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1 Solstice VS Utau on Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:05 pm



Solstice Ayakashi Aisu walked the long road devoid of anything into the barren plains. The world expanded out on flat land in every direction as it seems she came across the scene of an ancient battle. Where even the bones had long become dust, the blades and armour rusted through, as long standing monuments to the size and scope of the battle. In every direction there were signs of struggle in an age gone by, a fitting arena for what was to come. Neutral, with only sky above and earth beneath their feet. A river a few hundred yards in the distance of reasonable size. She looked to the raising sun, birthing over the horizon, Solstice had been walking a while, but it only felt like minutes.

She was looking for an SS ranked Missing nin out here in the wastes. Everything seemed to be fitting into place. Solstice felt she was at the pique of her strength, having awakened the full power of what she named her 'alternate Kekkei Genkai.' Solstice walked through the wasteland wearing her boots, and her dark sky blue pants. A hood casted shade over her black mask, creating the illusion of emptiness, and nothingness behind it. Beneath the hood and mask was her long sapphire, almost flaming crystal blue hair, bright and radiant were it to be graced by the light of the rising sun. On her back was her A rank returning Fuuma shuriken. Mechanical, clockwork gyro's caused the blade to spin faster, and more constantly making it more like a throwing helicopter blade.

Her hooded leather cloak as it fell to the backs of her thighs began to break and fall into long tatters the coat covered black kirigakure anbu armour. and finally, her Gold steel now reforged gloves, bearing no new abilities just increasing the characteristics of the old ones around the board. Her Ice blue eyes stared out behind her mask, the steel of the holes angled out to maintain most of her peripheral vision. She saw the image of someone, there was nowhere around this area for a human sized being to hide. Greetings Utau... It's a pleasure to meet you. For mass murder, acts of untold evil, sewing chaos, and despair... You end here...

Solstice spoke with justice in her cold heart. Anger caused her fists to clench and roll up. Her hyoton chakra expanding and beginning to cause an imbalance in her body, she was ready. To use that skill. The one from her dreams... she'd been having the horrific nightmares for more than five years, of the dagger like forest of razor sharp ice trees, the frosted crystal leaves. The effects of the dreams had once ravaged her body, but not any-more. Now, she could control the dream state. Placing her right foot forward she adopted her 'godfist' style. Almost looking like a style similar to tai-chi, but hardened, more solid, and less light on her feet. The fighting style was made to break what it hit, be merciless and unforgiving. Such concepts, a missing nin would already be used to.

Chakra 400/400:

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