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It was a very gloomy day and the endless amount of grey clouds were indescribable. It was the morning after Zoro returned from his B ranked mission with the arrogant Keiji, and Zoro was assigned a very downgraded mission from his previous one, and he was not happy about it one bit.
"Hmph, I live through a B rank mission and i even receive an awesome battle wound, and im still given this gosh forsakin D Ranked Mission of moving RECORDS!!!
Zoro though to himself irritatingly. Despite being angry with the assignment, Zoro desperately needs the Ryo for steak does not come cheap these days. Zoro also knew that by completing more lower ranked missions he would be able to go on higher ranked missions without any help, which also means even more Ryo and steak.

"Well, I guess i better get to my mission, though it would be nice to stop at his grave first.." Zoro said as he was reflecting on his past.

Zoro sprung to his feet and walked from his tree onto a path that lead through a trail of flowers that maintained their beauty despite how crummy it was outside. This path was special to Zoro for it lead not only to the Administration building, but also to the grave of his very old friend. About halfway down the path, Zoro took a left and walked into an open field that had nothing but a single grave stone.

"I thought i would stop by to tell you that i successfully completed my first mission grandpa. I also wanted to tell you that i miss you so much and i hope to join you one day, but i fear that i will not make it to heaven for i the crimes i have committed in the past. " Zoro said with a faint hint of sadness in his voice, as well with a tear trickling down his face. He the placed down some flowers that he picked on the path and then bowwed before heading to the Administration building.

As Zoro was walking to his destination, he kept remembering his Grandpa and all the things he had taught him, though Zoro is not usually the type of person to look into the past. When Zoro finally Arrived to the Administration building, the front clerk said,

"You must be Zoro, the Hokage told us you would be coming to help us transfer files to the construction site. Sadly this gloomy day has scared away the other people that were supposed to come and help out as well, so would you mind transfering the files on your own?".
"Not at all." Zoro replied.
And as soon as he responded, Zoro started walking to the room that the clerk pointed at.

"Holy shit, Now that is alot of files. I guess i will be taking two trips" Zoro said with a smile on his face. Zoro then grabbed half of the files and started walking to the construction site. The distance between the Administration building and the construction site was not that significant, but Zoro was sprinting so that the rain did not damage the files. When Zoro reached the site, the doors were locked, so Zoro had to kick them in, and thankfully they did not break since they were just construction doors. Zoro then walked down a flight of stairs and set the files down in the room that they belonged. Zoro then sprinted back to the Administration building and picked up the remaining half, and brought those to the site as well.

After finally finishing the task given to him, Zoro headed back home.
"Shortly enough, Keiji will see that i am not just any ninja, i will rank up and then maybe he will allow me to accompany him once more." Zoro thought to himself.

And with that, Zoro shut his eyes and went to sleep.

[Done] Word count: 650/600

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