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Riku Aburame

Riku Aburame

Riku walked through the market district. Earlier that morning he had placed letter's at the homes of his known squad mates to assemble for a meeting to introduce themselves and get to know each other and perhaps even begin a basic training schedule for teamwork. Riku had hoped they would show up that way he could figure out the kind of people he would be putting his life in charge of. Stretching lightly as he approached the spot where they were to meet up, just outside his family's pottery shop, Riku walked over to the building and sat on a barrel to await the arrival of his squad mates should they choose to show up.

While he waited Riku also began going through several of his techniques through his head in case one of the squad members would like a demonstration of his abilities. He would probably just manipulate his kikaichu for a bit before demonstrating some of his more prominent techniques. Riku sighed quietly to himself hoping that his squad members would not be rude or unfriendly which would cause a hamper in any teamwork opportunities they may hope to gain.


Kazuya walked outside his home preparing to train but noticed a letter on the ground. The letter was about a meeting of the squad he was recently assigned to. Kazuya thought it would be a great idea to meet his fellow squad members. This would also mean he would be able to take on tougher missions since he finally had squad mates to help take on tougher missions. Kazuya realized that it also meant he would have the lives of other people in his hands and it also meant he would gain knew comrades.

Kazuya quickly ran to the location of the meeting place and saw a boy sitting on a barrel with a black collar jacket on. Kazuya assumed he was one of his squad members he was supposed to meet today. Kazuya walked up to the boy and said, "Hey are you here for the meeting"

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