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" Another mission... C'on mom you're driving me nuts !! " Narku yelled while he punched a log dummy and created a brisk cloud of dust from it. The red haired woman simply sat on the wooden protrusion from their house, apparently watching over Narku's training. With her eyes closed, her bangs framing her cheeks, and her hair pulled back into a pony tail; her beautiful and youthful features looked to be in a calm state. She looked very elegant, even with that horrible temper of hers that lied underneath it all. That much he had to admit. She was short compared to his father and himself but her lean figure had made it all the more intimidating to try and run from her. She was at the peak of her condition and had instilled much more fear in him than his father had.

Narku's mom raised from her criss-cross position, with a rather serious expression on her face. Her eyes opened to reveal her blood-red eyes. " You say your dream is to be Konoha's Jinchuriki.. " Her voice was more tamed than usual and steeled with a truth-filled edge that Narku couldn't help but listen too. " But how do you intend to reach it when your lacking in motivation Narku. We've trained far to hard for you to be lacking, Understood. "

Narku let a tsk out from between his teeth, her words feeling unusually hurtful. " Understood.. " he said begrudgingly. He avoid looking at his mother's straight face, she had so rarely gotten serious that when she did it was hard to look her in the eyes. They always seemed to glow with ill-intention as if she would strike him down at any moment. He heard a sigh escape her and felt her eyes looking him over. " Just remember, I only want to see you succeed. " her voice held devotion and sincerity, and Narku smiled from the heartfelt words.

His mother always had a way of making him feel just a little more capable then he usually thought he was. He bent down and gripped his darkred muffler off the ground, gripping it in his hands as he crouched there. " No worries mom, " he started, his voice lacking in its usual lack-of-mannerisms. The look in his eye were thoughtful. He knew that he would go on the mission now that his goals had been refined by his mother's words. It was far to early for him to be laid back, he'd have time to do that after he had reached his later years. " I'm going on that mission now and I'll make my dreams a reality. That much I can guarantee you ! " he beamed, giving her a thumbs up and smiling broadly with the inherited, confident smile that only the Uzumaki's could pull off.

Three hours later and Narku was rolling a long paint-pole up and down the deteriorating paint of the Administration building. He earnestly worked from four in the afternoon to eight at night. It was a job that many probably wouldn't had expected to get done in less than a day but Narku was determined to do it.

Sweat fell from his face to the ground below, dotting the soft earth below with moist spots at his feet. Deep breathes came from him as he continued on the last portion of the building, the moon had lit up the area fairly well and a few of Konoha's citizens were still out and about so he wasn't in too much of a hurry. "... Almost done just a little more. " he reassured himself.

A smile was on Narku's lips as he felt the satisfaction of a job well done come over him. He rolled over the last foot of paint with its second coating before turning around and sitting on the ten foot ladder that helped him paint the building. His hands laid lazily on his thighs as he looked off at the star-filled sky. Konoha was actually a place worth protecting when he looked at it from this point-of-view. A cool night breeze swept over him, rustling his hair gently. It had felt especially good thanks to the sweat he had worked up earlier. He raised his hand towards the moon watching over the village and clenched his fist with conviction in his eyes. " Yea, I'll definitely become Konoha's hero ! " he proclaimed arrogantly.

Mission Wordcount: 750/600



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