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1 Store Security [C-Rank, Repeatable] on Fri May 17, 2013 4:47 am



Zoro woke up with a smile on his face for he had finally been promoted to chuunin. To celebrate, Zoro took a C ranked mission that consisted of protecting a shop from burglars, and he would patrol the shop as long as it took to catch atleast 1 bandit. To prepare, Zoro took off his usual ninja outfit and dressed in an average civilian outfit with no weapons on him. Zoro then started to walk to the shop. Of course it was only the afternoon, but Zoro wanted to visit Lance before starting his mission. Zoro had been visiting Lance and teaching him a little bit of basic tai almost every day, and today Zoro couldnt wait to tell him about his promotion. When Zoro reached the little crate in which Lance lived in, Zoro knocked in a special way so the the kid knew it was him.
"HEY ZORO! Whatya gonna teach me today???" Asked Lance.
"Well, I actually have a mission to go on tonight, but i wanted to stop by to tell you that ive been promoted!" After talking with the excited Lance, Zoro treated the kid to some steak, and then headed off to the weapon store. The shop manager greeted Zoro and then told Zoro that the plan is for him act as a clerk until the bandits show up, and until then the shop keeper would go home and sleep. "Wow, Lazy Lazy Lazy, atleast i get to help out the poor guy" Thought Zoro to himself.
Once the Shop Owner left the store, Zoro started going over his mission. The mission is to capture the burgular, and since he is just an average towns person he is not to use any force whatsoever, but to be aware of the little chance of the stores weapons being used against him. Zoro then started to think about how he may go about capturing the bandit. He didnt want to hurt him/her, so he decided that he would set up a subsitution and then play it by ear. He then started thinking about future missions that he may go on with his new friend Sousetsu. Probally just B ranks until they both get better, but they shall be a duo nonetheless. Zoro was starting to get really bored, so he took out a cigar and started to smoke, and then quickly realised that he didnt want to scare away anyone. He quickly scuffed it and through it out, and then found a pencil and paper and began writing out some ideas.

One of his ideas was for a customized Scythe that he could use to keep his distance, or even to deal a fatal blow. His next idea was for some cool wind barrier like jutsu, tho he depends mainly on his skill as a fighter, not on the strength of his jutsu. The sun started to come up and yet no bandit had come.
"What a god damn waist of my time" Thought Zoro as the owner walked in. Th owner told Zoro to go rest up for later. Zoro was not to happy about this, but it was what it was and he was on a mission after all. And so Zoro first stopped at a steak house, and then to his tree to sleep.
Before finally falling asleep, Zoro had a good feeling that the following night will be the night.

2 Re: Store Security [C-Rank, Repeatable] on Fri May 17, 2013 5:04 am



Zoro woke up later that afternoon and decided to scope out the market place. He wanted to make sure he knew every ally, entry, and exit point inside and out. He was almost for certain that catching the robber wouldnt be a hassle, but just in case he wanted to be prepared. Zoro even stopped by a flower shop to relive memories of when he was a child. It wassnt a pleasent memory, but a memory is a memory afterall. Despite his past, Zoro was starting to realise the benifits of having friends. It made him happy, and even determinated to progress up the ranks of a ninja. Zoro was not always fond of becoming a higher ranked ninja as much as just protecting the village, but getting better means meeting friends which also means having some fun. Up until his mission with Keiji, Zoro never really had fun or interacted with others. But with all that stuff behind him, there is no other place but up.
As evening came closer and closer, Zoro stopped for some steak and then headed for the weapon shop back into his work uniform. Tonight was different however, Zoro had a sensation that somthing was gona happen tonight, so as soon as the owner left, Zoro set up a harmless trap that would simply tie up the bandits ankles if it came to that. Zoro would simply lure him back, and then the trap would activate and Zoros mission would be complete.

Later that night, a man with his hood up barged into the store and grabbed a kunai and pointed it at Zoro. "Dont move, i wont hurt you, i just want some items" said the robber.

"Okay, please dont hurt me, and also dont take the ... nevermind" said Zoro putting his hands above his head innocently.

"What was that, Come here now and show me" said the robber.

Zoro smiled as he walked slowly from behind the counter, and at just the right moment Zoro disarmed the robber without hurting him, only to be kneed in the stomach. The robber then procceeded to the back of the store just as Zoro had planned, and just as he was about to grab another weapon, Zoros trap deployed capturing the robber successfully.
After turnning in the robber to custody, Zoro aproached the shop keeper who thanked him graciously. Zoro then stopped on his way home for yet even more food. Zoro was always hungry, espeially after a pointless and easy mission. Despite the mission being easy however, Zoro was defiantly happy he finally got promoted and that he can start to become better in tai. Zoro then headed back to his tree and went to bed knowing that he succeeded in his mission.

[Done] (Word count: 1028/1000)

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