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1 Store Security [C-Rank, Repeatable] on Sun May 19, 2013 5:10 pm

Sousetsu Senju


In the late afternoon Sousetsu had just finished his meal of pork ramen. After a sip of tea and a half hour of relaxation Sousetsu dressed himeself in his mission attire and collected the forms for his mission which lay on the hallway desk. "Okay. Let's see here... Sousetsu said as he ransacked the documents that lay in a mess. He finally found his mission statement and read it quietly to himself. 'The shopkeeper of a weapon store has contacted us due to a recent string of break-ins and burglaries. Catch the burglar(s) in the act and arrest them using non-lethal force. The sheer massiveness of the store's stock makes it a popular target for many different burglars but you have been assigned to attend this nights watch in hopes of apprehending the suspect(s).'

Sousetsu could not help but sigh at the fact the night might be simple and quiet. An easy nights work no doubt but not able to satisfy Sousetsu's need for excitement. He contined on reading, [i]'Discretion in both your appearance and actions is necessary for this mission, as to not deter or warn away the offenders. The burglar will break-in the second night you are assigned to the shop. Although a civilian, he will attempt to escape using some of the weapons in the store.

After becoming Chuunin, Sousetsu has been assigned to many C-rank and few B-rank missions. A step up in the shinobi world and also a rise in the social status. Sousetsu ruffled his hair in the mirror to suit his style and check for food lodged between his teeth before making his way out of his home and locking the building behind him.

As he scurried towards his missions destination Sousetsu had noticed that the days were becoming darker earlier than they used to. An ingredient suited in the recipe for a criminals night work. This gace Sousetsu the gift of a grin as his mission have indeed involved a fight within the near future. Finally, Sousetsu arrived to the weapon shop to begin his mission. The owner greeted him with a bow and it was returned by Sousetsu accompanied by a smile. "Good evening, Sir. My name is Senju, Sousetsu and I have been assigned to apprehend the thief. I will be stationed on the roof of the building until my mission is successful." Sousetsu exclaimed with assertiveness while the owner responded with a grin.

The first night began with owls hooting the songs of the late hours of the day and no signs of an intrusion occurred throughout the village. A peaceful night was one of Sousetsu's favorite moments in life. A cool breeze, the only time of day when the world seems so innocent. Soon the morning had came and Sousetsu began his sleep when the store opened as he was sure there would be no crime to occur during the day.

That night, Sousetsu was on high alert as the mission stated that the patterns of the robberies led to this day as another targeted date. It was accurate. In the distance a dark shadow of a man could be seen. It made its way to the building Sousetsu was assigned to. With a few tweaks on the doorknob the robber had successfully entered the building and it was time for Sousetsu to act. He made his way into the entrance from the roof and kept silent hovering over the shadowy figure.

Seeing the figure steal the many shuriken that was in store. Sousetsu immediately descended down behind the thief and ordered the figure to halt. The shadowed person revealed himself as a middle aged and rugged man. He seemed like a stereotypical robber to the naked eye and Sousetsu immediately dodged a shuriken that was lodged at him. It was obvious from the mans sloppy performance that he was not trained in any way but must have been selling the stores inventory as his own wares to travelers and others who were passing by a select destination for meetings. The man probably worked for another person in a chain of command, a black market so to speak.

The man grabbed a kunai and dived at Sousetsu. Remaining calm Sousetsu pounced back dodging the attacks that were flurried towards him. Achieving higher ground Sousetsu concentrated his chakra and performed a hand sign. "Water palm blade!" Sousetsu began materializing a blade of water and chakra around his palm in the shape of a kunai. He respected the many wares in the store that he would not use them. They engaged and crossed their weapons in another flurry but the man was no match for Sousetsu. Sousetsu threw a few kicks, alternating his fighting style to give him the advantage. With man being disarmed and fatigued from trying to keep up with Sousetsu knocked the man out with a blow to his neck.

The next morning the robber was subdued by the police who thanked Sousetsu and explained that they were looking for this man for quite some time and were glad to finally be able to find missing items from other people who had reported his crimes. Sousetsu returned the owner of the store and notified him that there was one left robber to worry about. The owner was thrilled to hear it but another thing crossed Sousetsu's mind. He explained what happened during the night and offered to pay for the damages against his goods but was politely denied of his offer. He smiled as he simply thanked him again for protecting his shop and thought that the other robbers would get the hint that his business was now under protection from leaf shinobi. Sousetsu then departed the store with another successful mission to add to his profile. He pounced from building to building with a wide grin on his face as his mission was coming to an end. Looking at the building Sousetsu hurried to reach the Hokage's office to turn in his mission.



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