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Takeshi returned to his training spot in the woods once again to acquire some new skills. This time however he wasn’t training something as broad as ninjutsu. He was going to start learning some new jutsu. He realized that all the jutsu he knew was simply too weak or not for offence, so he had a solution to that problem. He was going to learn a pure offensive jutsu called Slash which was a Wind Release attack. The new jutsu he was learning wasn’t that powerful and later on he would have to advance himself with new jutsu. For now this was going to have to work, so he ran up the tree he slept in last time he was here and tied his book bag to it. He took off his jacket and tied it to the branch as well. He then jumped off the branch and fell lightly to his feet. He then pulled out a scroll from his pants pocket and unrolled it, letting it wave slightly in the breeze. The scroll was basically instructions on how to do the jutsu he was trying to learn.

The jutsu he picked was ranked as C, which was right around his rank. Though Takeshi knew that he could easily learn a B ranked jutsu. Takeshi turned it in a way so that he could read it and sat down on the ground. He studied the hand signs and the descriptions that followed it detailing the exact way the user’s chakra should move around the body. The main objective was to focus his chakra into his fingertips. Then of course came the nature transformation process, which Takeshi should have been able to accomplish with no problem. After he read the scroll he reread it a few more times until he felt like he got the concept of it a little bit better. He meditated to help get his mind clear and focus his chakra to try and get a sense of where his chakra needed to be. After a short meditation session he stood up and and began to focus his chakra into his hand. He needed to start of with his hand and move slightly more towards his fingertips while still concentrating on his chakra.

He moved the chakra from his whole hand to the palm of his hand. He could feel that he was adding too much chakra into the palm of his hand, so he let the chakra move back to encompassing his whole hand again. After a short while, he focused his chakra back to the palm of his hand. This time he felt like he was at around the amount he needed, so he tried to move it down to his fingers. He soon felt that he was adding too much chakra again, so he went back and focused it back to the palm. Takeshi tried again and again but he couldn’t see to get the right amount of chakra into his fingers. He tried to take his time a move the chakra slowly to his fingers, but the amount of it seemed too big. Even though he knew that it was just practice, he couldn’t help but think that the process he was following would never work in a battle situation. So he took a break and looked back over the scroll to see where he went wrong. The scroll suggested that he keep doing that process of slowly gauging the amount of chakra until he found the “sweet spot” but he didn’t think that process was working too well.

So instead of looking back over it, Takeshi decided to workout a little bit to help him think. The sun was just a little after noon when Takeshi decided to try and do the jutsu again. While he was working out he thought about how fast could he focus the necessary chakra into his hand, which to his surprise he managed to do rather quickly. Then he thought about the actual concept of the jutsu and how fast it should be, it should be almost like swinging a sword. At that moment he came across the idea of maybe trying to recreate that process of a samurai swing. Unsheathing the sword and with the same pull used to unsheath, strike down an opponent. Takeshi then tried this process, he did this by, instead of slowly putting chakra into his fingertips, but a fast exchange by almost shooting the chakra to his fingertips. Then within the same motion transform the chakra into the wind release needed to do the jutsu. Worst case scenario, his whole hand explodes, so indeed this was a risky thing to do.

So he decided to try it with little regard to how it could pan out. Takeshi put his left hand behind him and sent a quick surge of chakra directly to his fingertips. While this was going on he was making a sweeping motion with arm, keeping his fingertips close to each other. With almost perfect timing, the chakra found its way to his fingertips as his hand was halfway through it sweeping motion. Takeshi managed to pull of the chakra transformation with little trouble and out of his fingertips came a single blade of air. Takeshi repeated this process over and over until he felt like he couldn’t make it any better. He felt like he finally achieved something other than the usual finding the stray cat. He could finally do some harder missions and progress even further. He might even pay a visit to the academy if he can survive those missions.

942/900 Jutsu Training complete
(100 WC is subtracted due to the Quick Learner special characteristic)


Specializations: Fuuinjutsu[S] Ninjutsu[S] Taijutsu[C]
Elements: Fuuton[S] Katon[S]
Missions Completed
D:8 C:6 B:5 A:0 S:0

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