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1 Making the Rounds [D - Repeatable] on Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:10 am



Mission name: Making the Rounds [Repeatable]
Mission rank: D
Objective: Check in on various patients in the hospital
Location: Kiri Hospital
Reward: 60 Ryo
Mission description: The hospital is short staffed and could use someone with medical knowledge to check-in on some low-risk patients. The nurses know what they’re doing, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.
Mission details: May only be taken by a shinobi with Medical Ninjutsu as a specialty. Go in and check on the patients. No one is going to die on you; they’re mostly here to recover from basic surgeries or procedures. You’ll check-in with the nurse on duty when you arrive, but she has other responsibilities and doesn’t have time to walk around with you.

The nurse on duty:
Name: Michiko Hamasaki
Age: 30s
General Appearance:
Personality: She has no patience for people coming in and trying to tell her how to do her job. She is there for the welfare of the patients, not for your personal entertainment; Michiko will not respond positively to any flirting or rudeness. She will allow no harm or mistreatment to come to those whom are under her care.
Motivations: Doing her job well and ensuring that her patients get the best care possible
Fears: Harm coming to her patients
Other: N/A


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