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1 Ritsuka's Plot(Help Wanted) on Sat May 25, 2013 5:07 am



The Relationships

Sometimes it's the person closest to use who must travel the furthest distance to be out friend. Robert Brault
Friendship is something that can be extremely beneficial with Ritsuka's life. One look at his app, shows anyone that his sister's death messed him up pretty bad. And despite help, he still haven't got over it but hides the fact pretty well. Those who are his friends will have suspicion of him not fully covering from the traumatic experience. They will also be privy into know that he's suicidal and more often or not will try(and fail) to smack some sense into Ritsuka. They will also be privy in the little puppet shows he puts on for Kozakura at her grave. Best friend can be considered, but I would prefer for them to be roleplayed making it more authentic. PM if you want to be the latter and we can discuss how to go about it.

Everyone needs a healthy rival, said saying implies to Ritsuka as well. The Kurama clansmen loves to spar and if the person is good enough he will consider them rivals. Rivals can be anyone from his academy days or someone new.

  • Kiyoshi Senju

Only those who had truly pissed of Ritsuka can find themselves here. The reasons can vary on why they are enemies. Being enemies mean Ritsuka will try to take you out. . .so be warn.

Yeah, there's a reason why there are three spots here. Ritsuka has a history of chosen bad women, this can be contribute to his Self-Defeating personality disorder. He isn't the type to have a single woman in his life, preferring to have multiple ultimately causing them to break up with him. Highly there might be a chance for a single woman to change his ways. PM if you want to be the latter and we can discuss how to go about it.
Though one woman to

The Story

Arc One: Masquerading
The greatest trick that the devil ever pulled were convincing humanity, he didn't exist.
The first arc starts right at the tale end of his history after he graduated the academy. This can basically be considered the 'starting' point of the series. Going through the adventures and hardships that come with being a newly minted genin friendships, rivals, etc. with fellow genins will most likely be made throughout this arc. The arc tries to emphasize a somewhat normal life for Ritsuka despite that being further from the truth.

Arc Two: Chip in the mask Current
One crack. . .that's all it takes.
The arc kicks off, with the death of Ritsuka's parents, him finding out someway(maybe by the hokage?), right after he became a chuunin, by an unknown assailant(s). Seeing how I personally don't want an NPC to do the hit but rather another member, the motive behind their death can be anything from, revenge, assassination, or accidental. It will be up to the other roleplayer in question. It will then follow Ritsuka as he struggles not only with the duties that comes with being a Chuunin but also keeping facade up showing the first crack in his mask.

  • Role of Killer has been taken by: Kiyoshi Senju

Arc Three: Shattered Upcoming
For someone to shatter.
Depending on how the above arc goes, the three one can start while he's a chuunin or after he makes Jounin the latter being preferred but not truly needed. It follows Ritsuka as his duties for the village continue to pile up on him along with him openly showing more suicidal tendencies on missions and the like. His lifestyle will become more volatile, sleeping with various women including prostitutes, beating/physically hurting the latter afterward and implied drug use outside of duties. Not only that he will start to dabble in human puppetry with him ultimately turning his parents in puppets. All in all it emphasize him being completely shatter. . .leaving only the darkness behind.

Arc Four: Beast's Surfacing Upcoming
To give rise to something. . .monstrous
This is when things get incredibly darker. The Ritsuka that everyone once new is nothing more then a shell of himself. The darkness that had been bidding it's time has finally surfaces. Depending on if the death of his parents were an inside job or not determines if he will take the path of a rogue to find the killer or stay in the village to find/confront the killer. The latter being the ending of this particular arc. To emphasize his darker nature, there (a very very strong) might be implied rape and gruesome fight scenes Missions he takes will be increasingly more difficult consisting only up the highest A and S rank missions. Obsession will also play a part during this arc.

Arc Five: Path to Redemption Upcoming
Even devils can find redemption
This starts right after the confrontation with the killer, Ritsuka finding out everything wasn't as black & white as it seemed. That followed with the spirit of Kozakura visiting, will ultimately cause him to think about everything that he has done(or didn't do) making him fill sick to his stomach. If plausible he will turn in his headband, retiring from the life of a shinobi permanently. Though highly unlikely, he will end up leaving the village becoming a hermit or something.

Arc Six: Into the Unknown Upcoming
That leads them to the unknown. . .
Starts after either him retiring from the shinobi life and living in the Kurama's compound or leaving the village and living as a hermit. Details of him rebuilding himself as a person with be touched on, along with him taken on students who want to specialize in genjutsu or simply teaching strays how to defend for themselves. His disease will also take a turn for the worse. Making his future bleak.

Note from Author:
I congrats anyone who read through the entirety of Ritsuka plot. Please note that each arc is summarized and can change accordingly though the main emphasize behind them will remain the same, unless the admins tell me otherwise. If anyone want to partake in a certain arc. . . just tell me here and I'll place you down. Afterward, we will discuss how to proceed from there. For new members who might want to partake in the plot, I'm willing to do threads within a previous arts(no more then one behind the current one). . . if necessary.

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2 Re: Ritsuka's Plot(Help Wanted) on Sat May 25, 2013 5:18 am

Kiyoshi Senju


Im all for helping with this :)

Given my character's personality, he'd either fit into Rival or Enemy.

I don't mind being the one who kills his parents either...though that would have to wait till i reach Chuunin at the very least... dunno how long you'd want to wait to get that done

3 Re: Ritsuka's Plot(Help Wanted) on Sat May 25, 2013 5:32 am



Kiyoshi Senju wrote:Im all for helping with this :)

Given my character's personality, he'd either fit into Rival or Enemy.

I don't mind being the one who kills his parents either...though that would have to wait till i reach Chuunin at the very least... dunno how long you'd want to wait to get that done

Putting you down as Rival . . . as per discussion. ^^ And placing you down for the future killer of Ritsuka's parents.

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