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1 Paint the Walls [D-Rank] on Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:11 pm



“Yawn!”Another day another challenge! Guess I have to wake up now!After I had eaten something, dressed-up and locked the door, I headed for the Administration Building. As I got outside, my eyes hurt me. The sun’s rays were laying their shining power over me. The birds from the outside started to chirp, the dogs started barking. It was a complete noise.
As I got there, I grabbed the information I needed and got out of the room, heading outisde. The walls of the Administration Building need a fresh coat of paint. It will be your job to finish applying the new paint before nightfall. ”Oh, now I’m an artist! These D-Rank missions are not for me!”
I had grabbed the paint and a brush and I headed to the walls of the Administration Building. After that, I grabbed the grabbed the ladders and prepared them for me to climb. As I reached the top a cat felt on my head.”Damn!”I fell on the ground. “Ah my back!”.
After resting for ten minutes I tried the same again: Prepared the ladders and then I climbed on them. Then I started painting the walls. The same motion again and again made me fell dizzy. I was getting sleepier and sleepier and it was getting harder and harder for me to finish painting the walls. Everyone except me was having fun. The silence was falling down over the Konohagure as the noon was coming together with the heat. Within the next two hours I finished painting, leaving the brush behind and starting to rest under a tree.
Suddenly a group of kids appeared and as they were playing, a lot of dust was getting stuck to the paint.”What are you kids doing? I just finished painting that!”
”Oh yeah? Look at this then!” As I was waiting for him to see what will he be doing, the kid threw a full bucket of blue paint over the red one that was added just now.
”You little brat! Wait to see what will happen to you!” I started chasing them for twenty minutes. The kids were pretty fast for some academy students. They were dressed all with a pair of shorts and a shirt. The shirt was having the same color as the short’s one. The one that threw the bucket of paint was having a red colored shirt and the other ones were have a blue one, respective a green one.
After capturing them I asked them ”Why have you done this?”
”Why not!
As I heard those words I remembered another kid that had the same attitude and had told me the same words. I remembered them as they were said right now: “Why are you doing this? Why are you painting graffiti on that old man’s house?”
“Why not? It’s fun!”

”You….are you that kid that was painting that Old Man Kareru’s house?”
”Huh…I see that you remember me now! I trough that I will take my revenge if I would have done this! But you caught me again!”
”You should be more quietly! Your parents must be sad because you are making them so much trouble! Why don’t you just calm down for a while?”
The kid became a little sad about what I said. Soon he offered himself to help me with the painting job. The other too had come to help us out.
After a half an hour we were done. Because the kids had helped me I forgave them.
After leaving everything to the Administration Building, I left home, taking a big sleep until the night together with the silence fell over Konohagure.


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"Being the best isn't all it's made out to be. When you're strong, you become arrogant and withdrawn. Even if what you sought after was your dream."

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