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Isamu felt a chill roll down his spine as he arrived outside of the hospital of Kirigakure no Sato, its tall building standing over him menacingly. It wasn't that he was scared of the death that ensued within, but rather that his first mission in months was going to be in there. Not just in there, but rather in the Emergency Room, the most intimidating sector of the hospital. It was either make a miracle or your patient was going to die in the ER. Although nervous, Isamu was determined to work the full day through without any deaths at all, if possible.

As soon as Isamu stepped in through the door, a rush of cool air from the AC whipped his face, and it was calm and quiet. He approached the front desk of the empty lobby, and greeted the woman with a soft tone, his white eyes glittering in the light. "Hello, I'm Isamu Maeda. I'm working at the ER today, I'm a Chuunin Medical-Ninja." The woman held a dull look in her eyes and she chewed a piece of gum casually. "And?" she replied, obviously preoccupied with her oh-so-busy day of sitting at a lobby counter and staring out of the front door. Isamu continued being polite, as it was his nature. "Well, I just wanted to know which was the Emergency Room was..." the woman pointed a stiff finger to the hall on the left. "Down there, you can't miss it. Good luck." Isamu smiled and thanked her before going down the hall with high hopes.

Isamu was greeted immediately with the sound of pained screams and hopeless cries as he entered the ER. Two doctors ran in and grabbed Isamu, taking him straight into a small room. A woman laid flat on a metal table, bleeding profusely from a wound on her stomach. Isamu cringed with every pained cry that emitted from her mouth, echoing in her ears. She was terribly afraid, and it was surprising that the medical-nin had not drugged her yet. Nobody deserved to be awake during medical procedures. Isamu turned to the masked man next to him, hurriedly saying, "Well, what the hell do you want me to do!?" The doctor kept his eyes set on Isamu's as he said, calmly: "We need you to stitch her up. We've got the nurse coming in to do an anesthetic medical ninjutsu, and we need you to sew her up as soon as she's out. If she continues bleeding at this rate, she won't live to see tomorrow."

Isamu nodded, faced with his first real task as a medical ninja, and a blonde-haired woman ran in with a stern look on her face. She placed a hand over the wounded patient's face, and she was unconscious within seconds. The doctor shoved a needle and thread that was infused with chakra before holding a hand over the girl's wound. It's bleeding was stopped as soon as his hand was held over it, but obviously this was draining his chakra, and the sheer size of the wound was too much to heal with ninjutsu. Stitches were necessary. "Get to it." The man muttered, his hand held steady. Isamu nodded and swallowed down his nervous fear.

Where to start? It wasn't really a difficult choice; either way, it would be gross and challenging to stitch the wound. Isamu decided to start from the right of the gash and sew leftwards, until it was tied up. He pressed the needle into the skin, and it poked through smoothly. He pushed further and turned the needle so that it poked out from beneath the skin, from the opening created by the wound. He brought it across, poked back into her skin, and pulled the needle out. The thread shut that area of the wound, and the doctor smiled at Isamu. "You're doing great. Keep going." Isamu's white gloves (that the nurse had thrown onto his hands as they pulled him into this room) were slightly tainted with red from the blood. He looked back at the doctor and smiled before continuing his job.

The needle moved swiftly, as the situation needed. It crisscrossed the wound, closing it more and more with every move, until it was shut like a macabre mouth into the woman's body. The doctor's hand glowed a green shade, and he slid it over the girl's wound, healing it a bit more. "Good. That was a good job. Next patient" he said in a stressed tone, walking out of the room. He gestured for Isamu to follow him, and they continued down a dimly lit corridor into another room of similar size to the last. This one was even worse, though. Blood had spattered all over the white walls, and a man laid out on the table, covered in kunai. He was bleeding from every one (there were dozens of them) and he had already passed out from the blood loss. One of the injuries was squirting feverishly, hence the walls. Isamu almost gagged at the gruesome sight, before getting hold of himself, thinking You can do this. You're a medical-ninja. You can do this, you just stitched up some chick's nearly-mortal wound.

The doctor pulled up a chart from nearby the metal table, and flipped through it's contents, commenting on what he read with every paragraph. "This man had some sort of....'incident'. It says that he was using a ninja tool technique, that backfired, as you can see. So, our job here is to take all of the kunai out and then heal every one of the wounds. There are a total of 37." Isamu nodded, and went straight to work. He pulled the first kunai from his leg, and it began bleeding immediately. He shoved a hand on the wound, and remembered that his kekkei genkai, at this level, could probably heal each wound.

Closing his eyes for a moment, he focused his chakra into his eyes rather than his hands (he needed them to focus on plucking each kunai), and tears began to flow. They dropped from his cheek, and landed on the stab wound, closing it in seconds. He smiled at the successful recovery before continuing to the next kunai. The one that was embedded into his chest near his heart was the main priority, so he pulled it out as fast as possible and let the tears drip freely into it. The other doctor and assisting nurse continuing plucking kunai, but they were unsure as to why Isamu was crying on them. Just as the doctor was about to say something, he looked over to the man's leg and noticed the healed wound that still had Isamu's leftover tears on it, and shut his mouth, knowing now full-well that Isamu's tears were special.

Further utilizing his kekkei genkai, Isamu rapidly pulled the rest of the kunai from the man's body in one swoop, and created a rush of water to cover the eclectically located stabs, which all began to slowly heal. He breathed in a deep sigh, and felt the tug on his chakra system. The doctor applauded him for a moment. "You're really good at this, kid. But, look. It's already 7:00 PM. You're shift is up." Isamu was surprised at the amount of time that had passed, but he figured that two difficult surgeries summed up to about that much time, so it made sense.

The doctor removed his gloves, as Isamu did the same, and they gathered at the sink, washing their hands again just to make sure they were safe. Isamu turned to the tall man, and offered a handshake. The man accepted graciously, and held eye contact for a moment before saying, "You know, we could use more skilled medical-nin like you. You are better than half of the 'veterans' here; you didn't even hesitate in either of those rather gruesome situations." Isamu accepted the compliment with a quick "thank you", before giving the doctor a kindhearted pat on the shoulder. He looked to the nurse, and thanked her for the help as well.

As he left the ER, Isamu happily waved goodbye to the doctors and patients with his usual grin, his pristine white hair blown by the AC. "Make sure you come and help us out again sometime!" the man who helped with the procedures said after him. "I could probably secure you a permanent position as a volunteer here, and a paid one at that." He thanked the man again.

"What is your name, by the way? I'm Isamu"

"I'm Mogi. Now, you better go get your reward." he replied with a smile. They said goodbye again out after him as he set out into the night, ready to go collect his payment for a job well done.

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