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1 Store Security [C-Rank, Repeatable] on Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:35 am



Almost a week after doing the Silver refinery mission, Takeshi was assigned to his fourth C ranked mission. The mission itself was simple, all Takeshi had to do was watch the store and make sure nobody was breaking in. However, it seemed that the store in question was an weapon store and that it has already been broken into multiple times. Takeshiís job was to apprehend whoever was doing this, while making sure no else broke into the store. Takashi decided to wait until the evening to make his way to the shop in order make to easier on him and all the waiting that he was about to do. After what seemed like a short walk to the weapons store, he met the owner of the shop who was standing outside the shop.The owner invited Takeshi into the shop to talk to him about all the break ins. He expressed to Takeshi that the break ins seemed to be almost entirely random so there was no real way to try a make a plan, and that Takeshi would have to stay vigilant in keeping focus. The owner then expressed his thankfulness in the help that Takeshi was helping him out. Takeshi was taken aback by the ownerís sudden emotional break down. Takeshi reassured the owner that he would stop whoever was doing the acts.

After that, the owner left Takeshi to do his work. The owner purposely left his shop unlocked to create some sort of bait to whoever might have been watching. Takeshi wasnít inside the shop, instead he was outside of the shop in the branches of a nearby tree. He was hidden amongest all the leaves that was on the tree itself, so he didnít have to worry too much about being seen. From Takeshi was, he had an perfect view of the roof to the front door of the store. The back door did have a backdoor, but based on the reports that was given to Takeshi, whoever was breaking in wasnít using the back door. It was either the person didnít know of the back door, and they just thought it would be easier to just walk in through the front door. As the night went by slowly, Takeshi started to wonder about his progress so far as a ninja. He didnít really have any offensive jutsu other than new jutsu he trained in recently, but he knew he would need more than one jutsu to continue progressing. Since he trained in his wind element, he would train his fire element next. Though there is one jutsu he was interested in learning some time soon.

As the night was almost over, it became more and more apparent that nobody was going to break in that night. So Takeshi decided to wait for a few more hours, but as those hours went by and the sun came up, it was clear that nothing was going to happen that night. Takeshi waited in the tree until the owner came, and when he did Takeshi made his way out of the cover of the tree; while also making sure no one saw him leaving his perch. After telling the shop keep that nothing happened that night, the shop keep was thankful. Takeshi then informed him that he would need to watch the store for another night. Takeshi also suggested that the shop keep lock the storeís doors because that might had deterred whoever was breaking in. Takeshi made one last comment, saying that he wouldnít show up again until late that evening so that he could make sure the thief wasnít catching on to the recent activities. The shop keep understood Takeshi,and instead of jumping away, Takeshi walked away normally to try to keep a low profile. When he came home, Takeshi was greeted by loud mother and father who were happy nothing bad happened over the course of the night. After Takeshi ate his breakfast, he went straight to bed so that he would be fully rested for the night.

When the evening came, Takeshi woke up and did his daily workouts, after which he went to the bathroom to take care of some business. He ate a light dinner and went out to his perch for another night. He jumped across the roofs of several houses at high speeds. In almost no time he was sitting in his perch waiting for another night. He made it in time to watch the shop keep lock up for the night, Takeshi was happy that the shop keep followed his directions. He watched the shop keep walk away while the sun was steadily going down. As the night soon came, Takeshi kept a watchful eye on the front doors of the shop. The night seemed longer and there seem to be a different smell in the air this night. Takeshi felt as if something was bound to happen, so he prepared himself mentally for the a possible altercation. Some more time passed when Takeshi saw someone walking down the street by themselves. This wasnít really anything to take into account because he might have been out drinking with his friends. However, this thought changed quickly when he saw the man stopped in front of the shop. He stood there looking around until he saw something on the ground. It was a brick and he threw it through the front window. Takeshi was already out of the tree by this time fully prepared to take the man on. Instead of confronting the man head on, Takeshi decided to take him out silently.

Takeshi did was hit him in the back of the head, and the man was knocked out.Before the man woke back up, Takeshi tied him up with some rope he found in the store. Takeshi took the man in and met up with the shop owner the next day. He didnít mind that Takeshi used some his rope, in fact he was beaming with joy. He was just happy that he didnít have to worry about the man breaking in anymore.

WC 1030/1000 Mission Completed


Specializations: Fuuinjutsu[S] Ninjutsu[S] Taijutsu[C]
Elements: Fuuton[S] Katon[S]
Missions Completed
D:8 C:6 B:5 A:0 S:0

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