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1 Records Transport [D-Rank, Konoha] on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:04 am



Mission name: Record Transport
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help move the boxed records from the Administration building to the new storage facility in the Construction Areas.
Location: Starts and ends at the Administration Building.
Reward: 50 Ryo
Mission description: Assist in transporting the boxes between the buildings, nothing more.
Mission details: Simple case of carrying the boxes.

Makuasiu was a little early for today's mission. He was perched upon the top of the administration building waiting as he ate his ramen. After an hour passed the mission was started. It was simple . Deliver these records to the construction areas. He had already assumed he wouldn't be the only one caring records. As the Jounin briefed Makuasiu and two other ninja on there mission , Maku still ate more ramen. After he finished his second bowl, he grabbed his records and spoke to the other ninja. "We should split up. Since the mission is inside the village I'm pretty sure each of us can carry our own." The other ninja agreed.

Makuasiu took off first. Being a child at heart sometimes he wanted to be the first to finish. Also he had no more ramen. Makuasiu jumped from building to building , scaling the roofs as he crossed them like an orange flash with his scarf blowing in the wind. He liked being up high. It gave him a better view of the village and the world around. As he continued on his mission , he began to wonder what the other villages where like. Although, he had heard many stories about them , he wanted to see with his own eyes. "When I become stronger , I will see the world.", he exclaimed. Villagers looked towards the buildings Maku was scaling but saw nothing . He was just too fast for there eyes. In no time Makuasiu had reached the first construction site. "I wonder how the other's are doing.?"Maku handed the first box to a Jounin standing at in front of the construction site. He then smiled and said, "Makuasiu Senju at your service." The Jounin thanked him and Maku continued on. He had one more box of records to deliver. This was no time for slowing down. Off he went.

This time he took a ground route. He figured he'd use the shortcuts he spotted when crossing the building. Also he wanted to test his skills in defying gravity. The excited, brown haired ninja ran down a path between two buildings. "Perfect." As his left foot hit the wall, his chakra gripped the wall. He ran along the side of the wall until he came to a dead end. At the dead end he decided to go up the wall. Once again he was on the rooftops. The second construction site was about 5 buildings away. "I think I should tighten up. They aren't gonna wait forever." Makuasiu crossed the last five buildings and jumped down into the construction site. He landed right in front of the Jounin waiting on his package. The Jounin looked at Maku and smiled . "You look a little tired Makuasiu. Here take this ramen and head back to the administration building." Makuasiu quickly scarved the ramen down and took off.

"One of these days , I'm gonna swell up like the Akimichi clan if I don't slow down on the ramen." It was a long journey back to the administration building. The last construction site Maku had visited was located on the opposite side of the village from the administration building."Damn, why did I , of all ninja agree to take this construction site. Guess that's what I get for being awesome. The sun began to set as Makuasiu was half done with his journey . The ramen the Jounin had given him made him feel energetic unlike he had felt when he had delivered the second package. On his way back he met the other two ninja . They had a race to the admin bypass time and cover more ground quicker. Maku reached the building first. The Jounin who had briefed them was patiently waiting where he was when the mission started. As Maku stopped to catch his breath the other ninja appeared . At the same time they all exclaimed, "MISSION COMPLETE!"

Word Count: 662/600
Mission Count:D:3 C:0 B:0 A:0 S:0


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Mission Count: D:4 C:0 B:0 A:0 S:0 SS:0

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