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1 Store Security [C Rank Mission] on Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:05 am



So first Kyo had been assigned as an escort for an old merchant and now she was landed with acting as a security guard for weapon's shop in the market district of Konoha. Kyo rolled her eyes as she headed towards the location that the Hokage had described. Apparently, he had been sending multiple shinobi to guard the shop every night. It wasn't usually like Kyo to whine. She normally accepted whatever task she was given without any questions asked, but lately she had only been receiving missions that were worthy of Genin, possibly Chuunin - though that was often pushing it. In any case, the young kunoichi considered herself to be above the average shinobi and was therefore slightly insulted that she would be given tasks of this sort. But then again, a job was a job, was a job. It gave her money to buy food and new weapons without having to really risk her life. It was a fair deal, all in all.

Kyo sighed as she arrived at the store. She was to remain at this job until she caught the culprit. She simply hoped that she would be able to do so on the first night. Despite the fact that she could go several days without sleep, Kyo valued her rest. She believed it to be an essential part of her training. It served to recover energy and the like, which was crucial to her well being. But alas, she had a job and a responsibility to keep up with. She decided to bring some flowers with her that she had cut from her garden that morning. She had a small pot with her and some wire to help her with the arrangements. At least she would spend her time doing something mildly entertaining and productive while she waited for this so called bandit to show up. Kyo was half tempted to simply place traps - similar to the ones she had in her home - all around the place and simply call it a night. Of course, that would likely end up with the owner of the shop stepping on something that he wasn't supposed to. Kyo sighed once again as she entered the place.

The young woman had never really been a fan of weapons. She used other styles and techniques with her fighting so she was unimpressed with the several katanas and shuriken that lined the walls. She set up several traps anyways, mainly seals on the ground that would detonate as soon as someone stepped through the door. It was a simple, yet useful tactic. In the meantime, Kyo would hide behind some of the shelves inside the store as she waited for the culprit. But alas, no once came that night. She was left to her own devices, making a lovely flower arrangement that she would no doubt place in her home later on. She was satisfied as she left the shop, removing the traps and seals as she did so. Still, she wasn't looking forward to doing the same exact thing the following night. She made sure to leave the list of inventory that she had done during her spare hours of the night on the desk for the owner to see. It was proof that nothing eventful had happened and that nothing was missing. Kyo tended to be quite thorough like that.

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And once again Kyo was headed to the weapon's shop carrying similar materials to the ones she had brought with her the day before. She had some branches from a sakura tree in her backyard, a pot to arrange them in and some other flowers to add the effect that she wanted. Again, she expected another boring night without much to do. As she stepped into the store, she did the same thing that she had done the day before. She set up several seals on the ground and walls, most notably her wooden mines. They were more than enough to incapacitate the burglar, should he or she step on them, which was likely. After all, it was dark and the seals were well hidden. The young Special Jounin returned to the very same place where she had been hiding before and simply resorted to wait.

With a heavy sigh, her nimble hands began working on the flower arrangement. For a moment, she though of giving one of these to Niko - an old acquaintance of hers who she trained every once in a while - seeing as they were cluttering up her house. But then again, she wouldn't really know how to go about it without giving him the wrong impression. Kyo shrugged. Maybe she would just leave it at the store for the owner to appreciate, assuming he or she enjoyed such menial things. All the while, Kyo refused to let her guard down. She waited a few hours before she heard someone picking at the lock on the door. Of course, she wouldn't move, lest she alert the thief of her presence. Kyo stood perfectly still, waiting for the man or woman for that matter, to burst in through the door. It creaked open and Kyo heard a set of very light footsteps entering the store. She closed her eyes to focus on what she could figure out from his or her movements. Once Kyo was certain that the thief was far enough into the store, she placed her hands together in a seal. The mine that she had placed near the door detonated, blocking his only exit. Kyo finally stood up to look at the man - a civilian by the looks of it. He was trying to hack at the wooden mine with a shuriken. Kyo silently crept behind him and delivered a sharp blow to the side of his neck. She was no taijutsu expert, but that was more than enough to knock out the poor man. She slung him over her shoulder and unsealed the several traps that she had left around the store. With a sigh, she headed to the local police headquarters to turn the man in.

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