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1 Record Transport [ D-Rank Mission] on Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:00 pm



Narku held his arms out, ready to hold the boxes that the Jounin held effortlessly in his hands. " At least your doing something productive. I'm happy to not see you causing trouble for once Narku. " The Jounin joked, a smile decorating his tan skin. He brought his head from the side of the tower-of-boxes he had stacked on top of one another in Narku's hands. " Your mom must had really wanted you to do more missions. She saw to it personally that you got here huh ?. " he pointed out almost nervously. He seemed to be just as afraid of her as he was. Narku lean muscles bulged as he carried the boxes over to the door. " Yea, The lady doesn't know how to give me a break. " he muttered under his breath unkindly.

Kohan swept a bang that had lost its way back behind his ear before waving the young Uzumaki off. " Thanks kid. Hurry back now, we have plenty more boxes for you. " he called out to him.

Narku carried the three long boxes, juggling them as he started off to newly made area. Kohan sensei was one of the few ninjas in the village that Narku had actually respected or at the least was friendly too. He had always showed him kindness and at least some kind of understanding. Not the mention the man was exceptionally patient with him. It was a relief to know that his overbearing personality. It took him a little over thirty minutes, plus breaks and unexpected events for him to get the boxes over to the other building.

A older Chuunin with a dense, well-kept black beard connected to his swept back black hair stood outside of the door and greet him not so kindly. " Oh, if it isn't Konoha pain in the butt. Here to actually get some work done ? " he asked with a unkind humor in his tone. He stepped out the way of the door and condescendingly stared him down, a small smirk decorating his lips.

Narku looked at the Chuunin with a thugish manner, his bottom lip poked out at the side slightly and his brows were scrunched together rudely. " Still guarding the Hokage's asswipes I see. " Narku countered. " You're little less than a pup on a leash. One day I'll be your hero and you'll bow in reverence to me, you prick. " The smirk on the Chuunin's face faded than. " Don't think yourself untouchable boy. " he warned as Narku walked in but kept his eyes steadfast on the man.

He placed the boxes down in the building, next to a pile of other boxes. Narku bent his back, cracking it from the weariness that the boxes had created on it. " Damn.. " he growled before straightening himself and stumbling forward. He caught himself before falling over. " This is some bull. I have to deal with stuffy ninjas you could give two shits about me. " he complained to himself. It was hard enough being a ninja but being a Uzumaki with there famous attitude was even harder.

He walked out of the room and within a few minutes made his way back to the building. He leaped down from off of a nearby roof. His sandals clacked against the ground as he rounded into the Administration building to find Kohan waiting for him at its entrance. " Hey, Kohan-sensei, " It wasn't unusal to find a ninja waiting outside of the building but it felt eerily quite in the building. Kohan looked up at him and smiled a warm welcome. " Yo Narku. I was waiting to let you know the mission is done. The last few Genin had emptied the building just a few seconds ago. " Narku steps lightened to a halt. " Oi, Well I guess I'm done here. " he said, stuffing his hands in his pockets. He started off towards the buildings rooftops when Kohan touched his shoulder gently. " Let me escort you home ? " he asked him.

Narku smiled and nodded lightly before the two dashed up onto the rooftops and headed off towards his little house on the outskirts of the village. The two leaped from high buildings to low roofs, taking hold of any footsteps and skillfully spotting them out split-secondly. " I want you to know something Narku, " Kohan started, his voice a bit sentimental. " Wassup Kohan-sensei ? " he asked absentmindly, not really taking notice. Kohan dipped down to leap on a lower building before emerging beside him again. " You're not hated by this village. You're just misunderstood.. " he trailed off. His emerald eyes lowered a bit and Narku was forced to dip down from the conversation as he leaped from a watertower below him. " Your so unique that not many people will ever understand you but I want you too know that I do kid. The dream that you have to become Konoha's jinchuriki is not a bad one. In fact, I think its a great one. "

The scenery under them had changed from the village to undergrowth and trees. He spotted his house and sped off, not wanting to talk about it anymore. Kohan sensei had meant well but all he had brought up was emotions that Narku wasn't use to expressing. He sensed that Kohan sensei had slow down a bit. " Narku ! " he said trying to catch his attention. Narku landed in front of his house and looked over his shoulder at Kohan. " Thanks sensei, I appreciate it. " he told him aloud before heading inside. He closed the door behind him with a warm smile on his lips.

Mission Count: 921/600



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