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1 Paint the Walls (D-rank mission) on Wed May 29, 2013 6:23 pm



Finally, a mission was assigned to me...

At last, instead of waiting to have a mission to be assigned to me, I took the liberty of checking the Mission Board for any D-Rank missions that I could complete. The only reasons for me doing this are to just to get recognition by village officials and to gain experience, even if it's petty jobs that any Genin could do. Mostly, at that time, I just thought of getting acquainted with the process of being assigned and turning in completed missions. I scroll down the list of D-Rank jobs with my eyes and sight...

"Painting the walls of the Administration Building... whatever..." I mutter unenthusiastically.

I went to go confirm the mission and find out where to get the materials for this job. The woman I reported to stated that the materials to paint the walls of the Administration Building were in the basement. Walking down those creaky stairs, I'm wary not to fall through them and break a leg. During my walk down the stairs, a terrible smell creeped up my nose. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I look around for the cans of paint and brushes for my assigned task. All I saw were some vines along the wall, a window or two, and boxes of what I assume to be assorted tools and other random items. After enduring this awful smell and looking around for a couple minutes, I finally find the paint cans and brushes to paint the walls of the Administration Building. I grasp the handles of the cans, place the brushes under the armpits and run up the creaky stairs like a dog was chasing me. As I arose from the pit of musty-ness that was conventionally called a basement, I closed the door and started to walk outside.

Around to the side of the building, already outside was a ladder that rose up high, even to the top of the Administration Building. I'm sure that a new paint job for the Administration Building is an almost weekly task for Genin like myself to do just so other Leaf ninja don't have to do grunt work and get to more important tasks for the village. I find this a total waste of my ability, but whatever. I understand all of the bullshit I have to endure before I'm given a chance to prove myself out in the field.

I take the rusty paint can half-full of red paint and place it on the ground, and open the top. I place everything else on the ground that I acquired from that terribly smelling basement, except for the widest brush I have. I place the brush within the paint can and begin to mindlessly brush the base of the building.

A few minutes pass, and I know that time won't go any faster just focusing on the task. I basically turned my conscious self on Auto-Pilot and imagined myself practicing different types of jutsu. I thought of many types of jutsu that I could easily perfect with the adequate amount of time and repetition, but there was one that escaped me that I had no idea why I couldn't perfect in reality when I actually attempted it. I have the perfect chakra nature and skill dealing with chakra control, especially in my hands. That one jutsu that I sometimes obsess about perfecting is...

I snapped out of my daydream and realized I was almost done with my assigned task. I moved the ladder towards the left and climbed the ladder to the top of it. I took the another paint can mostly full of another color of paint. It was a slightly different and darker shade of red, yet it was used especially for the fire symbol at the top of the Administration Building. After dipping a brush into this fiercer shade of red, I then take my paint brush and started painting inside of the large fire symbol at the center and very top of the Administration Building.

After the entirety of it was completed, I took a finer brush and a can of paint that contained a totally different color within it. I open the top and the ladder shakes slightly. A little bit of black paint spilled on the side of the can and a bit fell on one of the top rungs of the ladder. I didn't really care, so I dip my brush inside the can with care, I paint a japanese fire symbol over the freshly painted deep red background that I had previously done a few minutes ago.

After about 7 to 8 minutes of actually focusing on completing my task, I place all of the brushes used in their respective cans and climb down the ladder. I walk through the front door of the building, and race dow to the basement. I just place the cans and brushes near the bottom of the stairs and run back up the old, rotting stairs. I was slightly relieved to be out of that basement, as it smelled very bad and similar to, if not worse than cow manure.
I finally find the woman that assigned me the mission and tell her:

"The painted the walls of the building. It took me a little while, but whatever, the job is done.' I blatantly state.

She replies with a smile "Alright. I'll check it out later and put that on your file as a 'Mission Completed'. Well, since your task is completed, have a wonderful day, and I hope to see you soon Niko!"

I don't really know the woman who was in charge of confirming my mission as complete, but I gave her a slight smile and said "Thank you, see you later, I guess..."

As I walked out of the front door of the Administration Building, I accomplished only two things today, neither of them too great, but whatever. The first one was getting a D-rank mission on my ninja record. The second was being able to smell like a musty basement for the rest of the day, until I could go home and take a shower and try to make my clothes smell fresh. Whatever, I guess this is the type of grunt work I'll have to endure until I get to go out into the field.

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