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1 Paint the Walls [D-Rank] on Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:24 am

Sousetsu Senju


As Sousetsu made his way into the Hokage's office he was greeted by the receptionist with a formal bow. "Good morning, Sousetsu-kun! How can I help you today?" the receptionish asked with glee. The day was bright and sunny, beautiful in fact. Sousetsu smiled to the woman and approached the desk so that he could lean over it taking a quick glance at the desk on the other side. "You guys have a mission for me?" Sousetsu asked curiously. After a few ruffling of papers the receptionist gave a look of concern and looked back up to the leaf ninja with a single piece of paper. "We only have this I'm afraid ..." she spoke almost as if the balance of their trust in each other was about to be thrown off.

Sousetsu took the mission statement from the woman and glanced over the details. 'The walls of the Administration Building need a fresh coat of paint. It will be your job to finish applying the new paint before nightfall.' Sousetsu just let out a sigh. He was expecting a little more but instead was given a D-Rank mission. Sousetsu simply shook it off. An easy and risk free mission would be good for him he thought and so grinned to the woman as he bowed formally and accepted her offer.

She replied with her own grin and started to scribble notes and signatures and the likes on sheets of paper and nodded to Sosuetsu. "It's all yours! The paint should already be there with the tools you will need." They bowed to each other one last time before SOusetsu made his way to the Administration. A faded red color was the exterior and in all fairness, could use a fresh coat of paint.

He leaped to the whereabouts of the paint which was beside a ladder that could extend to great heights and a pile of brushes. He grabbed the thickest brush and dipped it into the paint for just a moment and began wiping smoothly up and down the walls of the administration building. Before long, half of the building was finshed and Sousetsu's black jumpsuit now had blotches of red paint that gave it a new design, which of course, Sousetsu was not happy about. He was then on top of the ladder getting the top half of the building painted when the ladder lost its balance.

Sosuetsu quickly hopped to the side and landed on the building walls using his academy jutsu, the supernatural walking technique. The ladder fell in his place that would have certainly taken him with him. Sousetsu sighed a sigh of relief and continued painting the way he was. It not not have been appropriate but it did seem like more fun than using a ladder. He even acted more childish as he ran with the brushes by his feet and he completed line after line of fresh paint.

Approaching the evening time Sousetsu leaped to get a frontal view of his work. A beautiful coat of red pain had been applied. The now filthy Senju clan member grinned at the building but noticed himself and realized that he had gotten paint all over himself. He sulked for a small moment and left to go back to the receptionist. He arrived and was greeted with the same greeting he had gotten that morning. "Looks like you have had better days... she said almost giggling as she looked him up and down. Yeah, laugh it up. I'm finished with the painting job. Add it to my profile and I'll be on my way." he replied with a hint of embarrassment.

She smiled a little more despite the negative attitude. She knew that he was joking of course. After another scribble of her pen she nodded at Sousetsu once again and he went on his way with another mission under his character.

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