had walked back to the other side with the Nurse who quickly gave him a firm pat on the back, obviously approving of his job. Kyuseishu had by this time removed the appendix and placed it in the cups filled with blue liquid tossing the tool onto the tray and rubbing her gloved hands together staring at the two "Good job, now staple him back up and send him on his way. Nurse, I would like you to supervise Mr. Boruda as he does so. Last stitching he did was terrible." which elicited a slight laugh from all three as the Surgeon removed her gloves and exited the surgery area.

Under the careful supervision of the nurse Boruda's technique in stapling people shut improved, finally leaving the two to leave the surgery area as two orderlies pushed the fellow to the recovery area. "Whew, that doctor is some kinda' somethin', isn't she?" Boruda asked jokingly looking over at his newly found friend who asked simply "Isn't she a little old for you?", the two shared a genial laugh marking the end of the mission.

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