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1 Store Security [C-Rank, Repeatable] on Sun May 19, 2013 5:02 pm



Hideo had accepted his first C-Rank mission. He got a bit more accited than usual but his normal expression was on his face. Hideo his companion, Seiza wanted to go with him as well, he couldn't leave her alone when Seiza was begging to come. The cute puppy eyes of her made it even harder to ressist.

The Genin scratched the back of his head while he read the mission scroll. ' The shopkeeper of a weapon store has contacted us due to a recent string of break-ins and burglaries. Catch the burglar(s) in the act and arrest them using non-lethal force. The sheer massiveness of the store's stock makes it a popular target for many different burglars, so this mission may be (and most likely will need to be) taken more than once. ' Letting out a sigh when he read the last words. He forgottwnthe store was so he tried to read the direction from the scrol. But his bad sense of direcrion didn't do him any good, he went the total other way and finally disided to ask some stranger where it was. The blue haires woman knew exactly where it was. She asked why he was searching for the shop. "I have a mission to protect the products in there. " Hideo informed the nice looking person. The woman looked disapointed when the words came out of Hideo his mouth. Hideo didn't know why but saw a hint of irritation in her facial expression. The youngman thanked the person with a bow and went to the direction he was told.

While walking Hideo quickly stopped at a food corner to get something to eat for in the night. He bought apples, strawberries and bread, for Seiza he bought some delicious dog cookies and some pieces of lamb. To drink he brought some ice coffee and water.

Hideo had never seen a burglar nor catched one. He was quite interested in what might happen. Him daydreamig about what might happen got him walking towards the wrong direction. Luckily for the Genin his husky bit in his pants and the owner of the dog got back to earth almost walking against a wall. "Thanks, Seiza.." her owner said still lost in thought.

After a while they finally found the shop, the couple stopped in front of it and scanned the building. It looked quite normal and not interesting at all.

The boy and his dog went inside, the dark colored door screatched and the wooden floor made noises when you stepped on it. "God, places like this at night give me the creeps.." Hideo said while a shiver ran up his spine. His companion barked in agreement, then she started sniffing the place. Seiza didn't catch any scent at all and Hideo his good nose didn't sense a human one either. They decided to split up and scan the whole area for the night. "Lets split up, Seiza." said the boy to his canine. The canaine nodded and went the other way. Hideo turned around and thought how he wwould steal from a shop. 'How would i break in?' he questioned himswlf 'Through the roof? No, to obvious... Through the front door? That would be smart if you are the owner... Maybe they went trough the floor?' he discussed with himself. The last option was a bit weird but it could be possible if they knew Earth Style jutsus, but if they did go through the floor there would be a hole somewhere. Hideo quickly ran through the halls but didn't see any opening in the ground. Having no clue how or when the thieves will strike, Hideo sat down thinking with a frown above his closed eyes. 'How would they get in?' he thought deeply. While he leaned his head against the wall, the moon its light shine through the glass on the ground in front of the sleepy youngman. His head suddenly fell down in a uncomfy position. The Inuzuka member has fallen asleep , it is nothing special. He was up all day and now he had to keep up all night.

Suddenly Hideo was awake and sweaty from a nightmare. Seiza, who was looking pretty hungry, sat next to her owner and looked at him like her friend was in pain. Hideo was suprised that he has fallen asleep on a mission. "I must be really tired.." He said to his friend.

Hideo grabbed his bag and lay it on his lap. His hand reached in for a bottle of water and a piece of lamb for Seiza. Her eyes grew bigger when she sensed the smell of meat. Her owner gave her the leg, she really enjoyed eating the lamb meat.

Before stretching his whole body, Hideo stood up looking around. Nothing had changed atleast nothing he noticed. He asked if Seiza could guard this night on her own since her owner was very sleepy. The dog said yes in her own way and left him alone to sleep.

Hideo woke up by the sun shining through the window and the birds were singing. His eyes fluddered open and took a fruit oit of his backpack. His dog came running in his direction to tell him good morning. Hideo petted her head and slowly stood up.

He walked out of the building together with his canine. The shop owner asked if something happened. The both of them shook their heads and said that they will be back before they closed.

The couple ran of to the park and played there the whole time until 6 p.m. They saw them closing the door and quickly went inside. "Seiza, we will split up again." Hideo said to his other half, Seiza. His companion nodded in agreement and ran off again.

Nothing special had happened until midnight. They both heard a noise coming from above. Hideo quickly ran to the noisy thief. 'So they really are so stupid that they come through the roof, huh..' the boy thought and grinned. Suddenly he heard something behind him swinging a weapon. Before Hideo kicked the person out of balance he ducked for the swining katana in the thief's hands. The katana had the sign of the storemark on it, so he knew this weapon was stolen. The leaf ninja his hands made a couple of handsigns before he appeared behind the thief and puched the person into the wall. "You are busted, idiot..." he said while binding the rope around the person.

When he arrived in the Kage's office he quickly handed over the filthy thief and walked away. Not wanting to see such unrespectful person anylonger.


(OOC: Made this on phone and it didn't really work that good, so there might be a lot of mistakes)


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