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Strafe Aisu

Strafe Aisu

The sun broke through the window of Strafe's room, giving the fixtures a pleasant glow as the young ninja awoke from a deep sleep. It was a big day for him, as was going to take yet another step towards becoming a top medical ninja. Strafe rubbed the tiredness out of his eyes as he rose from his bed. Slowly, he stumbled to his closet, grabbing his usual attire from their places. Snow white was the theme of his clothes while splashes of blue brought his look to life. He proceeded to dress himself, excited for the day ahead. He needed to look his best if he was to help in the ER. He looked around for his signature shoes, blue in color and worn in look. He slipped them in and ran his fingers through his hair, letting the strands of hair fall in his face. He grabbed his bags of ninja tools and exited his room with haste as he scurried down the corridor. "I'm heading out!" Strafe yelled to his loving mother, who was already aware of the days activities. He rushed out the door, closing it with a slam.

He walked at a fast pace as he went over various scenarios in his head. What could happen in the time that he was there? It didn't matter. Strafe was prepared for anything as a look of determination crossed his face. He waved to the many citizens of Kirigakure as they passed, keeping his usual friendly spirit. Despite his anxiety, he was not going to take it out on the people around him. The road to the Hospital seemed long, when in reality it wasn't far from the Aisu section of the residential district. All that was heard was the patter of footsteps and a steady breathe as he neared his destination. Seeing the large doors of the medical facility brought a smile to his face, causing him to speed up with excitement. He entered through the threshold, nodding to a busy nurse as he moved to the counter to check in. Signing his name and time of arrival, he turned to say hey to the staff he knew very well. They immediately greeted him, happy that he was there to help.

The first hour of his time consisted of him sitting behind the desk, patiently waiting for someone to arrive in need of help. He sat motionless, glancing from the door to other parts of the room. If the whole day was going to be like this, it would be quite easy. That thought was soon shattered as someone walked through the doors. Strafe stood up immediately, greeting them as they approached the counter. "May I help you?" He asked with a warm tone as he looked the middle aged man over. "I'm here to see my wife." He said calmly as he returned the smile that was given by Strafe. "Her name is Kigome." He said looking around the lobby. Strafe look through a few charts carefully before finding the correct one. "She is in room 2B." Strafe announced as he pointed to the hall that it was located in. The man simply nodded as he walked off, turning a corner and disappearing. The young ninja sighed in disappointment as he returned to his seat.

About an hour later, Strafe's head snapped to attention as the door opened once again. Strafe turned to see a young man, around the age of 18, limped into the lobby. Strafe took no time in rushing over to him, helping him to the nearest vacant room. "Can you tell me what happened?" He asked as his face became serious, but still kept a polite aura. "I was working on the roof of my house about a block away when I slipped and fell." The guy said with a look of embarrassment. Strafe gave a concerned look, leaning down to look at his left leg. "Im sorry to hear it." He said genuinely as he felt around the shin, causing the man to wince slightly with pain. "My name is Strafe and Ill be helping you." He said introducing himself before wheeling a cart over to himself. The man sat down on the bed, staying upright and propping his leg up. On the cart was a bowl of sterile water, about 5 ounces of it, and some bandages. Strafe moved his hands over the bowl, raising the water with his hand. The icy chakra of the Aisu flowed visibly in it as Strafe prepared the Rejuvenating Water Technique. "It seems you have fracture a bone in your leg." Strafe said calmly as he walked over to the man, carefully moving the water over the injured section.

A special property of this jutsu was that is not only healed small injuries like this one, but was soothing to the touch as well, causing the pain to sigh with relief as the liquid contacted his skin. "I'm just going to heal it up for the most part and wrap it up." He said focusing on the flow of his chakra, which was a vital part of all medical ninjutsu. "It will still be sore for a few days, but as long as you stay off of it for twenty four hours it will be fine." He said with confidence as he looked at the man with a grin before looking back to his job. They sat there a few minutes, silent as the man watched Strafe perform his unique jutsu. "Aren't you quite young to be so confident in your abilities?" The man questioned, breaking the silence with a little conversation. "You could say I'm not your average kid." Strafe said with a chuckle before continuing with his response. "I'm actually a Jounin and a very talented medic." He said with pride as neared completion on the first step of his treatment. The man smiled in return, showing trust in his expression. "It's nice to know that we have such talented ninja un Kirigakure." He added with earnest voice as his low baritone filled tge silent room. Strafe nodded with thanks before moving his hand slowly to sink, dropping the water with a splash.

"Now I'm just going to wrap it up." Strafe stated before taking the bandages and lifting the man's leg, wrapping it with precision. He was actually impressed with the speed at which he healed that wound. He certainly was getting better with each passing day. He finished wrapping it up, smiling as he looked to the man. "There you go!" He said happily as he moved the metal cart back to its place. "Now for the paperwork." He said laughing as he handed the man a clipboard with a form for his basic and medical information. "Thank you." The man simply added before Strafe nodded and exited the room. "Your free to leave once you turn that in." Strafe called back to him while walking back to the desk. A few minutes later, the man dropped the clipboard by the desk before exiting the hospital. This time he walked as if nothing was wrong with him, causing Strafe grin with joy as he saw his work be successful. He then took the clipboard and filed it in the appropriate place behind the desk, pulling out a drawer with multiple files in the process. The place could use some further organization, but that wasn't his job and he would leave it to another person who was better suited for that. He closed the drawer with a firm push and returned his eyes to the doors.

A few more hours passed as time crept by, causing Strafe to find busy work in the meantime. He swapped from basic paperwork to patient visits. There wasn't much to do at the time and lunch was approaching. Strafe decided to clean up his area and head to the cafeteria. The white walls filled every space in the hospital as he walked at a rather slow pace towards his meal. He entered through the swinging doors and walked over to the resident chef, ordering a basic plate of smoked salmon with rice. Strafe waited a few moments before receiving his plate with a nod and walked over to a vacant table. He sat down quietly, eating his meal with proper manners. The food was kind of bland, but it was hospital food after all. It wasn't like he just entered a nice restaurant that was renown for its food. Strafe finished his meal before disposing of his plate and exiting the lunch area. He grabbed a water on his way out, heading back to the ER with a much quicker pace than when he left. He was ready yo get back to his duty of helping those in need via the use of medical ninjutsu. He soon found himself back at the desk awaiting the next patient to enter the building. He hoped the second half of his day was busier, but there were no guarantees in this profession. Everything happened spontaneously, or at least that was what he had experienced thus far.

B Ranked Mission Wordcount: 1535/1500

Name: 癒す水道 {Iyasu Suidou ~ Rejuvenating Water}
Canon/Custom: Custom||Zen
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Suiton
Range: Close
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts.
Cooldown: 4 posts.
Description: The user needs at least 3 quarts of water to use this jutsu. Channeling their chakra through the water, the user gives it healing properties. By ingesting it, the target can be healed of malaise, such as minor internal bleeding. Also, this water may be manipulated by the user, and can be held on top of a wound to heal moderate damage, such as gashes and fractured bones. If used on a healthy person, the water may be ingested to slightly begin healing before a wound is inflicted. This heals the taken damage, effectively reducing the amount caused in the first place; all attacks deal half a rank less damage.


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Strafe Aisu

Strafe Aisu

A tapping sound could be heard in the room as Strafe sat in a black chair, waiting for something interesting to happen. Two hours had passed since his lunch and nothing had happened. He had only had one patient the entire day. While part of him was thankful for that, the other part of him wanted a challenge to step through the threshold. He knew that it probably wasn't going to happen, but there was always hope. He stood up to walk to the restroom, hurrying along so he didn't miss anyone in need of help. He quickly finished his buisness and washed his hands, drying them with a paper towel before returning to his station behind the brown desk.

Another few minutes passed, causing Strafe's mind to wonder to a few scenarios. What would happen in someone walked in on the brink of death? Would Strafe be able to save them? Strafe pushed those thoughts out of his head, knowing that it would do nothing but psych him out. He started to tap his foot in anticipation, but not on purpose. He always had nevrous habits when he waited on the unexpected to arrive. He was a planner, which was odd considering what he did for a living. Being a shinobi was certainly not a job that had a concrete schedule, but Strafe looked past that. His eyes darted towards the door every few minutes, making sure he was alert at all times.

About thirty minutes passed by and another man walked through the door. this time, the man seemed to be in his early twenties and had on the attire of a Kirigakure ninja. His black hair and muscular tone was quite handsome, but Strafe wasn't focused on that. He immediately spotted a somewhat deep cut in his arm. He presumed that he aquired that in battle and didn't have a medic to heal it. The young ninja grabbed a clipboard and walked over to the man, smiling as he did so. "My name is Strafe Aisu and I'll be assisting you today." He said kindly as he led the man to a different room than the last. The last still hadn't been cleaned, which was fine. There was plenty of rooms to go around.

The man immediately walked into the room and sat on the bed, which suggested that this wasn't his first time visiting this ER. "This was a simple sparring exercize that went a little off course." The man said laughing with a light hearted tone. Apparently the pain wasn't immense and the bleeding had stopped for the most part. "I'll get it patched up and you can be on your way." Strafe said walking over to him and observing his right arm. the cut was about two inches deep on the upper part of his forearm. It seemed the blade had missed a vein by only a few inches, which was a lucky break for the man.

Strafe raised his hand over the cut, activating the Zenchi Te no Jutsu he was very familiar with. He slowly touched the wound, healing it as he did so. It would only take a few minutes to heal, but it would be completely healed. "Try to be a bit more careful next time." He said jokingly to the ninja, knowing how intense a training session could be. His spar with Solstice and Yuudai proved that without a shadow of a doubt. "Sure" the young man said smiling as he watched the jutsu heal his wound at a medium pace. Strafe focused on the jutsu, though he really didn't need to. Performing a d rank jutsu as a jounin was like child's play for him. he smiled as the wound closed up, proving his earlier thoughts to be quite true. He released the jutsu within a second and grabbed the clipboard from the marble counter, handing it to the man without explanation. The man quickly filled it out and handed it back to Strafe. "Have a great day." Strafe said warmly as he exited the room and returned to the lobby to file away the papers.

The man followed him out the door and made his exit with a wave in Strafe's direction. Strafe nodded and closed the drawer, making a loud bang as metal clashed. strafe returned to his seat with a sigh as he looked to the clock above him. He only had a few hours left and he had only had two patients. The one day he got to run the ER, it was a dead as a cemetary. Strafe turned to look out the window, taking note of the deep mist and the pale sun that tried to pierce the fog, but failed. He knew that he was a combat medic, and this mission only confirmed that conviction.

The next few hours dragged on, causing Strafe's mind to ponder on anything and everything. He thought about his clan and the plans that Solstice had informed him on. He thought about making it to Sannin and being one of the strongest ninja in the village. He even thought about Momaru, his unique friend that would be great to have at the moment. He really was a social person and the constant boredom was killing him. Finally, eight o'clock arrived and it was time for Strafe's shift to come to a close. He walked over to the same sheet he signed into earlier that day, and signed out. he gathered his few belongings before waving to the other staff and walking out the door, starting his short walk back to his house.

Medical Ninjutsu Training B-A: 3021/3000 ((Continued from ))

Chakra: 275/300:
Name: Zenchi Te no Jutsu
Canon/Custom: custom
Rank: D
Type: supplementary
Element: /
Range: close
Specialty: Medical Ninjustu
Duration: -10 per post for up to 5 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts after healing is done
Description: The user focuses a small to medium amout of chakra to their hands allowing them to heal someones wound when they touch it. This technique only works for surface wounds and non-serious injuries such as cuts,bruises, etc. The user may also heal themselves just as they would someone else but again can only heal surface wounds. This jutsu takes time to heal and the larger the wound the longer it takes to heal, if the wound is large this technique can be used to partially heal it and make it small. It costs D-rank chakra to activate and then D-rank chakra for each post the medic continues to heal someone.


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