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1 Assassinate a Rebel (S rank/ Kiri/ Repeatable) on Mon May 27, 2013 11:38 pm


Mission name: Assassinate a Rebel
Mission rank: S
Objective: Kill the Target by whatever means
Location: Kiri Surrounding islands
Reward: 800
Mission description: A group of murderers, sell swords and fiends have collected upon one of the small islands off the coast of Kiri to the north and declaring violent independence, a nice accumulate price has been put on their heads from nearby islands. End them, and secure their resources and reward for Kirigakure.
Mission details:
The taker of the mission will be confronted with the daunting task of attacking a small island with the goal of assassinating their leader. The men within are heavily armed and well numbered, but the accepted ninja will not be going in alone. Two other Sp. jounin squads will strike opposite sides of the compound to draw as many of the others away as possible to allow you access to the leader's estate, and will retreat once you've reached your goal.

30 chuunin rank guards assorted through the leader's castle fort stand in the way, avoiding or conflicting them is up to the assailant. The castle fort is four stories high, and the Leader commands his forces from the top.

Name: Sp. Jounin Support (2 teams of 3)
Age: 19-28
General Appearance: Each of them wear blue mist village body armour and uniform ninja attire. Hoods and cloth scarves cover their faces
Personality: Agile, well trained and professional, willing to give their lives for the missions and strike with merciless fury.
Motivations: Motivated by their orders like soldiers on a battlefield, to prove their worth as ninja and uphold the pride of kirigakure
Fears: Death/ dying. Being left behind.
Specs: Ninjutsu A, Taijutsu B
Elements: Water A, Wind B
Each of them have Basic water jutsu, ten Kunai each, a fuuma shuriken and all academy jutsu.

Name: Their Leader
Age: 40 ish
General Appearance: The Leader is a tall stalwart man and an experienced fighter, often having tied up long hair and
Personality: murderous and crafty,
Motivations: Money, power, and the sheer enjoyment of killing and battle, win or lose.
Fears: Does not fear death nor dying, but does have a phobia of becoming useless/ powerlessness or losing his limbs
A keen jounin rank fighter with A rank Kenjutsu (Iajutsu), Taijutsu (Wushu), AND Kyojutsu (Archery). He's equipped with an A rank Naganata capable of removing limbs, and bow with a quiver filled with 15 arrows which can fire at 70mp/s and penetrate through a body. He has 10 kunai and full body armour which resists 1 rank of damage from offensive techniques and jutsu. It covers his chest, arms, hands, legs and feet, with gaps only for flexibility.

Name: Soldiers
Age: 18-30
General Appearance: Most wear red and blue cloth garbants and wield a range of spears and Katana.
Personality: Loyal though to a fault, their morale is high so long as they outnumber or outclass an enemy. They are proud and murderous sell swords and mercenaries.
Motivations: Money, greed, and tyranny.
Fears: Death, others who are stronger, losing.
Each of them are chuunin rank fighters with C rank Kenjutsu (iajutsu), Taijutsu(wushu), and Kyojutsu (archery). Each of them wield a 5' long C rank naganata OR a C rank katana and short bow, which has a range of 30 meters, fires at 35mp/s and can penetrate 4" deep.
Each of the soldiers wear a basic breast plate, forearm and shin armour which reduces Tai and kenjutsu damage by one rank.

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Give spec/element ranks for the Sp. Jounin, please.



And im apping for this mission, too, considering i put it up and have no kage.



Repeatable missions are missions that the same person can take multiple times. If you mean to say that this mission can be taken by multiple people one time, then you don't need to add Repeatable to the title. Remove it regardless, because this isn't something that could be done multiple times.


Edited, made more generic?

I intend it to be repeatable.


1/2 Approved!





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