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1 Dock Clean-up [C-Rank, Group] on Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:07 pm



As a new day had came, I woke up nervously, waiting for my new adventure to unfold. I had brushed my teeth, have had breakfast and then locked my door from the outside after I had changed my clothes.
It was a beautiful day. The sun was burning all over the Konohagure. The birds were chirping and everyone seemed to be happy, in such a good mood. From what I saw, some gray clouds were gathering over Konohagure. As I expected, after such a heat, there must be a storm approaching soon.
As I entered in the Mission Board I said:”I want a mission today”
”Okay! Take this D-Rank one! You will only need to ….
”No! I’m finished with these kind of missions! I want a real mission! A mission where I can finally use my skills of ninja. Also I may be able to test my new jutsu”
After one minute of discussions, the board came with an answer:
”Fine! You can have your first C-Rank Mission! In this mission you will have to use your force a little. Here! Take these information and get going to your mission!”
As I got outside I was very nervous. This was my first C-Rank mission. Maybe it would have been too hard for me to accomplish. After letting all my emotions fly away, I finally started reading all the information the Administration had given to me. A group of roudy ex-merchants has been causing problems at the main docks for days now, and the local businesses and reputable merchants are sick of it. Your group is tasked with apprehending and removing the rouges before they are able to hurt anyone, or themselves, more then they already have. The men in question each have a tattoo of an albatros on thier left shulders; the mark of the ship they once served upon.
” I wonder what kind of people are they?”
They're more drunkards then an actual threat, but don't take them as pushovers.
”I think this mission is more that suitable for me … I believe it was made especially for me! I won’t screw this up!”
After reaching the Village Docks, it hadn’t seemed to be any problem. Everything was very quiet and peacefully. The people were having a good time, some by resting and others by working with their teammates.
The water was a deep sea blue. The fishes were able to be seen from the docks. They were swimming along with every other species of their family. The sun was burning more than before, but also the gray clouds were a few more than before. The birds were flying away in huge groups. This thing was telling us that a storm was coming.
Suddenly I heard a lady screaming. I knew that those old mercenaries had come for their daily disaster routine. I had armed myself up and hurried back to see what happened.
As I reached, one guy from the middle had seen me.
”Hey kid! You look kinda stupid! Come here to give you a candy!”
Tall, would be lean if not for the prominante beer-ut he sports; usually walks around without a shirt. Deeply tanned. Slurs even when sober due to an old jaw injury. Rowdy, loves to start conflicts then beat people stupid when bored. I believed that this was the guy I was looking for.
”Watcha looking at kid? You, go catch him!”
Hanzo had send one of his crew members to catch me. As a fast ninja, I jumped to the level of his head, delivering a powerful blow and putting him down.
”So kid, you’re a ninja after all! Despite that you posses the abilities given to the academy, you know that you can’t defeat all of us! Go get him boys!”
Hanzo had send all of his guys after me. I had to do something.
”Ram -> Snake -> Tiger: Bunshin no Jutsu!
With this easy jutsu I was able to make them dizzy, getting harder for them to find and attack the real me.
”Ram -> Ox -> Boar -> Snake: Mokuton: Shichūrō no Jutsu!
Suddenly a four pillar prison appeared, catching all of them. This should hold you until I finish with your boss!
[color=red]” Kid, I must admit that you’re a real deal! But still you are no match for me!”
Suddenly, Hanzo threw two shuriken at me. I dodged them easly and then I sprinted forward, getting closer and closer every second to Hanzo. In two seconds I was right in front of him.
“Now I got you kid!
With an incredible force, Hanzo delivered a powerful blow using his left leg, throwing me into the direction of the water.
He’s very powerful for a 40 years old man!” By doing an instant backflip, I got back into my position. Now I just needed to get my hands on the water.
”Fushizen Aruk'kata” Hanzo wasn’t expecting this, but he instantly got on the water, using the same technique too. Suddenly, he screamed:
” Suiton: Teppōdama” The water gunshot was getting closer and closer to me.
“Ram -> Boar -> Ox -> Dog -> Snake: Kawarimi no Jutsu! “
When I was his with the water gunshot, I transformed into a wood plank.
“Body Replacement Technique huh? You can’t get me with such a mediocre jutsu!”
Suddenly I jumped out of the water delivering him one final blow over his head that decided the very end of this fight. Hanzo was launched on the ground.
As I found an opening in his defense I screamed: ”Ram -> Ox -> Boar -> Snake: Mokuton: Shichūrō no Jutsu!” In no time, Hanzo was caught in a four pillar prison.
”I have to admit it kid … you really defeated me! You are worth of the name of “ninja”! Continue to live your dream kid! And don’t do any stupid things as I did! Now I have to get my punishment.
” Thanks for the things you said! Anyway I don’t think you will be punished drastically! You were merchants after all!” See you around Hanzo!”
As I returned to the Administration Building, I told them that I captured them and they are at the Village Docks.
After receiving my payment, I got home, taking a good rest and preparing for my next mission.

Word Count: 1060/1000


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