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1 Paint the Walls [D-Rank] on Sat May 04, 2013 3:52 pm



"Awesome! My first mission!" Zodiak said to himself when he was walking in the Hokage's building. The long way up made him a bit nervous. What if it was a hard mision? He can't do that on his own now can he? The long hallway kept going an going. Zodiak was so pumped that he started running towards the office when he saw the door getting in sight. "Oh Yeah! Finally!" he said before pushing the two doors open and stepped inside. He had a cool expression on its face but inside he was jumping up and down like a kid who just got his Christmas present. "So you are Hatake Zodiak?" the Hokage asked him. Zodiak just nodded to stay in his coolness. "Your mission for today is... Painting the Walls." the man behind the desk said. Zodiak his mouth fell open. He just wanted to curse and jump on the desk but he hold his cool. "What do you mean paint the walls?" he asked very irritated and dissapointed. And there he thought he was getting a hard mission. "Your mission is to paint the Administration Building." the Hokage said again. Zodiak his pride went from normal to a big zero. He couldn't get a hold on himself and he went all insane on the Hokage. "What did you say! I won't do a job like that!" Zodiak yelled with his finger pointing right to the Hokage himself. "I beg your pardon?" the Hokage said in a very serious way. Zodiak could just punch him in the face but he luckily didn't. "You won't get any other mission if you don't do this one, young man." the man said with his usual cool. The young shinobi just crossed his arms cause he totally lost the battle and took the mission. "Don't forget the paint and ladder downstairs, Hatake." the Hokage said when Zodiak walked out of the office still with his arms crossed.

Zodiak got a all grumpy after that conversation with the Hokage and the long hallways didn't help either. "Stupid mission... Stupid old man... How long are these hallways anyway!!" the Genin shouted and the people at the end of the hallway could hear him loud and clear. When Zodiak finally arrived at thecend of the long way, the people that heard him were staring directly at the youngster. Zodiak didn't even notice and just grabbed the stuff he needed. He walked out of the building and went on with the mission.

Zodiak putted the paint and the ladder down. He stared at the huge building he has to paint. "Are you serious?!" Zodiak yelled with his chin up looking at the top of the building. He grabbed a big brush and dipped it in the paint they gave him. Then he started to paint the massive building. At first he was very presice and didn't leave a single drop on the ground but the longer he was painting the less he cared.

He climbed on the ladder to do the downside of a balcony. Zodiak leaned backward with his arm stretched to get the whole platform. He fully stretched his arms, but then the ladder began to move. His hands could just grab the balcony when the ladder fell down. "Great... What do i have to do now..." Zodiak said while hanging from the balcony. Luckily that was the last place he had to paint and now he was done. His biceps were stretched when he was pulling himself up and climbed over the railing. Lucky for Zodiak the window was open and no one was in the room. He went inside and then rushed downstairs.

When Zodiak arrived outside he cleaned up and brought the stuff back. He then walked back home and threw his clothes away cause it was full of paint. "I'm glad i finally finished the mission... It was such a waste of time.." Zodiak said while falling in his couch.



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