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After a week of down time from his last B rank, he got assigned to his next mission. This mission was a B rank as well, but this one required a lighter touch. For this mission, Takeshi would experience a true assassination mission. Takeshi was already on his way to the location that was described in the mission papers. He had to go deep into the woods to find this location, he also had to literally find the place because it wasnít marked specifically in the mission papers. Takeshi had to stop at the village gates to sign out, so with mission papers in hand he gave them to the jounin at the desk. The jounin stamped the papers and gave Takeshi a handshake like last time. Takeshi walked out of the main gates, but this time he didnít look up at the gates, he didnít feel the need to look up anymore. So as he prepared himself for the fast paced tree jumping that was about to occur, he looked up at the sky. He left much later for this mission, meaning the sun was already beginning to set as he stretched. He felt that, for this mission, he would need the cover of night to aid him. After he stretched, he launched himself into the woods at a blinding speed, surely enough the normal person would have just seen a person disappear before their eyes. Just like that, Takeshi was on his way to start his second B rank mission, which he hoped he could survive from.

The denser woods of the area didnít take long to reach, it was maybe an hour away from Takeshiís current position. Takeshi raised through the woods at a fast pace, while also keeping his guard. He thought about the mission that he was about to do and its details. The mission was to infiltrate an nukenin hideout and get a forbidden jutsu that was supposedly stolen from Konoha. The details of the scroll werenít added due to obvious reasons, however thanks to an excellent scouting job by his fellow ninja, Takeshi knew what to expect upon arriving. There were a total of seven ninja in the hideout, four genin, two chuunin, and who were being led by an special jounin. The genin didnít worry him too much, neither did the chuunin, it was the special jounin that worried Takeshi the most. From the papers, the special jounin was supposed to be a master in ninjutsu. Takeshi himself wasnít bad with ninjutsu himself, and thanks to the extra training he did he was just a little bit above his rank. He suspected that the special jounin was at least jounin level in ninjutsu. The more Takeshi thought about it, the more he became worried. Takeshi decided to not think about it too much since it would potentially mess up his concentration later on.

Takeshi didnít carry any ninja tools with him on this mission, in fact the only thing he had was an backpack that he had been using since he had first started his ninja career. Takeshi was starting to think that it was probably time to start investing in real ninja gear. He would have to outfit himself more appropriately for these missions instead of just wearing unprotected gear. The first thing he would have to get was a couple of kunai, and maybe one of those vests he saw higher ranking ninja wearing all the time. Takeshi discarded these thoughts as he noticed that he was now in the denser forest area. He would have to be on high guard from this point forward as he was now in enemy territory. He kept his eyes open for anything that looked like a potential hideout. As Takeshi searched he began to feel thankful for his dark attire that he wore all the time, thanks to it would blend in pretty well into the night. Takeshi moved swiftly through the trees occasionally stopping on a branch to survey the nearby land. When he didnít see anything he move and repeat. He did this for a good forty five minutes until he came across a house that was on the ground in a clearing.

Takeshi was high up in a tree, so it would have been very hard to see him. The house was a simple one story plain house with no real color. From his view he could see that there were lights on in the house. On the roof were two people who looked like they were on lookout duty. There was also someone right outside the front door of the house, though Takeshi couldnít see the back of the house so he couldnít tell if there was an backdoor. He would have moved around, but the next set of trees were too far apart for him to jump, and he didnít want to take a chance of being noticed by moving around the clearing several time to try and get a good look. Instead he just decided to inference the whereabouts of the ninja in and around the house. Takeshi automatically figured that the highest ranked ninja would be inside the house not really doing much, if anything he was sleeping. On the roof were two ninja that were on guard, from what Takeshi could inference was that the genin would be probably stuck outside on lookout while the chuunin stayed inside to protect their leader. With that, Takeshi figured there had to be a backdoor that a genin was guarding. After watching them for a few more minutes, Takeshi noticed that the only ones that moved were the two on top of the roof. Which lead him to believe that they didnít switch guard duty at all during the night. Takeshi then came up with the an educated guess that the scroll would probably be somewhere inside the house, more than likely close to the special jounin.

Takeshiís first thought was to secure the scroll first, but then he wondered how he would get into the house. They would probably expect someone to come in through the backdoor and due to the position of the house, it would be too difficult to land on top of the roof totally unnoticed. So instead Takeshi thought it was best to work his way inside and then out. He planned to do this by walking straight through the front door. He needed to distract the genin on the roof first though. Takeshi jumped off the tree and landed ground making almost no sound at all. He picked up a nearby rock and could feel his nerves starting to pick up a bit, but he quickly calmed down. He took off his backpack and left it near the he was at, leaving a little bit of out in the open. He then went farther back into the woods and then threw the rock at the tree that was next to the backpack. The genin who guarded the front door was the only one who seemed to notice, so he went to go check it out. Upon coming close to Takeshiís backpack, he was met with a swift snap of the neck, killing him instantly. It was the first time Takeshi actually killed somebody ever, he wasnít sure how he felt about it, but he didnít have the time to ponder his own emotions. He quickly moved the body behind a nearby bush a looted his body finding only one kunai Takeshi could use for this mission only. Takeshi then sped towards the front door of the house, only opening it slightly at first and then opening it fully. With kunai in hand, Takeshi crept through the house, being as silent as possible, while also keeping his eyes open for the chuunin.

As he turned the corner, he saw two ninja sleepy with what looked like swords in their laps. Takeshi examined the room for any traps before entering, but as it turned out they actually werenít sleeping. They were actually mediating, but they never got to finish their meditation because Takeshi slit their throats before they could do anything. Then Takeshi came across another room that had the scroll in it. Takeshi crept in the room carefully and quietly drawing closer to the scroll with each step. Upon reaching the scroll, Takeshi put down the kunai, and weaved the rat and ox hand seals. Then he placed his hands over the scroll and watched it disappear, Takeshi just executed his clanís most famous jutsu, the uzumaki sealing style. His mother taught him this technique when he was young, but he only ever needed until now. Takeshi then picked the kunai back up and walked around to find the leader of the group of ninja. Then Takeshi came across a room with the door closed, he opened it to see a man sleeping, Takeshi crept over to the man and slit his throat. Then Takeshi heard something behind him, he turned around to see a man weaving hand seals and then he watched as five water bullets seemingly came from nowhere. The man shot the bullets at Takeshi, all except one grazed over his coat arm and cut the cut. The rest flew out of the wall, and then the then man started to weave more hand seals, but this time Takeshi was ready. Takeshi stuck out his left hand and out came five chains made out of chakra. Takeshi made the chains wrap around the manís body, arms ,and legs causing him to be stuck in one place. Takeshi then walked closer to the man and slit his throat, Takeshi couldnít hear what the man said, but it almost sounded like he said forgive me. The two genin that was one the roof came into the room as Takeshi made the chains come back into his hand.

At this point, Takeshi felt nothing except for an overwhelming calmness. The two genin launched attack after attack, punch after punch. Some of which hit Takeshi, but he was able to kill them both without too much of a problem. After Takeshi left the house he went back to the Hokageís office and unsealed the scroll. Thus ended the mission, which only left Takeshi with a few minor bruises and a cut jacket.

1741/1500 Mission Completed


Specializations: Fuuinjutsu[S] Ninjutsu[S] Taijutsu[C]
Elements: Fuuton[S] Katon[S]
Missions Completed
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