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Ryoko was happy that she was able to do a mission at the hospital. She loved the fact she was going to be able to help people that needed it, but also a little sad that they were under staffed. Ryoko hasn’t been at the hospital in a long time and was looking forward to going back there. She was hoping that the people she was going to check on are not badly hurt or sad. If they where sad she might spend more time there than she thought she was going to. As she walked to the main door she looked around and saw a few people and patients outside walking around or talking to each other. Ryoko smiled when she saw people enjoying their time, it also help that is was a beautiful day outside. The scent of flowers and the birds chirping as a slight cool breeze hit Ryoko’s back. She took a deep breath as she reached the doors to the hospital, taking a few seconds to regain herself she open the door.

Walking to the front desk Ryoko looked around to see if anyone was there. After looking she notices that no one was there at the moment. Standing there Ryoko tried to figure out what she should do, she could stay and wait for someone to come or walk around looking for Michiko Hamasaki. The only problem was she didn’t know what Michiko looked like. As she stood there thinking about what to do she started to hum to herself. As she was humming she could hear someone walking in the back heading to the front desk. Once she realized that Ryoko stopped humming and waited for that person to come. The door behind the desk open and a woman with long and beautiful brownish red hair walked to the front desk. Once she got to the desk Ryoko smiled and said, “Hello, I’m Ryoko and I came to help you with the check-in on some low-risk patients.” Michiko took a long look at Ryoko and then said, “Hello Ryoko, I am Michiko and we were expecting you to come a little later but it’s good you are here now. We are about to check on the patients right now. If you could, could you check on the patients that are down the right hallway."

Ryoko nodded her head and said, “I would be glad to do that for you Ms. Michiko” After she said the Ryoko walked over to the right hallway and looked down to see a few people walking up and down the hallway. Walking to the first door, Ryoko grabbed the note book off the wall about the patient in the room. On the note board said that the patients name was Hector and he is recovering from a knee surgery. After reading that Ryoko wondered what had happen to him and if he was still in pain, she than knocked on the door Ryoko asked, “My I come in Hector?” She could hear a faint “yes” and she opened the door and walked in. Walking over to Hector she looked down at his Knee. “How is your knee feeling Hector?” she asked as she stopped at the foot of the bed. Hector looked as Ryoko smiled at him and he said, “It is doing a lot better now, aren’t you a little young to be checking patients?” Ryoko looked into his eyes as she kept her smile, “I might be young but I do know what I am doing. Is there anything you need right now Hector?” she asked. “While you are here could you get me a glass of water please?” She walked over to the bathroom and filled the glass full of water. She then walked back to him and handed him the glass, “If there is anything else you need please let me know.”

After saying that Ryoko walked out of the room and check the sheet before putting it back on the wall. Walking over to the next room Ryoko again looked at the sheet and notice that this person was just recovering from an illness. Knocking on the door, Ryoko walked in and notice that the person was sleeping. Walking over Ryoko check to see if he was running a temp, which he was not. She than checked everything else and that person was doing fine also. Before leaving the room she filled up a glass of water and left it next to the bed. Ryoko did the eight more time before she was done the first time and everyone was doing fine. An hour later she again checked on the same patients and all of them where still ok. After a few hours of helping the nurses Ryoko was done helping since the next shift of nurses had arrived. Walking back to the desk Ryoko noticed that Michiko was at the desk. Looking at her Ryoko smiled and said, “Thank you for letting me help you today. I was so happy to see that the patients where all doing fine and that nothing went wrong.” Michiko looked at Ryoko and said, “I am glad that you where able to help us and that you where able to help the patients today.” After Michiko said that Ryoko smile grew brighter and bigger as she said, “have a nice day Ms. Michiko.” After she said that Ryoko walked out of the Hospital

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