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1 Trapped [Akiko Uchiha] on Fri Apr 19, 2013 10:28 am


Sunagakure as a whole was silent as usual; there were no true signs of distress if it were possible for a being to view the truly massive village from the sky or above it. However when magnified down to a microscopic scale, where instead of seeing the whole body of the sleeping beast, you could see the individual people, like fleas upon its back something was stirring. As fate would have it one of the spawn of these villagers had fallen into a bit of a mix up, whilst playing at the edge of the well in a rather poor section of town a minor slip caused a long fall, now the boy’s screams of agony blended with terror echoed throughout the immediate area. The immediate area was crowded with concerned passerby’s who attempted to aid the sires of the terrified child, but to no avail. Each one found themselves in different versions of the same situation, either they were too large, too fat, or they held too much muscle and couldn’t slip past the wooden safeguards that had obviously failed to do their job, protect the villagers from this incident. Luckily for the boy, one villager in particular had been intelligent enough to send for aid, a Genin was quickly dispatched to pull the crying young lad from his deep, soggy hole, a Genin by the name of Uchiha Akiko.

While under normal pretenses Akiko would have left the boy to his fate, believing his foolishness would only intensify as he grew in age until one day he jeopardized the village as a whole, something that was not tolerable. However, due to this being an official assignment Akiko would pull the boy from the depths of despair and rescue him from a slow and agonizing demise. Akiko mentally reviewed the hastily collected paperwork she had been given upon being commissioned for this assignment; the task was simple, rescue the boy by using any means.

Upon arriving at the scene Akiko was greeted by the foolish young boy’s parents, they shouted incomprehensive blabber as they wept and pointed to the well as if Akiko hadn’t been aware of the situation. Akiko stared blankly at them, her face held no expression; she was in no rush which her even stride spoke for her. The report had come in roughly an hour after the incident; the boy wouldn’t die within the hour, at least not from dehydration. Akiko stared at the pair for a few more moments until the mother finally shouted something comprehensive at her.

Don’t just stand there, DO SOMETHING! Were the words that gushed forth from the panicked woman’s lips.

Akiko gritted her teeth, this woman dared yell at her for her own misdoings? If the idiotic woman had been watching her foolish spawn this situation wouldn’t have occurred. Akiko wouldn’t be wasting her time rescuing a screaming boy from the bottom of a well when she could have been doing something productive with her time, such as training. Akiko’s gaze hardened suddenly as she glared at the woman, she wouldn’t tolerate her mouth and she wasn’t afraid to show it.

It is your horrendous parenting that placed you here, what kind of mother allows their child to play on the edge of a well? Truly, you mustn’t love your son, if you did he would be in your arms and not at the bottom of this well, and I would be doing something other than wasting my time on you. Akiko said, her vocal tone not reflecting the rage she felt burning deep within her.

With that Akiko would stride between the shocked couple towards the well where the agonized screams of the young boy echoed upwards. The hole at the peak of the well was big enough for the young ninja to slip down with ease due to her petite size. Akiko gripped the rope that was attached to the bucket which drew up water from the well; she turned to one of the more burly men and addressed him simply.

Lower me down into the well and when you hear me call up to you begin cranking the lever and pull us up, understood? Akiko asked him.

The answer she received was not vocal, just a nod, which would suffice for her. With that Akiko stepped onto the rather oversized bucket’s rim and held on tightly as the man began to slowly lower her deep into the dark well. Akiko called down to the boy, demanding that he step to one side of the well or risk being crushed, his agonized voice called back to her.

I don’t know if I can, m-m-my legs they HUUUUURRRRTTTTT! Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY! The child cried his sniveling voice growing louder after the word “hurt” escaped his lips and increasing even more so when he cried “mommy”.

While Akiko understood this was the child’s natural reaction to pain, the sound was deafening inside the confines of the well. As his voice bounced off the walls it caused Akiko’s ears to distort the noise and hold a slight ring once it passed. Akiko knew then that this plan wasn’t going to work, she leapt off the bucket and using the Academy Jutsu known as Supernatural Walking Practice was able to control the speed she slid down the well’s wall. When she landed in the waist high water she was greeted by the boy floating in the water, obviously facing upwards. Akiko knew the boy wouldn’t have drown in the well but his legs had obviously been broken by the impact of either colliding into a wall of the well or the bottom, either way Akiko couldn’t be sure of the extent of his injuries until she had taken him into the light.

Akiko grasped the boy by one of his arms and slung him over her shoulder, he responded by squealing in agony which caused Akiko to flinch in return. With her Jutsu still active Akiko began to dash up the wall of the well, while the boy screamed in agony with her every step. As Akiko began to reach the mouth of the well which was covered with wooden planks, she angled herself to ensure her trajectory would allow both herself and the lad to clear the mouth of the well unscathed. Akiko and her pain stricken burden would suddenly burst from their watery confines into the air before touching ground on the warm sands on Sunagakure. Once Akiko felt confident with her footing she gently laid the boy down and was able to see the extent of the child’s injuries for the first time. While the boy didn’t appear to have any structural damage on the exterior as Akiko touched his legs, he screamed in agony. Her eyes dashed up to his mother, they burned with not hatred but disappointment.

Your flesh and blood has probably suffered two broken legs because of your neglect, I will call for a medical ninja to come and aid him to the hospital. You were lucky someone was here to pull him from the well because you couldn’t watch your own child. Akiko spat before standing up and leaping towards the nearest building.

The boy wouldn’t lay there squealing in agony long, soon a medical ninja would arrive to collect him and take him to the hospital, where his injuries would receive proper treatment. However, the mission hadn’t been a total waste, Akiko would be sure to write in her report that the well needed to be dug deeper to allow for more water to seep through the soil, perhaps the boy wasn’t as foolish as she thought.

Chakra 145/150:

Name: Supernatural Walking Practice (不自然歩く型 ~ Fushizen Aruk'kata)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Element: None
Range: Self
Specialty: None
Duration: -5 chakra every 3 posts (every 2 posts if using on water)
Cooldown: None
Description: Supernatural walking Practice is a basic ninja technique. It involves using chakra flow to channel chakra to one's hands or feet, allowing him/her to walk on surfaces that normally do not allow it. This includes, but is not limited to, walls/ceilings, trees, and even water. Should the flow of chakra stop for any reason, the user will immediately fall off of the surface they are walking on, or plunge underwater.

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