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1 Store Security [C-Rank, Repeatable] on Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:40 am



As the sun had risen once again, I woke up, being tired from my last mission. My back was hurting me. It seemed that I hadn’t slept very well. By sensing the sun’s powerful rays getting into my eyes, I got up from my bed and I sat at the table. I started preparing my breakfast: Milk and Cereal.
After I had put the milk in a boul, I added the cereals and I waited for them to become creamy. As I was eating, I started thinking about what my next mission will be. After I ate everything and dressed myself up, I locked the door, leaving for another adventure.
It was a beautiful day. The sun was burning all over the Konohagure. The birds were chirping and everyone seemed to be happy, in such a good mood. From what I saw, some gray clouds were gathering over Konohagure. As I expected, after such a heat, there must be a storm approaching soon.
I calmly entered the Administration Building, requesting a mission, a C-Rank mission. After the ones responsible with this kind of job had given to me the information I needed, I got out of the building, silently reading in my mind the details of the mission:
The shopkeeper of a weapon store has contacted us due to a recent string of break-ins and burglaries. Catch the burglar(s) in the act and arrest them using non-lethal force. The sheer massiveness of the store's stock makes it a popular target for many different burglars, so this mission may betaken more than once.
That was one big information, describing how should I catch those burglars. I hurried to the Market District, right at the Weapon Store the village had given me the responsibility to protect.
As I reached there, I saw an old man bringing some weapons from the back-part of the store.
”Can I help you sir?”
”Sure, why not?”
After I carried all of his weapons he needed me to help him with, he starred at me for some seconds and then he suddenly asked me:
”Are you the Konohagure ninja kid that was assigned to help me with the burglars?”
”Sure I am! I received the details that I need to catch the burglar(s) in the act and arrest them using non-lethal force! Is that true? Also what other information can you give to me to help us, the ninja, solve this case and catch the burglars?”
”Yes! Everything that you have said is true! Now about some new information … well the burglars appear at night! The Hokage had sent me some information that should have been given to you! Here, take this!”
As the old man had given to Owydelu the information, he was asking what was this old man’s real name. He decided to let that kind of information for later and for now, to concentrate on the case he was in charge of.
I was reading everything very closely, not leaving anything to be uncovered: Discretion in both your appearance and actions is necessary for this mission, as to not deter or warn away the offenders. The burglar will break-in the second night you are assigned to the shop. Although a civilian, he will attempt to escape using some of the weapons in the store.
I was thinking of a plan to capture them but no idea came to me in that moment.
”Hey old man, what’s your real name?”
”My name is Iō! And you should be Owydelu if I guessed right!”
”So know my name, huh? Nice to meet you!”
After knowing each other better we trough that now it should be the time when we should start thinking about a plan. But first Owydelu know that his first night after reaching there won’t be any trouble, leaving everything to the other night.
Suddenly someone came in, approaching Iō. In just a moment he said:
”Hey Gramps! I want ten shuriken and ten kunai! Now! And also I want that blade, you know about it don’t you!”
”I don’t know what you are talking about! And I told you that I am not going to sell anything to you! Especially that sword that I don’t entrust it even to my own assistant, Shōseki! Why would I entrust it to you? Leave right now or I will call the ninjas!”
”Ok Gramps I get it!
The man that just entered had turned around aiming for the door. Suddenly, as he put his hand on the latch, he turned around saying to Iō:
”Someday I will have that sword! It doesn’t matter how I will get it! You only need to know that I will put my hands on it, leaving you with no power to judge me at all! These are my last word, as well as this was your last chance to give that sword to me by your own free will! Now you will lose it!”
He turned around again leaving the shop. I was asking myself who that guy was, but I trough it will be better to let these guys settle their things on their own ways. I hadn’t even knew what was with that sword, so I had no right to interfere.
After a long sleep, the next day came after us like a flash. I and Iō had prepared the traps that must have been put there a long time ago. Iō gave me three kunai and three shuriken to use them, and then return them back to him.
The “Surprise Attack” night came very quickly. As I and Iō were waiting for the arrival of the burglars, Iō fell asleep from a sudden. I was getting sleepy too. I didn’t know why. Suddenly I found out that the burglars were aware that we would wait for them, so the used a genjutsu on us.
”I have to use this now! Genjutsu Kai!
Suddenly, the sleepy felling had dissipated. It was definitely a genjutsu that I managed to escape from. As I wanted to make the enemy feel he’s safe, I pretended to be asleep.
The enemy and two more people came into the shop. From what I saw it was the man from before, the one that wanted a special sword from Iō.
I hurried in the back of one of the enemies, knocking him down with a blow at the back of his neck. I took another one down, by making him step on one of our traps, capturing him in ninja string.
The only one remained was the one from the other day.
”So you were no normal ninja that was looking for weapons … you were with Iō, supervising him! That’s okay! But still you’re no match for me!”
While I was seeing how he was approaching me I said:
”You’re wrong …. Maybe you’re no match for me! Ram -> Ox -> Boar -> Snake: Mokuton: Shichūrō no Jutsu!”
And with this jutsu, the burglar was captured in a four-pillar prison. I woke Iō up and I had told him about what happened.
I got back to the Administration Building, leaving any information I discovered, as well with the report of the mission.
After all these stuff, I got back home, having again, another good, long and resting sleep.

Word Count: 1239/1000


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