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Takeshi walked through the forest to his training ground the he has been using for some weeks now. Now he was here to learn a new jutsu to become a stronger ninja. This time he was going to further advance his fire element, learning the jutsu Great Fireball Jutsu. The jutsu itself was around the same level as the last jutsu he learned, but it was going to be a little harder this time around. He hasnít trained his fire element too much, and this jutsu was going to take some precise chakra control. What he noticed that a lot of the fire element jutsus were mainly focused on spitting out flames. This jutsu was just a gateway to do stronger and better fire element jutsus. Takeshi already knew one fire style jutsu already and it was basically the smaller version of this new jutsu he was learning. He was gonna use that jutsu has as a starting point to help him execute Great Fireball jutsu.

First however he had to go somewhere safe, because of his training grounds his completely surrounded by woods. Luckily he didnít have to search too hard because he knew there was a lake nearby so he jumped through the woods landing on the branches for only a few seconds before jumping off of them. He was at the lake within five minutes, and he took off his jacket to make it a little easier to breath. The weather wasnít too bad, the temperature being no more than eighty five degrees. It was a few hours away from noon when Takeshi got ready to practice this new jutsu. So the main point of this jutsu was too make sure he had enough chakra in his lungs which he then had to transform it into his fire element. Takeshi took a deep breath, and then he filled his lungs with his chakra and spit it all out. But all that came out was one ball of fire that was no bigger than a golf ball. Takeshi tried to do the jutsu the exact same way, but failed horribly again, not even being able to a basketball sized fireball.

Confused, Takeshi sat down next to the lake and pulled a scroll out of his pants pocket. The scroll contained information about the jutsu itself and how to do it. Takeshi read it all the way until the end and felt stupid afterwards. On both attempts to do the jutsu he hadnít put any chakra in his throat as well. This was suppose to make a big difference, from how the scroll described it, Takeshi was supposed to be overflowing with chakra. It also said that Takeshi was supposed to transform the chakra a little bit before he actually spit it out. The last thing the scroll stated was that he needed to blow out as hard as he could to keep the flames away from his face, the best example the scroll gave oddly enough was to think of it blowing a balloon at a party. Takeshi took all the information into account when he stood up again to do his third try. He took a deep breath letting his chakra fill up his throat and lungs, and he held his breath for a few seconds. As he let his chakra flow out by blowing he changed it into flames while blowing as hard as he could. The more he blew, the bigger the ball of flame got.

By the time Takeshi got done, the ball of fire was huge. It was like looking up at the sun that had fallen from its ledge. The ball of fire moved slowly across the lake, while also getting gradually smaller the farther it went until it finally dissipated. Takeshi smiled the whole time as he watched it get smaller. However, there was still one more step to this jutsu. The jutsu could be used two ways, one in the form of a huge ball and two as a flame thrower. The flamethrower form of it was done the same way, but the only difference was that Takeshi had to have his lips a little bit tighter and blow a little less. Takeshi decided to take a little break to recompose himself. He took this chance to look at the scroll he had to make sure he was doing the right thing. So far he was doing everything right, he still wanted to try to do the flamethrower form of the jutsu. He didnít just wanna say its the same way and try to do it in a battle and fail. Failing in battle was the wrong thing to do and it was best practice as much as he could at that moment.

After he got the chance to take a break and gather his thoughts he got ready to use the jutsu again. He took a deep breath, filling his lungs and throat with chakra. He then let the jutsu loose while following the scrolls instruction about the flamethrower form. He got it on his first try with a stream fire coming out of his mouth. From Takeshiís perceptive, it looked really cool, he felt like some kind of dragon from a childís bedtime story. After he got done he put his jacket back on and started to head out to the woods.

WC 901/900 Jutsu Learned

(10% is taken off due to the Quick Learner special characteristic)


Specializations: Fuuinjutsu[S] Ninjutsu[S] Taijutsu[C]
Elements: Fuuton[S] Katon[S]
Missions Completed
D:8 C:6 B:5 A:0 S:0

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