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“A sparring match with Hitoshi’s student at the Akako kenjutsu dojo, huh?” Bokden said out loud and let out a large sigh, “So basically, I’m stuck babysitting.”

“Oh what are you complaining about now?” Satomi replied, “You said you were tired of doing D rank missions, right? Well this is a C-rank mission and it finally involves some combat, you should be happy.”

“I’d hardly call beating up on some kid and being used as an instructing tool combat. I wasn’t upset about the rank of the mission, I was upset because I feel that I’m not being given an opportunity to make use of my abilities,” Bokuden answered, frustrated with the whole ordeal.

“You’re a swordsman. What could be a better use of your abilities than a sword fight? Besides, the Akako dojo has an excellent reputation within the country of lightning and you are familiar with Akako Hitoshi’s reputation as well. If Hitoshi believes this student ready to do combat with shinobi then I am sure this boy will provide an adequate challenge,” Satomi explained, “What was his name again?”

“We’re about to find out,” Bokuden said as he stopped and pointed to the large, traditional Japanese styled building in front of them, “He’s waiting for us right in there.”

The two climbed the large stone steps leading up to the entrance of the dojo, Bokuden largely unimpressed by the large arch that they passed under which was inscribed with the symbol of the Akako clan. Bokuden was less than fond of the pomp and circumstance that was involved with dojos. In their attempts to bolster their own reputations many had taken to demonstrative public performances and politicking, much in the same direction that Bokuden’s own clan had taken. As far as reputations for actual swordsmanship go the Akako clan was as good as it gets in Kumogakure, but Bokuden had met enough unworthy men with excellent reputations to last a lifetime.

As Bokuden slid open the large shoji doors and entered the Akako dojo he noticed a distinct emptiness in the large open room. He understood this was to be a private duel, but even so, he expected the most reputable dojo in Kumogakure to have some students practicing katas, or observing the match, or something. The only two people in the room were a middle aged man who fit the description of Akako Hitoshi and a younger boy who he assumed was to be his opponent. He examined the boy who was likely to be his opponent and found himself unimpressed by the boy’s scowl.

“Ah, you must be Bokuden. Welcome to the Akako clan dojo, I am Akako Hitoshi,” The older man said as he approached Bokuden and Satomi.

“Akako Hitoshi?” So then you must be the one who commissioned me for this sparring match, and I assume that the boy standing behind you is to be my opponent,” Bokuden replied in as polite a manner as he could muster.

“Indeed, this is my student Kin. I’m sorry, but there are no animals allowed inside of the dojo. Your pet dog will have to wait outside,” Hitoshi explained.

Satomi’s expression became a fierce growl as she bared her teeth to Hitoshi and exclaimed, “I am not a dog!”

The reactions of Hitoshi and Kin amused Bokuden. He wondered to himself if they were more surprised by her threatening reaction or by the fact that she spoke, most likely the latter. “She is not my pet Hitoshi, she is my partner. If she leaves then I do as well. I apologize for wasting your time,” Bokuden said as he turned and began to walk towards the door, “Let’s go Satomi.”

“Please, there is no need to act so rashly. I meant no offense, please forgive my ignorance. We would be honored if you would join us in our training miss Satomi,” Hitoshi apologized while bowing his head slightly.

“Hitoshi Sensei, don’t bow your head to these nobodies! This is our dojo, he has no right to come in here and demand that we compromise our rules just so he can have his mutt with him,” Kin announced angrily.

“Kin! That’s—“ Hitoshi tried to say to his student, but he would be interrupted by an angered Bokuden.

“Insolent brat!” Bokuden barked angrily, clearly enraged by Kin’s comments, “How dare you? I would be more careful to control that mouth of yours. Satomi’s honor is more important to me than your life.”

“I’m sorry for Kin’s rash comments. He—“ Hitoshi tried to interject, but would once again be cut off by Bokuden.

“Enough talking,” Bokuden replied not glaring harshly at Kin, “I am being paid to fight this child, am I not? Let us begin.”

Hitoshi chose not to continue the conversation any further and instead escorted them to the center of the room where their fight would be held. Kin’s attitude had always worried Hitoshi and this time he would not be there to cover for Kin’s mistakes. He had disrespected this swordsman and would have to answer for his actions in combat. Kin however, was still not only Hitoshi’s student, but his family. In order to prevent the match from getting out of hand Hitoshi handed each combatant a bokken which would replace their real blades to minimize the danger aspect. After explaining the rules of the engagement and declaring himself referee of the fight he allowed the two to begin.

“I’ll make you regret ever accepting this mission, Shinobi! No outsider could ever hope to compete against the kenjutsu of the Akako clan,” Kin exclaimed and then charged forward at Bokuden.

Bokuden had heard enough out of Kin’s mouth and remained silent as he glared at Kin and activated his Current Perception: Close Combat. He would likely not have needed it regardless, but his goal was not to beat Kin it was to crush Kin. The boy stood no chance against Bokuden and the match was quickly called after Bokuden landed multiple hard hits in succession.

Bokuden immediately tossed the bokken down to where Kin laid on the floor in pain and retrieved his sword. “I believe we are done here Hitoshi,” Bokuden said with his back turned to the two and facing the door.

“Indeed,” Hitoshi replied giving a slight bow, “I shall send word of your mission’s completion at once.”

Bokuden did not answer and simply walked out with Satomi exiting along with him. “You are just going to let him walk out after what he did to me?” Kin yelled out angrily.

“Silence,” Hitoshi answered, “He did nothing to you. The condition you are in now is your own doing.”

Word Count: 1135/1000



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