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Juro woke up ready to start his mission. He woke up Kyramu and the dog barked. Juro smiled and placed him on the ground next to the bed. He went and got his clothes on. He came back and got Kyramu and put him ontop of his head as he headed out the door towards the academy. He figured that was a good place to start.

While doing this he saw grafitti over shops, houses,etc. Juro smirked. To catch a pranksker, you have to think like a prankster. Luckly for Juro, he was one. Upon his arrival at the academy he saw one of the teachers there. He went up to them to ask them some questions.

"Excuse me," Juro asked the the teacher who stood before him,"I understand that you have misbehaved student that has been putting grafitti all over town. Do know anything that could help me find him?" "Yes. In fact i have a 3 suspects." Juro took the list and read down the names. He nodded and said thanks. He walked off.

Later he thought he should spy on the 3 students that was listed. When the time came for the students to leave the academy, Juro waited on top of the roof of the buidling and spotted sutdent 1. he looked at him and shook his head in disapproval. It was to obvious. He spotted studetn 2 and decided not to but he would keep him in mind. student three wasn't at all what he expected. It was a girl. she seemed so hramless. She did not even look like a criminal or a possible prankster.

And that's how juro knew it was her. He followed her by jumping building to building. seeing her every move. it was a long time. Later at night. juro finally caught her in the act. the girl went to a shop and she took out a bottle of spray paint and started to spray over the wall of the shop. juro came down from a building. "That's not a very nice thing to do." Juro said. The girl turned around and was startled. She then started to panic. She jumped on top of the building and ran off.

Juro was smirking at this time. He looked down at Kyramu. "Go cut her off!" Juro ordered. Kyramu barked and ran around the buidling. juro jumped ontop of it and ran off after the girl.

Juro was about 7 yards from the girl. They were running on the same building. The girl jumped to the adjacent buidling and ran to the right jumping from buidling to buidling. Juro stopped and sighed. Where was Kyramu? He looked around and saw Kyramu running to the girls left. Standing between themtwas two houses. If Juro could make her go left. Kyramu could catch her.

Juro his plan into action. 23 yards from the girl, Juro jumped and ran on the buidling to the girls right. He started sprinting at this point. He had to catch her. Deep inside though, he knew that he wasnt going to catch her. He was gonna have to take shortcuts. He jumped two more buildings to his right. He then saw something strange. She was running on the building in front of the building next to him. The building was at a landscape.

Juro then looked behind her and saw Kyramu running after her. He must've smelled her. Juro ran in the same direction. By now they were directly across from from eachother. Juro made a daring leap and tried to tackle her. The girl jumped into the air and Juro crashed onto the roof of the building. Kyramu then jumped onto Juro and jumped into the air and bitting her leg. Which sent them both crashing down. Juro got up and went over to them. He got her by the arm and Kyramu and climbed up Juro and sat on his head.

Juro smirked "You shouldn't got yourself into this. I almost feel sorry for you.". He escorted her to the officials. They took her in. Juro didn't knwo what would happen to her and frankly, he didn't care. He got the job done. To catch a prankster, you got to be a prankster, and he was one.

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