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It was high noon, Rinshi wore nothing but boxers and a night cap given to him by Akane. He was sound asleep, nothing could disturb his blissful slumber. A few hours later, Rinshi awoke droopy eyed looking across the room at the clock, it read 2:30 pm, "Shit, I overslept, guess I'd better get up." Rinshi stood up from the sanctuary he called his bed and went to the bathroom, coming back a few minuted later he felt rejuvenated. Rinshi began dressing himself in his usual attire, Navy Blue Ninja Sandals, Black Pants that came just below his knees with 1 pockets on the rear and one on each pant pocket, Navy Blue shirt (similar to Genin Sasuke), Black fingerless gloves with metal plating on the forehand, and his Hidden Leaf Headband wrapped around tight in a knot. Rinshi opened his bedroom window and jumped, onto the balcony below, and jumped from the balcony to the ground. As such, Rinshi began walking to the Administrative Building.

Rinshi arrived in front of the building a few minutes later, observing the groups of people and shrugged his shoulders while thinking to himself, "Why is it so crowded today?" Rinshi approached the Mission Board. Observing the Board, he noticed a small wooden plank nailed on that read, Movers Needed! Rinshi noticed the enormous amounts of request and pulled one from the board that read, Unload The Ship. Rinshi read over the description that stated,Meet with the captain of the ship and aide the crew with the unloading of the cargo. Just be sure to avoid the mazes of ropes and such on deck. Rinshi groaned rubbing the back of his neck,”Great, more manual labor, and a ship captain who cherishes his ship as if it were a newborn.” Rinshi turned around, shoving the sheet of paper in his back pocket, and walked down the steps, towards the Village Dock.

A light fog fell over Dock as Rinshi arrived, he pulled the sheet of paper from his back pocket, he read over the contents for the ship captain who he would be assigned to, he yelled aloud, ”Captain Yusuke!!! Im here to help unload the cargo from your ship.” Rinshi stood for a few brief moments, when a man began approaching him. The man, had a scar on his right cheek, the usual merchant captain uniform, and a small pack on his belt. The man spoke in a loud raspy tone, ”I be, the cap'n ya lookin fer.” Rinshi thought to himself, Either this guy really gets to caught up in his work, or he watches to many pirate movies. Yusuke reached into his pouch pulling out a watch, ”See here, we're tight on schedule. We's gots I'd say bout, 2 hours, fore we have to depart. Come on boy'o I'll bring ya to my ship.” Rinshi, led by Yusuke started walking through the fog, on the dock to his Yusuke's ship.

Rinshi arrived to Yusuke’s ship, it was a fairly large cargo ship.  His crew looked as if they were pulled straight from the movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean.” ”She’s a Beaut isn’t she lad.”  Yusuke said with a slap to Rinshi’s back, ”Yea, she is captain.”  Rinshi groaning lowly, ”Well I guess, I’ll get started.  As the fog started to let in more light, he began to walk across the plank connecting the Ship’s deck to the Village Dock.  Rinshi stepped onto the ships deck as it began to sway in unision with the waves of the sea, he then noticed piles of rope and a few small barrels.  Rinshi thought to himself, Heh this will be pretty easy.  Rinshi then had an upsetting feel to his stomach, but ignored it and proceeded to the store room, where he saw 3 columns of 4 crates stacked one on top of the other.  Rinshi said to himself, ”I could carry the crates 2 by 2 and be done within an hour.”  Rinshi began following his plan and was able to finish unloading 8 of the 12 crates with 30 minutes to spare.  Rinshi began carrying the next pair of crates slightly stumbling over a few ropes, but was able to reset himself before falling.  

Rinshi entered the store room and grabbed the remaining 2 crates.  As he exited out the store room he saw a few barrels rolling his way, quickly dropping the crates to the side he jumped over the first barrel but to his, downfall was hit by the 2nd barrel that then knocked him over onto his rear, and as the ship was swaying it sent him rolling, back into the store room.  Rinshi leaning against a wall, groaning as the barrel rested upon his legs, he threw it aside and stood up brushing himself off.  ”Well that was unfortunate, but I still got time.”  Rinshi began walking out of the store room, grabbed the 2 crates he left.  Rinshi stepped over 3 piles of rope avoiding a dire upset, he finally was able to reach the Dock before the ship had to depart.

Rinshi with a deep exhale, ”Great now, I can relax.”  Rinshi left as the sun became more clear piercing through the light fog, to turn in his Mission Report.



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