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Isamu was about to be hunting down some criminals. And not low-ranking ones, either, but big time conspirators planning to kill the Mizukage. He couldn't even imagine Sero actually dying, as he was such an immortal figure in Isamu's mind, but he knew that he had to use all his might to prevent that from happening. He had just left the Mizukage's mansion, and decided to take a stop over to the Kiri Hospital to check on the three wounded by Sato before his death.

He first visited the unconscious man. He walked in quietly, and sat next to him. The man, whose pearly-pink eyes shone bright and clear now, greeted Isamu kindly. "I know who you are." he said, confidently. Isamu just smiled and asked, "Oh really? Now, how would you know?

"Well, when I finally woke up, I was very confused. I had a concussion and a fractured arm, apparently, but the ladies said I would be fine. I asked them how I got here, and they said a tall boy with snow-colored hair had brought me in along with two other injured. I've already gone to see them, and they're worse off than I am."

"That's sad to hear. But you're doing all right? That's all I wanted to make sure of." The man nodded in response. "Okay, well I've also got a few questions. That guy that kidnapped you, he has friends, and we need to find them. So, what's the earliest you remember?"

The man's face sunk and he looked disappointed in himself. "I'm sorry, I don't remember anything but being hit over the head while I was near the entrance of the caves." Isamu held the man's hand and looked him in the eyes.
"That's alright, thank you anyways. I'm going to go check on the other two."

Next was the boy with no tongue. Isamu went to the room, but the door was locked. He turned to a passing medical nin who told him the boy was getting surgery to gain a healthy new tongue at the moment. Isamu nodded and decided to come back afterwards.

Finally was the woman who had a maimed ear. He sat down next to her, and she lit up when she saw him. "It's you! Thank you so much! You saved us."

Isamu swept his hair back and smiled back at her. "Trust me, my ally did more help than I. I only got you out of there..." he decided not to divulge the killing that had happened that night, as she didn't need to know the details of Sato's death.
"Anyway, I have a question. What was the last thing you remember from that night?"

The woman paused, and then looked back into his eyes. "I remember being in the caves, and finding this corridor. I went down it and saw that boy, whoever he was, and asked him what he was doing there. He pulled out his sword and tried to hit me, but I dodged the attack and sprinted further in. I found a separate room and hid in there, locking the door. Inside I found a lot of things...a scroll with specific coordinates in Kiri, a set of blueprints of the Mizukage's building, and a book of names. I was going to take them, but he broke the door down and tied me up. He cut this" she gestured to her stub of an ear "and then tied a band around my head. After that, I couldn't see or hear anything else."

That was it. Isamu's last hope for information on who the conspirators were was in that book of names. And the coordinates were an important get, also. He stood quickly. "Thank you. That information is extremely helpful." and he was out of the door. She sat there, wondering why he had gotten into such a rush and left like that.

He made his way down the hallway and stopped outside of the door, where the boy's surgery was continuing.


He stood there for about 30 minutes, and just as he turned around to leave, the door creaked open, and a few medical ninja came out. The boy was still asleep, but his mouth was open and there sat a completely healed tongue. Medical ninja never ceased to amaze Isamu, and that was one of the reasons that he strived so hard to become one. He gently shook the boy awake. At first, there was no response, but in a few seconds his eyes fluttered open. "Hello...?" he said, exhausted.

"Hi, I'm Isamu Maeda, I'm the one who brought you here. How've you been feeling?"

The boy just nodded his head with a smile. Isamu figured that since he had just gotten his new tongue, it hurt to talk. Isamu gave him a hug and told him to rest up, and he fell back asleep within seconds. Isamu left the room and closed the door behind him, and said goodbye to the medical ninja before heading out to gather his squad.


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