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Mission name: Drunken Disorder
Mission rank: C
Objective: Remove the unruly patrons.
Location: Kirigakure - Kiri Bar
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: The owner of the Kiri Bar has contacted us because of unruly patrons. Unruly patrons at Kiri Bar aren't a rare sight, but recently they have been getting out of hand and are causing his other patrons to not return. He is loosing revenue. You are asked to make sure that unruly patrons are removed from the premises so that they do not disturb others and that they do not destroy items in the bar or get into fights outside .
Mission details: For one night you are to remove the unruly patrons with force and make sure that they do not hang around outside waiting until you leave. You may not kill the unruly patrons. Killing a patron will result in and auto fail. You must deal with at least 4 people. Two of them must be civilians but this does not make them weak. They will be loud and will fight back. And you will also have to deal with at least 1 who is at least a genin in rank. The fourth is up to you.


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