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1 Makin' my rounds (Mission/complete) on Mon Apr 22, 2013 6:51 pm

Sōdaina Borudā


Mission name: Making the Rounds [Repeatable]
Mission rank: D
Objective: Check in on various patients in the hospital
Location: Kiri Hospital
Reward: 60 Ryo
Mission description: The hospital is short staffed and could use someone with medical knowledge to check-in on some low-risk patients. The nurses know what they’re doing, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.
Mission details: May only be taken by a shinobi with Medical Ninjutsu as a specialty. Go in and check on the patients. No one is going to die on you; they’re mostly here to recover from basic surgeries or procedures. You’ll check-in with the nurse on duty when you arrive, but she has other responsibilities and doesn't have time to walk around with you.

Ohhhh another day at the hospital~ Stepping inside the hospital he immediately started his rounds, unlike the last time he had worked at the hospital he now had a fairly decent knowledge of how everything worked from a technical stand-point. Nurse Hamasaki approached him as she had done before, still with clipboard in hand, briskly speaking "Today you will be monitoring several patients. None of them are in any major danger, most recovering from surgery and such. More or less, you'll be doing orderly work." Boruda replied with a simple nod leading the Nurse to continue, "You're a smart kid, I'm sure you can figure everything out, now I must be going. We're quite short staffed." taking a quick glance around the Bald shinobi returned his gaze to the nurse, "Yeah, I think I've got this down." before more words could escape his mouth the head nurse walked off, obviously she had patients to attend to.

Quickly Boruda assumed his post behind the nurses' counter only to immediately notice a red beeping light signifying the patient in room 323 needed something. Moving to said room Boruda immediately noticed an older man 'round age forty, he seemed perfectly alright aside from a large patch upon his left leg, which was elevated, it seemed the man had just recently gotten a skin graft. The man began yelling at Boruda seconds after he entered the room "I'm thirsty! Go get me a damn drink, I'm a war hero!" the man yelled. Doing as he was asked the Bald shinobi left the room, to return with a small cup of water placing it on the moveable table beside the patient. As he was doing so the man grabbed his shirt in a vice like grip yelling once again "I'm a damn war hero, and this is how you treat me?!" of course Boruda was extremely confused by the outburst knocking the man's hand away and exiting the room.

As he did another nurse began to walk by, only to be stopped by the bald ninja as he asked the man a question about the man who was just yelling at him, "Hey dude, what's up with the guy in 323? He was just yelling at me, saying he was a war hero." still utterly confused about the situation he was just in. The nurse looking at the room began to laugh a little, explaining the situation with the supposed War-Hero "That's just old Mr. Yoshi. He came in with a flesh eating disease a while back, anyway we've got him fixed up. Pumped up on so many pain killers he comes up with a new story every hour." Boruda rubbed the back of his head tentatively laughing, staring over at the room as the nurse continued, "Yeah, he doesn't let off that button. I usually visit him every couple hours. Now, I must get going."

Returning to the desk Boruda sat, no blinking red dots disturbing him, well except 323. Roughly an hour passed, the ninja simply sat twiddling his thumbs at the desk before deciding to make the rounds again moving from door to door peeking in upon the patients, and once getting yelled at by a man still stating that he was a 'War Hero' and that Soda shouldn't 'Ignore' him for threat of 'decapi-ma-tation' causing a slight giggle as he closed the door returning to his desk.
The rest of the graveyard shift went about as one would expect, moving from room to room several more times before his shift ended. Yawning the Bald shinobi stood waiting for someone to relieve him of duty, the next Shinobi was roughly thirty minutes late to Boruda's displeasure, finally he was out of there...



A little Joke

(Ukiyo) Sodania Boruda



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