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After being promoted to Chuunin, Takeshi thought it was finally time to increase his skills to fit the suit. He had already told his parents that he was going to be leaving to train in the woods. He didn't go too deep into the woods however because he wasn't really sure what was in these woods. He just thought it would be a safe place to train since he was training in something very dangerous, ninjutsu. Everyone in the ninja world knew how dangerous ninjutsu could be. Especially un-trained ninjutsu to not only himself, but to everyone around him. He planned on staying in these woods for awhile until he felt like he actually progressed. His mother packed him enough food and water to last a week, even though he might not need that long to progress. He didn't bring anything else besides some scrolls about basic ninjutsu, and he even had some advanced scrolls. He was dressed in his normal attire, nothing special at all. He had his normal black jacket and pants. His shoes were also black and ankle high. This was really the first time he noticed he wore all black, it made him look mysterious, or that's just what he told himself.

Takeshi always had a habit of leaving early for things, but it never served him wrong in anyway. As he walked through the woods, he found himself a decent clearing. He put his backpack on the ground and started to walk around the clearing. He jumped the branches of the trees until he found himself at the top of the tree itself. From the top of the tree he had an excellent view of the area around him. From here he was able to see the sun slowly rising from the east. He looked up and could see the colors of the sky being different shades of orange and dark purple. When he looked in the west, he could still see some of the stars that were slowly fading away with each passing minute. He looked at the sky that was starting fill with scattered birds and he could feel a slight breeze. Watching the birds fly, he couldn't help but wonder what it was like. This reminded him of the merchant escort mission he took some weeks back. It was funny how fast time flew by him. Almost fast as those birds that flew overhead. One day...I wanna make a jutsu that'll let me be up there with those birds...Takeshi whispered to himself. Then he heard a bird sing a song, all most like it was trying to communicate with him.

Takeshi jumped off the tree, disregarding the random bird song. Now he felt all weird, like he wanted to throw up for some reason. As he landed on the ground =, he quickly regained his composure and started to concentrate on the task at hand. He walked over to his bag that was still laying on the ground and out of it, grabbed a scroll that was just about basic ninjutsu and chakra control. What Takeshi found is that because he had a naturally larger chakra pool than most other people of his level, it was harder to conserve and concentrate that chakra. When he did a jutsu, it always used more chakra than it needed, and he could never do any genjutsu. So his main objective was to try a learn how to control his chakra a little bit better so that he could last longer in a fight. Of course, that was sounded like a walk in a park, but like most things in his life, was always harder. He sat under a tree right next to his backpack and unzipped his coat to get a little bit more comfortable. He could hear the sounds of the woods behind him, with all the different sounds it usually made. He could also see and feel that the temperature was steadily growing higher as the sun rose.

Takeshi saw depictions of different hand signs in different positions he had never been familiar with. He read how these could help with him chakra control. It seemed like there was an endless amount of hand signs, but along with those, came a multitude of different techniques to help with chakra control. Takeshi made a simple process of reading the text from the scroll and then trying to mimic the drawings of hand signs with his own hands. He repeated this process until high noon when it became hot. He took a break from his process and took off his jacket. He stretched and started to work out his body by doing sit ups and pushups and some more workouts made to get him tired. After his workouts which lasted for a good 45 minutes, he pulled out some water and some food that his mother packed. He took off his shirt and poured half of the water from the bottle onto his head and let it stream down his body. He sat under the tree in the warm shade a ate the food.

As he sat under the tree, he felt as if he didn't accomplish anything. All he basically did was try to copy things out of a scroll. Sure he learned some new hand signs, and sure he learned a few techniques, but he still felt like he didn't progress any. He started to think back on his academy days that seemed so long ago. All the things he learned back then with all those other kids. He had no idea what those kids were doing now, they might still be genin for all he knew. Takeshi was never assigned to any squad after graduation so he basically had to do things by himself. He still had much to learn, his rank may be chuunin now, but he still felt like an academy student. He thought back on those things the teachers taught him at the academy and then he remembered something important. There was a technique that all ninja should know, but Takeshi never really learned. It was the tree walking technique taught to all students at the academy. Takeshi always put holes in the tree when he tried to do it, so he stopped trying to do it after awhile. That technique was supposed to be good for chakra control.

Takeshi got up and walked to a nearby tree, in which when looking up seemed very tall compared to him. He placed one foot on the tree and then the other and tried to run up it without using any chakra. This made him fail miserably, but he knew he wouldn't have been able to get up far in the first place. He tried again, this time focusing some of his chakra into his feet. As he placed his foot on the tree, a hole formed in the shape of his foot. Takeshi tried again, this time focusing a little less chakra, but just made the previous hole bigger. Takeshi tried again and again but either made a hole are just couldn't stick. He tried for hours, until finally at the dark of the night he gave up and went to sleep on a branch by jumping. He laid on a branch still shirtless, but with his jacket and shirt underneath him. He confused as to why couldn't he just stick to a tree. Why couldn't he just do something as simple as that, he wondered into the night. Was he not trying hard enough, was he not concentrating hard enough? Then at that moment, Takeshi remembered a technique that got the hidden leaf their symbol on the forehead protector.

He remembered the leaf concentration technique that the teachers at the academy taught the kids. Takeshi never quite got what the purpose of that practice was for at the time, but it was later explained to him. The practice was for building concentration, this revelation almost made Takeshi fall from the branch he was laying on. He wanted to try it right at that moment, but then he stopped himself. He knew he it wouldn’t had been too helpful due to the fact that he was tired, if anything he would have fallen asleep during the practice. So he decided to wait until morning, then he would try it. Takeshi wasn’t sure he had fallen asleep or not because the dream he had seemed surreal. He dreamt that he was back at home with his mother and father, they all seemed to have been laughing about something. Takeshi never really found out what was funny exactly because before he found out, the sun was in his eyes. When he fully woke up, the sun was looked to be mostly up. Takeshi could already tell it was going to be another hot day because it was already warm. Takeshi started off his day by doing pull up on the branch he slept on. When he was done, he let himself fall down to the ground. While he was falling, he managed to grab a leaf on the way down. Takeshi already completed this type of training back at the academy, but he needed to do it again for a short while to remember how to do it. It didn’t take long to remember how to do the technique, after all, at the academy they drill stuff like this in. Once Takeshi remembered how to really do it, he walked over to the tree he was using earlier and place his foot on it. He focused chakra into his foot, being careful not to put too much into his foot.

This time, he actually managed to stick onto the tree however he still had to get his other foot to stick onto it as well. When he put his other foot , he managed to make it stick with a little less trouble. Now the fun was truly about to begin, his goal was to walk all the up the tree. He walked up the tree very slowly, trying not to lose concentration. Step by step, he was walking up the tree, step by step he could feel himself progressing. After about an hour, he was almost at the top of the tree. His pace was the same, but he could tell that he was getting the hang of it. After a few more minutes he found himself at the top of the tree, and he was tired but overjoyed by his accomplishment. It was a long hard struggle, but he managed to pull it off, but now the fun part was about to begin. While he was walking up the tree, he started to wonder how long could he stick to the tree.

This was something he desperately wanted to find out, but first he had to rest up. So he jumped down off the tree,and walked over to his bag. He checked inside the bag and found some more food and water as to be expected. Instead of eating on the ground, he picked up his bag and jumped up to the spot he had slept on last night. He followed the routine of take a bite, chew, swallow, water. something that he never broke and repeated time and time again. He watched the sky’s blue color with the occasional cloud drifting by on it’s wind wave like a true surfer. He listened to the animals move about and go on with their daily business. When he got done eating, he put the rest in his bag and tied the bag to the branch. He jumped down off the branch and took care of some personal business in the bushes. After that, he do his daily workout which was a mixture of cardio and strength building. Even though he slender and looked to be skinny when his shirt was on, his muscles were well defined with a six pack. When he done with his workouts which was around fifty minutes long today, he walked over to the tree and place his foot on it again.

Remembering how he did it last time, he stuck to the tree a little easier this time, and he was able to move much faster this time. He was even able to speed walk up the tree, with a small amount of difficulty. He walked up the tree over and over throughout the day so that by the time evening came, he was able to do a full sprint on the tree. By this time, Takeshi was completely exhausted and that branch he slept on the night before was looking pretty good. So he sprinted up the tree again a sat down on the branch to watch the sun set. Takeshi didn’t know what was more beautiful, a sunrise or set, but either was pretty to watch. After the sun went down, so did Takeshi and he fell quickly asleep. That night, Takeshi had another surreal dream, however it seemed to be more of a continuation of the previous night’s dream. Takeshi learned through the dream that they had been laughing about a story his father told, but he didn’t have the chance to figure out what story his father told. He woke up a little later than the previous day, but there was still plenty of time to train. Following the same ritual as yesterday, he did pull ups on the branch and dropped down to the ground to take care of some business in the bushes. Today he wanted to see how long he could stick to the tree, so instead of doing the daily workout and eating, he jumped up to the branch he slept on that night. He then positioned himself to be upside down on the branch with his feet sticking to the branch. He was pretty high up, so there could a little trouble if he was to fall down suddenly, so he concentrated on sticking to the branch. His blood was rushing to his head, but he managed to keep the circulation somewhat normal through meditation.

He could feel the cool wind touching his bare chest and stomach, he could even hear the animals somewhat better. While upside down, he meditated about all sorts of things, his family, his life as a shinobi, and his future. The thing he seemed to always find himself thinking about was his future, but not the fact of death or something. Up until now, the thing that truly kept him motivated was his dream of being in the ANBU, but now for some reason, he wasn’t sure. He never wavered like this at any other time, so why is now that he is thinking about something like this. What else is there other than being in the ANBU? What exactly could he pursue within his time as a shinobi. Be the Hokage? Thats never really something he thought about, but he never had any true desire to be the hokage. Sure it would be cool and all, but all that responsibility placed on the shoulders of one man. Thats not something he could deal with right? Maybe be a sensei to up and coming genin and so on. Takeshi wasn’t sure about all these thoughts and feelings, all of this was new to him. What else was there to be? Thats something Takeshi had to find out, what else was there.

Then Takeshi thought about his reasons as to why he wanted to be in the ANBU. In his search, all he could find was this childish, “Cause they’re cool.” In reality, the ANBU had a huge duty to fulfill within in their own village. Their job is to hunt missing ninja to protect the village. So why couldn’t Takeshi come up with some noble reason as to why he wanted to be apart of that? That was the question that Takeshi found himself stuck at. Takeshi found himself growing tired, the more he thought about it, the more the lack of energy became apparent. He left his meditative state to be greeted by the immense feeling of exhaustion. Then Takeshi realized that the sun was rising in the east, and then it hit him that he managed to stay stuck to the tree for almost a whole day. He grabbed the branch with his left hand but had to quickly use the other one due to the numbness. He pulled himself up and over the branch and sat down to watch the sun rise. He pulled out his food and water and chowed down, by the time he was done he found himself almost out of food.

After he put the almost empty containers in the bag, he went to sleep and slept for what seemed like ages. In his dream the story that his mother and father were laughing to was the time his father almost caught that huge fish out at the ocean. When Takeshi woke up again he witnessed yet another sunrise. So he got up and did his pullups and took care of his business in the bushes. He sprinted back up the tree and took a scroll from his bag. He started to read about ninjutsu techniques and hand signs again. This time feeling like he was actually learning something. After he went from scroll to scroll, all of which giving him well received advice on ninjutsu, he felt that was time to pack it up and head on home.

So he put his shirt and jacket back on and untied his bag and slung it over his shoulder. He jumped down off the branch and started to make his way back home. He would keep this clearing in his mind the next time he wanted to train. As he walked through the woods, he thought to himself, “ Why am I walking?” He then started to jump from branch to branch. It didn’t take him long to reach his house. As expected he was greeted wildly from his mother and a strong pat on the back from his father.

3027/3000 Training Completed


Specializations: Fuuinjutsu[S] Ninjutsu[S] Taijutsu[C]
Elements: Fuuton[S] Katon[S]
Missions Completed
D:8 C:6 B:5 A:0 S:0

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