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1 Some Personal Research [Private] on Wed Apr 24, 2013 12:33 pm



Having just completed a surgery, she had some time to herself, and Tsuneko had personal business to take care of in the hospital. Heading back down to the locker room, she fetched her medical kit out of her assigned locker and took it with her to the research floor. Her promotion to Special Jounin came with responsibilities and privileges. One of these perks was that no one questioned her right to be here or to use any of the machines. The floor was rather empty besides a few doctors and a security guard present to prevent anyone from damaging the equipment.

One of her questions to answer was the structure of the bone that her newly-met cousin Eiji had grown. Her’s, like most Shikotsumyaku users’, were essentially unbreakable. However, he had managed to break his in half with his bare hands. Sure, he was strong, but was he that strong? Tsuneko pulled out the bone that she had held onto from their first meeting from the medical kit in which she had stashed it to keep from having to answer questions. Using a very sharp tool, she was able to scratch off a thin layer. Placing it on a slide, she glanced around before surreptitiously growing a small bone of her own out of her little finger and doing the same to it. What she saw under the powerful microscope confirmed her suspicions. Based on the more densely packed molecules in her sample, it appeared that he had simply crafted his blade without the full level of hardness that they, as Kaguya, were capable of creating. Perhaps it was a choice, or perhaps it was a lack of training; she wouldn’t be able to discern that from this test.

Among other tests, she, on something of a whim, decided to compare their DNA. She had not heard of Eiji until he showed up at the Kaguya Temple, but he claimed that his parents were from Kirigakure. They had little in common besides their Kekkei Genkai, but were they true cousins, rather than the all-encompassing “cousin” used for clanmates? When the results came back, they verified that their relationship was the latter. Essentially, their bloodline trait was the only blood the two shared. Slipping both her and his bones back into her medical kit, she left the research area; she had found out what she came here to find. Her surgical patient from that morning was likely waking up soon, if not already awake, and she wanted to check on her.


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