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Mission name: Won't someone please think of the children!?
Mission rank: A
Objective: Rescue the children and defeat Akemi Hozuki and any escaped prisoners
Location: Abandoned Mine
Reward: 450 Ryo
Mission description: Despite the mine being closed and rumored haunted, it is a popular place for young children to dare each other to enter. Unfortunately for one group of such kids, the remote location also attracted the notice of Akemi Hozuki, a missing-nin hired to stage a prison break in Athos' keep, which he intends to accomplish by tunneling from the mine to the prison. A group of four children entered on a dare not long after he began his work and he captured 3 of them, not seeing the fourth who reported the incident.

Mission details: The children are restrained in cages made of earth, but unharmed. It is possible to free them without being noticed by Akemi as he is drilling, but even if he does discover you before they are free, he will dissolve the cages and allow the children to go so he can fight without holding back, being a somewhat honorable man. Combat in this place is heavily in his favor, given that he can collapse sections of the mine and create waves large enough that evading them in this relatively tight space is impossible, while his sheer speed makes fighting him from a distance difficult. It is also highly likely that if the battle seems to not be in his favor, Akemi will collapse the section of the mine you are fighting in and resume drilling at an accelerated pace, possibly releasing criminals to defend the tunnel as he digs toward his true targets. If he reaches them the mission is failed, as this will result in a massive prison riot and high Kumo casualties are unavoidable. It is heavily advised that this mission not be taken alone.

Name: Akemi Hozuki
Age: 31
General Appearance: 5'6'', with short, light blue hair. Wears a Kirigakure flak jacket and bladed gloves.
Personality: Polite, but serious about his work.
Motivations: Breaking his targets out of Athos Keep
Fears: Harming children, electricity
Other: Akemi is an experienced jounin-level combatant, capable of skillfully combining powerful earth and water ninjutsu with rapid taijutsu strikes and his hydrification technique to take down less experienced A rank ninja and below with even a short opening. Not an opponent to be underestimated by any means.

Released Prisoner #1:
Name: Mitsuhide
Age: 19
General Appearance: 5'10'', bald. Wears the simple orange uniform of an Anthos Keep prisoner and has a pair of 6 inch makeshift blades
Personality: Morose and hopeless. Even while fighting will comment on the inevitability of returning to prison
Motivations: Aiding Kenji
Fears: None
Other: Despite his age, Mitsuhide is world-weary and wise. While he is aware of the near certainty of being recaptured and punished, he fights to try and maintain his older friend's sense of hope, not wanting his friend to become broken as he is. A skilled combatant despite wielding makeshod weaponry, Mitsuhide tries to avoid death on either side, either surrendering should Kenji be in danger of dying or only aiming for disabling strikes should the battle be going in his favor.


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